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Su Xiaolu walked behind.

Needless to say, the interior of the Sun residence was very pleasing to the eye.

On a cold December day, several types of wintersweet blooming could be seen in the Sun residence.

The faint plum fragrance mixed with the cold air was comforting.

Su Xiaolu could not help but take a lot of glances.

Madam Lians eyes were always on Su Xiaolu, gentle and loving.

She gently held the paper bag in her hand and finally couldnt help but tug at Su Xiaolus clothes.

Su Xiaolu stopped and turned to look at Madam Lian in confusion.

Madam Lian smiled and reached out her hand to show Su Xiaolu the paper bag.

She said gently, “Are you hungry”

Su Xiaolu understood that Madam Lian was feeding her.

She sensed that Madam Lian liked her.

Su Xiaolu took the paper bag and said sweetly, “Thank you, Auntie.”

Madam Lian smiled, her eyes were red.

She gently touched Su Xiaolus hair and said, “Youre welcome.


Su Xiaolu opened the paper bag.

There were snacks inside.

Each piece was only the size of a fingernail.

Su Xiaolu picked up a small piece and ate it.


The pastry was faintly sweet and melted in her mouth.

It was delicious.

Su Xiaolu ate all the way and finished it when they arrived.

Madam Lian had been paying attention to Su Xiaolu.

Seeing that Su Xiaolu had finished eating, she took the paper bag and handed it to the maidservant while she wiped Su Xiaolus hands with her handkerchief.

Madam Lian wiped Su Xiaolus hands lovingly.

The love in her eyes could not be hidden.

Sun Bocheng had already gone in with Old Wu.

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Su Xiaolu was very grateful for Madam Lians gentleness.

She didnt have the heart to interrupt, but she still had serious matters to attend to.

Su Xiaolu retracted her hand and said politely, “Thank you, Auntie.

Ill go in first.”

Madam Lian was puzzled.

“It doesnt matter if you dont go.

Tell me what you like.

Can I play with you”

Madam Lian treated Su Xiaolu as a child.

She felt that a child her age should love to play.

Su Xiaolu said to Madam Lian seriously, “Auntie, I have to take your childrens pulse too.”

At this moment, Old Wus voice came from inside the house.

“Xiaolu, come in.”

Madam Lian was a little surprised.

Su Xiaolu smiled and went into the inner room.

Seeing Su Xiaolus small figure, Madam Lian came back to her senses and quickly followed her into the room.

There were all kinds of wooden toys in the spacious room.

The charcoal fire warmed the room without a hint of smoke.

The inner room was divided into the left and right inner rooms, which were the beds of Sun Baoqian and Sun Baoshan respectively.

Because Sun Baoshans body was weaker, they went to see him first.

Madam Lian was afraid that her daughter would feel uneasy, so she went to Sun Baoqians inner room on the right.

When Sun Baoshan saw Sun Bocheng and Sun Ziqian, he stood up from his desk and bowed.

“Grandpa, Father.”

Then, he looked at Old Wu and said politely, “Greetings, sir.”

Sun Baoshan thought Old Wu was the teacher.

He was weak and did not have the chance to attend normal schools.

His teachers were invited to the house.

Sun Baoshan was very thin.

His face was yellow and pale.

His hair was also very yellow and thin.

He couldnt even tie it up properly.

Sun Bocheng and Sun Ziqian had already gone forward.

“Shan, this gentleman is a divine doctor.

Hes here to treat you.

Sit down.”

Sun Ziqian spoke gently to Sun Baoshan.

Sun Bocheng closed and put away the book on his desk.

Sun Baoshan also sat down obediently.

He looked at Old Wu quietly and finally his gaze landed on Su Xiaolu.

When his eyes met Su Xiaolus, he was stunned.

Su Xiaolu smiled sweetly at him.

Sun Baoshan also smiled and nodded.

Sun Bocheng and Sun Ziqian had already retreated to the side and let Old Wu sit down to take Sun Baoshans pulse.

Sun Baoshan wanted to cough.

He took a sip of water from the desk and put it down again.

He held out his hand.

It was thin, too, almost skeletal.

Old Wu placed his hand on it with a solemn expression.

Sun Bocheng and Sun Ziqian did not dare to say a word, but they waited anxiously for the results.

“Its congenital, but there are still many toxins in their bodies.

Im sure your wife took a lot of pregnancy medicine when she was pregnant, including some powerful ones.”

Old Wu looked at Sun Ziqian and said.

Sun Ziqian frowned and nodded.

He said truthfully, “Indeed.

When my wife was pregnant, she was unstable several times.

It was very difficult for her to keep the children.”

Old Wu stood up and did not say anything else to Sun Ziqian.

Instead, he said to Su Xiaolu, “Girl, come and take a look.”

Sun Bocheng and Sun Ziqian were both shocked.

They thought they had heard wrongly.

However, Su Xiaolu was already sitting in the seat that Old Wu had given up.

She reached out her hand to take Sun Baoshans pulse.

After a while, Old Wu asked Su Xiaolu in a heavy tone, “Can he be cured Take a good look.”

He took his pulse.

Sun Baoshans condition was very difficult to treat, and it would take a long time.

Moreover, their bodies were too weak and could not withstand many medicines.

If they were not careful, they might die prematurely.

It would not be a problem to prolong their lives for a period of time.

If Su Xiaolu wanted to take a bet, the risk was too high.

If Sun Baoshan died, the Sun residence might vent their anger on the Su family.

He actually didnt recommend Su Xiaolu to treat him, so his tone was a little harsh.

Su Xiaolu smiled at him and nodded.

“It can be cured, but it wouldnt be fast.

It will take at least three to five years.”

She decided to treat him.

Sun Baoshans condition was bad, but he could be cured if he was properly nursed.

As she took his pulse, she wondered how to treat him.

With medicine and acupuncture, and some spiritual spring water to nourish his body, he would recover.

Seeing that Su Xiaolu understood, Old Wu didnt say anything else.

Su Xiaolu retracted her hand and blinked at the stunned Sun Baoshan.

Sun Baoshan came back to his senses and lowered his eyes in embarrassment.

He felt his cheeks burning.

He felt that Su Xiaolu was really good-looking, just like the immortals in books.

Her smile made Sun Baoshan feel a strange emotion in his heart, as if something had flown into his heart.


When Sun Bocheng and Sun Ziqian heard this, they found it difficult to control their excitement.

Sun Bocheng was so excited that his eyes turned red.

He looked at Old Wu and said agitatedly, “Sir, please save my grandchildrens lives.

The Sun residence is willing to pay any price.”

Sun Ziqian also showed his sincerity.

“Sir, if you have any requests, just ask.

Even if I cant do it, I will think of a way.

Please save my son and daughter.”

Old Wu did not look at Sun Bocheng and Sun Ziqian.

Instead, he said to Su Xiaolu, “Girl, you name the price.

Ill supplement it later.”

Su Xiaolu knew that Old Wu was doing this for her own good.

She nodded obediently, then looked at Sun Bocheng and Sun Ziqian seriously and said, “I can save them.

My request is for ten thousand taels of silver to properly resolve the matter of my eldest brother and second brother enrolling in the school.

I also want you to promise that as long as the Sun residence is in Goathorn Town, you will protect my family.”


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