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He had not run for a long time.

Zhou Heng felt some pain in his lungs and the blood in his body was heating up.

After running, he put his hands on his knees and panted.

Su Sanlang and Madam Zhao quickly went up to him and asked with concern, “How are you Are you feeling unwell”

Su Xiaoling handed him water.

“Here, have some water.”

Old Wu coughed.

“Hes already gone up the mountain and into the fields.

Hes not so delicate”


That was in the past.

Now, Zhou Heng was just an ordinary farmers child.

He knew everything.

So what if he ran around He could not be delicate.

Zhou Heng smiled and said, “Third Uncle, Third Aunt, Im fine.

Dont worry.”

He took the water from Su Xiaoling and said softly, “Thank you, Xiaoling—”

His legs hurt and he almost choked on the water.

He looked down and saw Su Xiaolu hitting his legs with a small hammer.

Zhou Heng was puzzled.

“Xiaolu, what are you doing”

Su Xiaolu smiled and said, “Im making sure that your legs have really healed.

Now Im sure its fine.”

Hehe, what bad intentions could a young lady have


Su Xiaolu felt that Zhou Heng might like her third sister.

Otherwise, why would he secretly give the drumstick to her third sister every time


They were both girls, but why didnt she get this treatment

Zhou Heng did not say it explicitly, and Su Xiaolu pretended not to notice.

She was a doctor, so she could make up any excuse.

So this year, Zhou Hengs medicine was sometimes super bitter and sometimes super smelly…

Looking at the little girls beautiful and lively eyes, Zhou Heng imitated Su Xiaoling and stroked Su Xiaolus hair.

He said gently, “Thank you, Xiaolu.”

Su Xiaolu smiled.

“Youre welcome.”

Su Chong and Su Hua had also recovered.

Now that Zhou Heng had recovered, the Su family knew that perhaps they would have to part ways.

Su Xiaolu began to observe Old Wu.

After all, Zhou Heng was brought here by Old Wu.

However, Old Wu did not do anything at all.

He picked herbs and drank wine as if it had nothing to do with him whether Zhou Heng left or not.

Zhou Heng, on the other hand, had to run more than ten or twenty laps around his home every day.

In early December, Madam Qian sent over many pickled vegetables, some spicy and some salty and sour.

Madam Qian chatted with Madam Zhao with a smile.

Su Xiaolu looked at the pickled vegetables and had a thought that she shouldnt have.

She wanted to eat hotpot.

Her memories of her previous life were a little blurry.

Other than her Chinese medicine skills, she had forgotten most of them.

She would only remember them occasionally.

In the four years she had been here, Madam Zhao had never made pickled vegetables.

Her family mainly fried and stewed food.

Anyway, they tasted good, so she didnt think anything about it.

She had almost forgotten that there was such a thing as pickled vegetables.

Looking at it now, she thought of sauerkraut fish, spicy cabbage stew with stewed tofu, sauerkraut with pork, and sauerkraut with big bones.

She felt greedy…

Su Xiaolu had an idea.

She ran to hug Madam Qian.

She said sweetly, “Auntie, youre so amazing.

These look delicious.

Can these be used to cook fish and meat My mother has never made them before.

Does she know how to make them”

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Madam Qian liked Su Xiaolu very much.

Hearing Su Xiaolus question, she looked at Madam Zhao in embarrassment.

“Sister-in-law, why dont I cook for you tonight”

Su Xiaolu had saved her life.

In addition, Su Xiaolu was sensible and lively.

The little girl often went to play with Chen Shi.

She was fair and beautiful, and Madam Qian liked her very much.

Madam Zhao smiled and nodded.

“Then lets do this.

Lets eat at my house today.

I didnt know that you could make these dishes before.

Sister-in-law, youre good at cooking.

Ill help you today.”

What Madam Zhao usually made were dried vegetables.

She had never made sauerkraut before.

In the past, the Su family did not eat sauerkraut, so she did not think about this.

But now, looking at Madam Qians cooking and her greedy daughter, she felt that she could learn it.

The two families were on good terms and often ate together during the holidays, so Madam Qian agreed.

These pickles amazed Su Sanlang and Old Wu at night.

Everyone really liked it.

Hence, Madam Zhao asked Madam Qian for advice.

She would later make them too.

As Su Xiaolu ate, she suddenly said to Madam Qian, “Auntie, I think you can sell these dishes in town.

Those sold outside definitely wont be as delicious as the ones you make.”

This year, Chen Hus family could eat their fill even if they only had a few acres of land.

When the farm was busy, Chen Hu made a little money working in the town and they lived well, but it was not enough to live even better.

Su Xiaolu had been to Goathorn Town and knew that there was almost everything in town.

It was definitely impossible to do anything original, but in terms of taste, Madam Qians cooking was definitely not bad.

When Su Xiaolu said that, Su Chong and Su Hua nodded repeatedly.

Chen Hu and Madam Qian did not take it to heart, but Madam Zhao and Madam Qian did.

They decided to talk to Madam Chen Hu and Madam Qian in private.


Since her family also liked pickles, Madam Zhao prepared to make pickles at home the next day.

Since she was going to make them, she naturally had to buy jars.

Hence, Su Sanlang decided to go to town.

Just then, Zhou Heng came out and said to Su Sanlang, “Third Uncle, I have something to do in town.

Can you bring me there”

Zhou Heng rarely asked for anything.

Of course, Su Sanlang agreed.

After Su Sanlang brought Zhou Heng out, Madam Zhao brought the children to pick vegetables.

The vegetables that the Su family grew had always grown very well.

The fields were fertile, and the vegetables were green and full of vitality.

The radishes were also white and fat.

Madam Zhao cherished these crops and often took care of them.

Su Chong sighed.

Madam Zhao couldnt help but smile.

“Whats wrong, Chong Why are you sighing”

Su Xiaolu was the youngest, so she naturally did not need to pick the vegetables.

She watched from outside and listened to her brother sigh.

She looked over and sighed as well.

“Sigh… I know why Big Brother sighed.”

Madam Zhao was puzzled.


Even Su Xiaoling was curious.

Su Chong said, “I think Little Brother Heng is going home soon.”

Su Xiaolu also said, “I saw Big Brother Zhou Heng writing a letter a few days ago.

It should be a letter to his home.”

Zhou Heng had been here for more than a year.

He had already recovered.

Logically speaking, it was time for him to go back.

Thinking about how knowledgeable he was and how he knew the Thousand Character Classic at such a young age, Su Xiaolu guessed that he must have a noble status.

There must be many reasons behind his inability to walk at such a young age.

However, in any case, since he got better, it might be time for them to part.

Old Wu was indifferent to this.

Su Xiaolu figured that Zhou Heng did not need Old Wu to send him home.

As for Old Wu, he could not be bothered with matters that had nothing to do with him.

Madam Zhao paused for a moment before saying, “Heng has been away from home for so long.

Its time for him to go home.

This is a good thing.”

“Its a good thing, but we cant bear to let him go.

Well miss him.”

Su Chong said dejectedly.

He and Hua had failed to enroll, and he wondered if Heng would ever write to them again.

They were sensible now, and they did not ask about everything like they used to.

They had learned to keep some questions to themselves.


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