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She hadnt mentioned it before, but she said it right after hed breathed a sigh of relief and smiled so sweetly, shes really a little devil.

But she was so cute.

Of course, he had to forgive her.

After another round, Zhou Hengs legs were trembling like yesterday.

His face was pale and covered in sweat.

His breathing was heavy, and he could no longer exert any strength.

He was helped back to the wooden wheelchair by Su Chong and Su Hua.

He took a long breath and exhaled to adjust his breathing.

Su Chong and Su Hua also waited for Zhou Heng to calm down before carrying him back to his room.

Su Xiaolu followed them and tore off the ointment.

Zhou Hengs legs were still red and he was in pain.

Before Su Xiaolu could say anything, Su Xiaoling had already started to massage Zhou Hengs legs.

Su Xiaolu smiled.

“Ill go out and prepare the medicine.”

When Su Xiaolu came back with the medicine, the redness in Zhou Hengs legs had faded, and he looked much better.

After applying the medicine, Su Xiaolu went to read.

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Su Xiaoling went to get hot water to wipe Zhou Hengs sweat.

She said gently, “Little Brother Heng, dont be angry with Xiaolu.

She doesnt have any bad intentions.

She probably forgot to tell you to walk two rounds beforehand.

Shes still young.”

Su Xiaoling was afraid that Zhou Heng would be angry, and she did not want Zhou Heng to be angry at Su Xiaolu.

Zhou Heng smiled and said, “I wont be angry with her.

Shes my little sister.

A big brother wont be angry with his sister.

Besides, she did a good job.

This can train my will.”

Su Xiaoling was very sensitive to even the slightest emotion.

Zhou Heng naturally did not want her to worry about it.


Every word he said was sincere.

Su Xiaoling smiled.

“As long as youre not angry.”

Zhou Heng smiled gently.

Of course he wouldnt get angry.

Soon, it was time for dinner.

Zhou Heng suddenly said, “Third Uncle, Third Aunt, I have something to tell you.”

Su Sanlang and Madam Zhao immediately looked at Zhou Heng.

Su Sanlang asked gently, “Heng, whats the matter”

Zhou Heng looked at Su Chong and Su Hua and said, “I think Ah Chong and Ah Hua can enter the school now.”

Su Xiaolu had stopped giving Su Chong and Su Hua acupuncture these days, but they were still taking the medicine.

When he taught them, he felt that their thinking had improved a lot, and they were both very smart.

Although they lacked years of mental growth, it didnt necessarily take them years to keep up.

“Is—is that really okay”

Madam Zhao asked uncertainly.

She had never thought that this day would come so quickly.

It was so fast that she could not believe it.

“You can ask Uncle-Master and Xiaolu.

They should know better than me.”

Zhou Heng looked at Su Xiaolu and Old Wu and said.

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Su Sanlang looked at Old Wu, who nodded.

“Yes, the damaged meridians in Su Chong and Su Huas brains have been repaired.

After taking this months brain nourishing medicine, Im thinking of stopping the medicine.”

Su Chong and Su Hua recovered very quickly because they used good medicine.

Moreover, Su Xiaolus needles were very precise, so they could recover so quickly.

Su Xiaolu also said, “Master is right.

When I checked Big Brother and Second Brothers pulse, I also felt that everything was great.”

She had also planned to tell Su Sanlang and Madam Zhao about the situation in the next few days.

Her two brothers could go to school.

There was no problem with their minds anymore.

It was just that Zhou Heng had suggested it first.

Su Sanlang and Madam Zhao were naturally happy.

Madam Zhao said, “Sanlang, take Chong and Hua to the school sometime.”

It was every citizens dream to let their children and grandchildren study and become outstanding.

However, studying was difficult and arduous.

Not everyone was suitable for studying.

Some who had studied for more than ten years were still only students who could not even pass the county-level examination.

Some had studied for decades, but in the end, they were still stuck at the county-level examination.

But those who took the scholarly examination brought glory to the entire family.

As parents, who didnt want their children to stand out Su Sanlang and Madam Zhao were no exception.

When Madam Zhao mentioned it, Su Sanlang nodded.

“Okay, Ill bring them there the day after tomorrow.”

In the past, his sons would never have had the chance to study.

Now, Chong and Hua could go to school to learn.

The family had more than ten acres of land.

It was enough for the family to survive.

He was not afraid of hardship.

In the future, when hes free from farming, he would ask Chen Hu out, and the two of them would go to town to find a job to earn some money to subsidize the family.

The future was bright.

Su Chong and Su Hua listened to them and were also looking forward to it.

They had long known from Zhou Heng that the school was a place to learn knowledge.

The best place for them to learn knowledge was the school and the academy.

The academy was where they would go in the future.

Right now, they had to go to school first.

The meal was delicious.

After eating and washing up, they returned to their rooms to rest.

At night, Zhou Heng told Su Chong and Su Hua a lot about school.

Su Chong listened quietly, full of yearning.

Su Hua also yearned for it, but he thought more.

After Zhou Heng finished speaking, he asked, “Little Brother Heng, were you in the academy before Why do you know so much”

Su Chong belatedly reacted.

He scratched his head.

“Oh right, why is Little Brother Heng so smart”

Zhou Heng smiled lightly and said, “I cant tell you now, but I promise you that if you pass the Elementary Scholar exam in the future, Ill tell you why I know so much.”

Su Chong nodded.

“Sure, sure.”

Su Hua paused and then asked,What if you arent here then

Su Hua remembered that Zhou Heng had said that he also had a younger brother named Zhou Zhi.

He did not mention his parents, but he surely had them.

Moreover, he was here to recuperate.

He would not stay here forever.

He would not be with them forever.

Zhou Heng did not expect Su Hua to ask this, but since Su Hua asked, he would not brush him off.

Therefore, Zhou Heng said seriously, “Ah Chong, Ah Hua, I promise you that if I leave here at that time, I will also write to you.

At that time, you will know after reading my letter.”

“Then lets make a promise.

If you go home, write to us.”

Su Hua agreed.

Although Chen Hus family had moved away, Su Hua did not return to his room to sleep.

In any case, the three of them were not cramped and were warm, so they slept together these days.

Su Sanlang and Madam Zhao were still awake in the main room.

Madam Zhao leaned against Su Sanlang and whispered, “Sanlang, pinch me.

Im really afraid that this is a dream when I wake up.”

She really couldnt believe any of this was real.

It felt a little surreal.

Su Sanlang held Madam Zhaos hand and placed it on his chest.

He smiled and said, “Darling, feel my heartbeat.

Im very happy.

All of this is true.

Our Chong and Hua can go to school and learn a lot.”


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