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Zhou Heng did not expect himself to walk more than 30 steps.

He wanted to walk 30 more steps, but Su Xiaolu said, “Big Brother Zhou Heng is awesome.

The first practice is over.

Lets continue tomorrow.”

As soon as Su Xiaolu finished speaking, Su Chong and Su Hua immediately went forward to help Zhou Heng back to the wooden wheelchair.

“Dont worry, Heng.

Take your time.

Youll be fine before long.

Rest well now.”

Madam Zhou said gently to Zhou Heng.

Zhou Heng nodded.

Su Chong and Su Hua carried Zhou Heng back to his room together.

Su Xiaolu tore off the ointment that she had applied on him and said to Su Xiaoling, “Third Sister, help Big Brother Zhou Heng massage it.”

Zhou Hengs legs were red and in pain.

Su Xiaolings heart ached when she saw this.

She gently pressed it, just like how she used to massage Zhou Heng every day.

“Does it still hurt, Little Brother Heng”

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Su Xiaoling asked with concern.

Zhou Heng smiled and said, “It doesnt hurt anymore.”

When he first walked on the ground, the heart-wrenching pain was unbearable.

It was their encouragement that made him persevere.

Now that he was lying on the bed, his entire legs hurt very much, but he did not want to say that it hurt because he did not want to see Su Xiaoling frown.

Su Xiaoling gently massaged Zhou Hengs legs.

Not long after, Su Xiaolu came again and applied more medicine.

After applying the medicine, Zhou Heng could feel that the pain was disappearing.

He looked at Su Xiaolu.

Su Xiaolu smiled and said, “From today onwards, youll have to apply the medicine twice.

This way, you can recover faster.

If nothing goes wrong, youll be able to jump around like us this winter.”

By then, Zhou Heng would have a pair of healthy legs again.

He could walk, jump, and run.

Zhou Heng said to Su Xiaolu gently, “Thank you, Xiaolu.

When can I walk normally”

Su Xiaolu brushed the ointment on Zhou Hengs legs with the medicine brush and said, “Around April.”

Zhou Heng knew in his heart that his recovery was really slow.

But when he thought about how difficult it was for him to regain a pair of legs, he endured the anxiety in his heart.

Su Xiaolu applied the medicine for Zhou Heng and went out.

She still had to read medical books.

Old Wus had a basket full of medical books.

He said that she had to read and learn all of them.

She usually had to help with work in addition to reading.

It would take years to read so many books.

Old Wu had not gone out to pick herbs for the past two days.

He had taught Su Xiaolu diligently.

Although Su Xiaolu was a genius, she also did not know many things.

However, Su Xiaolu would understand if Old Wu taught her.

Su Xiaolu came to Old Wus side and saw him flipping through the book.

Su Xiaolu called out respectfully, “Master.”

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Old Wu nodded and took out a poison book.

He said to Su Xiaolu, “Xiaolu, do you know what poison is”

Su Xiaolu nodded.

“Poison is inedible.

Poison can kill.”

All things were mutually reinforcing and restraining.

There were life-saving medicines, and naturally, there were poisons that could kill.


Old Wu nodded and said, “Today, Master will teach you how to recognize poison.

These are all treasures of our Minggu.

You have to learn them all.”

Su Xiaolu sat down beside Old Wu and asked gloomily, “Master, do I really not have any Senior apprentice, or Uncle-Master”

Su Xiaolu felt that it was really difficult to study so many books.

Minggu Medical Valley was so powerful, but they had so few people.

Old Wu shook his head and said, “No, our Minggu has only one descendant.”

Su Xiaolu asked again, “Master, youre not young anymore.

Not everyone can live to your age.”

Old Wu coughed and said, “Well, I wont hide it from you.

Ive been studying for many years, and Ive been looking for disciples since I graduated.

There are at least eight or ten candidates.

If I really cant find my favorite disciple, Ill just choose one from those candidates.

This has always been the case for our lineage.

Fortunately, the heavens have blessed us.

Even in my generation, were still following this tradition.”

Thinking about it, Old Wu actually felt a little proud.

The teachings of Minggu Medical Valley had been passed down until now because they were blessed by the heavens.

“Master, cant you take in a few more disciples”

Su Xiaolu thought about it and asked. Isnt it a pity that such good medical books are only passed on to one person She thought.

Old Wu pondered for a moment before saying, “Theres no such rule.

If you dont find it troublesome in the future, you can take in more, but I dont want trouble.

Im content with you.”

He thought about it.

He couldnt take in more disciples There was no such rule.

He couldnt help but wonder why the previous generation, or even the generation before that, didnt take in more disciples.

Unfortunately, they had already passed on and he would never know the answer.

He liked peace and quiet, so he only wanted one disciple.

“Xiaolu, stop asking questions.

Focus on studying.

If you ask again, Master will ignore you.”

Old Wu reached out and tugged at Su Xiaolus ponytail.

He didnt treat Su Xiaolu as a child, so he didnt see the need to satisfy her strange curiosity.

One time was enough.

He wouldnt bother with her next time she asked.

Su Xiaolu spread her hands helplessly.

“Okay, Ill understand.”

Su Xiaolu guessed that Master Wu didnt want to take in more disciples because he found it troublesome.

Minggu Medical Valleys masters were probably reticent.

Even those who werent reticent would become quiet through their boring medical studies.

As time passed, they would naturally come to dislike crowds.

Although it was not explicitly stated that they could only take in one disciple, they would not take in more disciples if they did not like crowds.

In any case, it was fine as long as there was no end to the inheritance.

After all, Old Wu had been looking for candidates for disciples since he graduated.

Tsk, I didnt expect him to be kind of a scumbag.

Xiaolu though.


Whether it was poison books or medical books, Su Xiaolu was very serious about her studies.

And so the day passed.

On the second day of the New Year, Chen Daniu and Chen Erniu carried their younger brother Chen Shi over to learn how to read.


Zhou Heng had taught the entire Thousand Character Classic.

Now, Su Chong and Su Hua could already memorize it and fully understand the meaning of the Thousand Character Classic.

Chen Daniu and Chen Erniu went home after studying for two hours.

It was time for Zhou Heng to practice walking.

It was another cruel torture.

After walking one round, Zhou Heng thought that that would be it for the day.

However, when Su Chong and Su Hua were about to help him sit down, Su Xiaolu spoke.


One more round today.

One round on the first day, two on the second, and three on the third.”


Su Xiaolu had a sweet smile and charming eyes.

Zhou Heng only felt that Su Xiaolu was a little devil.


Zhou Heng took a deep breath and said with a trembling voice, “Ah Chong, Ah Hua, let go.

I can do it.”


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