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Chen Hu and Madam Qian had moved them while crying.

They understood too well that these things were all heavy sentiments.

These things were Big Brother and Sister-in-laws blessings and expectations for their family.

They were pure, warm, and sweet.

Chen Daniu carried Chen Shi and listened to Zhou Heng teach in the courtyard with Chen Erniu.

They were very reluctant to leave.

This was the first time they had come into contact with knowledge.

After staying here for more than a month, Chen Daniu and Chen Erniu also learned how to write their names.

They even knew a lot of words.

This was very precious to them.

If they wanted to learn knowledge now, they had to go to school.

Going to school cost money.

With Zhou Heng, the knowledge they learned was all for free.

“Big Sister Erniu, you have to come to my house every day to play.”

Su Xiaolu ran to Chen Daniu and Chen Erniu and smiled sweetly at them.

“Yes, every day.

Little Brother Heng says we are brother and sister.

We can be brothers in arms too.

You and Erniu and Xiaolu and Sanmei.

The same.”

Su Chong said seriously.

He had always known that he was their big brother.

Now that he was enlightened, he understood what being a big brother meant.

He was the oldest brother.

He was the eldest of them all.

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“Little Brother Heng will teach us how to read every day.

Lets learn how to read together.

When brother Shi grows up, you can teach him.”

Su Xiaoling also spoke to the two sisters.

Chen Daniu and Chen Ernius eyes were red and filled with tears.

They nodded heavily.

When everything was moved, Su Sanlangs family went to Chen Hus house.

Su Chong happily carried Zhou Heng on his back while Su Hua carried Zhou Hengs wooden wheelchair.

The people started to clean up Chen Hus house.

They had dinner at Chen Hus house, so they naturally drank happily.

Su Sanlang and Madam Zhao knew best how happy Chen Hu and Madam Qian were because they had also experienced such a day three years ago.

They would never be able to forget that day.

After dinner, Su Sanlang and his family returned to their house.

The days passed as usual.

The New Year was coming soon.

The number of needles Su Xiaolu used for Zhou Hengs acupuncture was gradually decreasing.

December 30th.

New Years Day.

Su Xiaolu had just finished acupuncture for Zhou Heng.

She took out the needles and said, “Big Brother Zhou Heng, from tomorrow onwards, you will start walking.

Work hard.”

Zhou Heng smiled and nodded.

“Yes, Ill work hard.”

It had been three years since his legs had allowed him to walk.

Now that he could finally feel them again, he must stand up and live up to the care and concern of so many people.

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A few days ago, Su Sanlang had made a pair of training poles for Zhou Heng in the courtyard.

Su Sanlang had carefully polished the edges and corners.

Even the ground was covered with a layer of straw.

How could he let Zhou Heng down

Su Xiaolu stopped smiling and said seriously, “Even if you dont work hard, Ill make you work hard.

Im a doctor.

You have to listen to me.

If you dont, Ill hit your palm like you did when you taught us to read.”


The principle of teaching was set by Zhou Heng.

Whoever was distracted and fooling around would be hit in the palm by the bamboo block.

Zhou Heng had beaten all of them.


Su Xiaolu learned how to use it now.

“Xiaolu, arent you afraid that Little Brother Heng wont turn a blind eye in the future”

Su Xiaoling covered her mouth and laughed.

Usually, Su Xiaolu would be beaten up the most in class, but Zhou Heng could not bear to beat her up again.

Everyone tacitly agreed with Zhou Hengs biased behavior.

Su Xiaolu smiled and shook her head.

“Third Sister, Im not afraid with you protecting me.”

Su Xiaoling was a little helpless.

She stroked Su Xiaolus hair lovingly.

“What should I do with you.”

She would indeed protect her most beloved sister.

As for being beaten up, Zhou Heng was also gentle when he hit her.

He did not forget her kindness to him.

It could be said that Heng was gentle to girls, but was stricter with his two brothers.

Su Xiaoling had also thought about it.

Perhaps it was because they were girls and it was enough that they could read, and they did not need to take the scholarly examination.

However, Su Chong and Su Hua were different.

They were going to school after the New Year.

Zhou Heng smiled gently and said teasingly, “Then please show mercy, Xiaolu.”

Su Xiaolu winked playfully.

“Ill see how it goes.”


They all laughed.

Old Wu came in from outside and coughed twice.

“Su Xiaolu, come and help me brew medicine.”

Su Xiaolu had been called away by Old Wu.

Su Sanlang and Madam Zhao were cooking New Years Eve dinner.

The couple listened to bits of warm laughter, and they couldnt help but smile.

Madam Zhaosaid gently, “Darling, its been another year.”

After four years in this house, the youngest daughter they held in their arms had grown up, and their eldest son and second son had also improved.

Madam Zhao couldnt help but sigh.

Their family was getting better, but one thing that would never get better was Su Sanlangs eyes.

No matter how many years had passed, Madam Zhao was still very sad when she thought about it.

Su Sanlang looked at Madam Zhao and smiled gently.

“Its been another year.

Every year is better.

We have to live well and see Chong and Hua grow up to be successful.”

Su Sanlang looked at Madam Zhao gently.

Looking at Madam Zhaos gentle and bright face, Su Sanlang felt a warmth in his heart.

These days were the days he had dreamed of.

And now, he had another brother.

Everything was fine.

Madam Zhao smiled and nodded.

“Youre right.

We have to be healthy every year.

Our lives will get better and better.

We have to see Sanmei and Simei get married and have children and grandchildren.”

As she thought about it, Madam Zhao felt the urge to cry.

She didnt think she could change this for the rest of her life.

She always wanted to cry no matter if she was feeling happy or sad.

“Darling, I remember that you bought two fish.

Send one to Hu.

It has a good meaning.

It stands for our wish for their family to be prosperous.”

Last year, during the new year, their family bought fish because the fish seller said that eating fish during the new year would bring prosperity.

Su Sanlang thought that the meaning was really good, so he bought fish.

This year, he naturally bought more.

Thinking that most of the children at home liked to eat fish, he bought two.

Chen Hus family had a new home, so they naturally had to manage their lives.

When they bought the fish, Su Sanlang really didnt think about the whole thing, but now that Madam Zhao mentioned it, Su Sanlang thought about it and nodded.

“Darling, youre right.

Ill listen to you.

It wont take long.

Lets go together.”

Su Sanlang said with a smile.

Madam Zhao nodded, and the two of them took the fish and went out.

Chen Hu and Madam Qian were also busy with the New Years Eve dinner.

When they heard the knock on the door, Madam Qian opened the door.

When she saw Madam Zhao, she cried in surprise and exclaimed, “Dear, come and see whos here.”

When Chen Hu came out, his eyes turned red.

“Big Brother, Sister-in-law.”

Su Sanlang and Madam Zhao smiled.

Su Sanlang said, “Brother Hu, Sister-in-law, this fish is for you.

We wish you all good luck every year.”


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