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Madam Zhao handed the fish over and said gently, “Hu.


Quick, take it.”

Chen Hu and Madam Qian received it with red eyes.

Su Sanlang and Madam Zhao smiled and said, “Alright, the fish has been delivered.

Well go back and cook.”

Chen Hu and Madam Qian wanted them to stay, but when they saw Su Sanlang and Madam Zhao holding hands and going home, Madam Qian pulled Chen Hu and whispered, “Dear, lets go home and cook fish too.

With Big Brother and Sister-in-laws blessings, we will definitely be able to live a better life, just like Big Brother and Sister-in-law.”

Chen Hu nodded firmly.

He glanced gently at Madam Qian beside him and smoothed the hair on her cheek, revealing the scar on her face.

Madam Qian was a little shocked.

The scar on her face always made her feel so inferior that she did not dare to look up to others.

In the past, when she was in the Chen family, Madam Yang and Madam Wu always said that her scar was ugly and scary.

Chen Hu seemed to know Madam Qians thoughts.

He said gently, “Dear, lets not hide it anymore.

Lets hold our heads high in the future.

No matter what others say, dont care about them.

As long as our family is together, as long as Im with you, its enough.”

Perhaps she had always hunched in the past.

Madam Qian was really a little hunchbacked.

Chen Hu felt a little sad.

He would deliberately walk slowly so that no one would see that he was a cripple.

Madam Qian would cover half her face with her hair so that no one could see the scars on her face, but in the end, what did they get in return

Others would still laugh at him for being a cripple, or that the scars on Madam Qians face were terrifying, or that her hand with only one thumb was terrifying.

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But in the future, none of that would matter.

If anyone insulted them, he wouldnt swallow his pride.

Hed say, “If you think its scary, dont look.”

Madam Qian was still a little uncomfortable.

She reached out a trembling hand to pull her hair down.

Chen Hu held her hand and said, “Darling, its not scary at all.

Youre very good-looking and not ugly at all.

Im really lucky to have married you.”

Madam Qian was not good-looking, but she was not ugly either.

Her features were actually very delicate.

It was the scar on her face that made her feel too inferior.

But if not for that, why would she marry him

These could no longer be changed.

Chen Hu only hoped that he and Madam Qian would live comfortably and happily in the future.

Madam Qian slowly lowered her hand.

Chen Daniu and Chen Erniu ran to Madam Qian.

The two of them hugged Madam Qians waist happily and called her sweetly, “Mother.”

Madam Qian stroked her daughters heads and nodded tearfully.

The family went into the house.

As for Madam Zhao, she was already preparing to fry the fish.

A braised fish was quickly served.

The New Years Eve dinner was ready when the sun set.

Madam Zhao set up the dishes while Su Sanlang called everyone to eat.

Su Chong immediately carried Zhou Heng on his back.

Su Hua pushed the wooden wheelchair and went to eat with Su Xiaoling and Su Xiaolu.

Old Wu liked to drink.

Of course, he liked good wine during the new year.

This years New Years Eve dinner was very sumptuous.

There was a very large braised fish, a stewed pork trotter, braised chicken, salt peanuts, and the pickled vegetables made by Madam Zhao, as well as a vegetable soup.

The dishes were still warm.

Old Wu didnt care about those cumbersome formalities.

He just picked up his chopsticks and said casually, “Ill celebrate with you guys this year.

I dont like to say much, so Ill just wish everyone a happy New Year.

Happy New Year.”

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“Its New Years money for the kids.

Come on, everyone gets one.”

Old Wu took out the red packets he had prepared and gave one to each of them.

He did not hide his favoritism at all and gave the biggest one to Su Xiaolu with a smile.

“Good disciple, learn well.

It will be easy for you to become a master in three years.”

Su Xiaolu nodded with a smile.

“Thank you, Master.”

The money bag was a little heavy.

Old Wu was very generous.

Although this old man didnt say much and didnt like to talk much, he had always been sincere in doing things.

He was much better than those who didnt do anything at all.

After receiving Old Wus New Year money, Su Xiaoling also thanked him respectfully, “Thank you, Uncle-Master.

I wish you a healthy and long life.”

Su Chong and Su Hua also stood up.

“Thank you, Uncle-Master.”

Zhou Heng looked at Old Wu and said, “Thank you, Uncle-Master.

I wish you success.”

Old Wu snorted coldly and took a sip of wine alone.

Su Sanlang had also prepared New Years money for the children, but there were only two coppers inside…

Old Wus heavy weight made Su Sanlang feel a little embarrassed, but only for a while.

New Years money was a kind of expectation and blessing from an elder to a child.

It didnt matter how much.

Just this thought was enough.

Su Sanlang took out his red packets and started with Su Chong.

He was more talkative.

He patted Su Chongs head and said, “Chong, youre the big brother.

Remember to protect your younger siblings.”

Su Chong nodded and said seriously, “Father, dont worry.

Ill remember.”

Su Sanlang then gave one to Su Hua.

He stroked Su Huas head and said, “Hua, youre the second brother.

You have to protect your younger siblings and respect your big brother, understand”

Su Hua looked at Su Chong and nodded.

“Father, I will.”

He and Su Chong already knew that they were different from the rest, but he knew more than Su Chong did.

He also knew that he was actually smart.

Knowing this, he also understood that he should do more than his big brother.

Whatever Big Brother did not think of, he should consider carefully.

Su Sanlang looked at the sensible Su Hua and felt very relieved.

He smiled gently and went to Zhou Hengs side.

Su Sanlang handed the red packet to Zhou Heng and said, “Heng, I wish you good health and success.”

Su Sanlang did not say the same words to Zhou Heng as he did to Su Chong and Su Hua.

This was because Zhou Heng was not his son.

When Zhou Heng was here, he would do his best to treat him well.

It was enough to do everything well.

Zhou Heng nodded.

He said gently to Su Sanlang, “Thank you, Third Uncle.

I also wish you all the best and for the family to be happy.”

Su Sanlang nodded.

He raised his hand to touch Zhou Hengs hair, but in the end, he put it down.

He turned and walked to Su Xiaolings side.

When Zhou Heng saw this detail, he actually did not resist.

He even looked forward to it.

However, in the end, Su Sanlang did not do anything so intimate.

Perhaps he had some reservations.

Zhou Heng was vaguely disappointed, but he was also happy because Su Sanlang respected him.

From his actions, he could tell that Su Sanlang was a very good father.

Su Sanlang stroked Su Xiaolings hair and said gently, “Third Sister, youve worked hard.

You have to be happy in the new year.”

Su Sanlang did not ask Su Xiaoling to take care of her sister or brother.

Instead, he said that it had been hard on her.

His third daughter had been working hard all these years, but from now on, she could finally stop working so hard and just be happy and grow up.



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