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Before going to bed, Zhou Heng reminded Su Hua, “Ah Hua, you have to count to 50 before you can sleep today, understand”

Su Hua nodded.

“Yes, yes, I know.”

At night, Zhou Heng slept with Su Chong, so he could teach Su Chong how to count.

Su Chong and Su Hua learned diligently and focused on counting.

Su Xiaoling also counted when she heard that.

After counting to 50, she closed her eyes in satisfaction and went to sleep.

Su Xiaolu heard her mutter, “Little Brother Heng is so nice.”

Was Zhou Heng very nice He was, indeed.

Although he was a little reserved, a little boring, and not much of a talker, he was very gentle.

The night grew quiet.

Madam Zhao leaned against Su Sanlang and said gently, “Father, Heng is really smart.

He already knows so much at such a young age.

If he goes to school, I think it wont be long before he becomes a student.

I think hes smarter than many of the students in our village.”

Every time she saw Zhou Heng, Madam Zhao felt that this child would definitely become magnanimous.

He knew so much and could recognize many words.

He could even read articles and explain the meaning behind them.

Su Sanlang paused and replied, “Heng does know a lot.

Perhaps he will leave when his legs recover.

Xiaolu said that Heng will be able to leave after the new year.”

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“So soon, aye… I cant bear to part with him, but it would be good for him to get well soon.”

Madam Zhao sighed and said.

Although she could not bear to let Zhou Heng go back, it was only right.

She could not hope for his injuries to heal slower just because she wanted him to teach her children.

Zhou Heng was also a child.

It was very sad that he could not walk, so it was best for him to recover quickly.

Su Sanlang nodded.

“Weve been sowing vegetables for the past few days.

Ill bring the kids into the mountains to play and see if we can catch some wild chickens or something.

Last time, when we entered the city, we told Butler Sun that we wouldnt sell chickens and ducks anymore.

Butler Sun was pretty sad.

He said that the young ladies and young masters of the Sun family especially like to eat the chickens and ducks we sell.

If we can catch them again, well send one to the Sun family.”

Madam Zhao nodded and said, “Alright, Ill listen to you.

However, you have to be careful.

Its fine if you cant catch them.”

In the past two years, the familys lives had already stabilized.

Madam Zhao did not want Su Sanlang to take the risk.

The Sun family was very generous in their dealings.

Apart from business, they already had some personal connections.

Butler Sun was the one who named his two daughters.

But no matter what the connections, in Madam Zhaos heart, Su Sanlang was the most important.

She wanted him to be safe.

“Dont worry, I know what Im doing.”

Su Sanlang hugged Madam Zhao and kissed her forehead.

He said gently, “Its getting late.

Go to sleep.”

Madam Zhao nodded slightly.

Two more busy days followed as they sowed the seeds.

Su Sanlang had to prepare firewood for the winter, so he had to go into the mountains every day.

It did not matter if he brought Su Chong and Su Hua into the mountains since they would go every year, but Zhou Heng was different.

If he wanted to bring Zhou Heng into the mountains, he had to tell Old Wu.

Therefore, during dinner the night before, Su Sanlang said, “Big Brother, I want to bring the children into the mountains to set some small traps and play tomorrow.

Can I bring Heng along”

Because Su Xiaolu had taken Old Wu as her master, Su Sanlang called him big brother.

Old Wu liked to drink.

At this moment, he was eating meat and taking a sip of alcohol.

He clicked his tongue and said heartily, “Why not As long as you dont find it troublesome.”

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Su Sanlang immediately smiled and said, “Alright, Ill bring him along tomorrow.

If were lucky, well have something good when we return.”


Old Wu nodded.

With Old Wus approval, Su Sanlang told the children to sleep early that night.

The next morning, Madam Zhao made some pancakes and asked them to take them away after breakfast.

Su Sanlang carried Zhou Heng on his back and entered the mountain with the children.

The farming season was already over now.

Most of the villagers were also going into the mountains to cut firewood to prepare for winter.

It was inevitable that they would encounter the children of the village on the way.

Everyone gathered together happily and went into the mountains to look for bird eggs.

Among them, there was also the Su family.

Seeing Su Sanlang carrying Zhou Heng on his back, many people made faces at Zhou Heng.

They even mocked Zhou Hengs inability to walk.


“Heng, ignore them.”

Su Sanlang frowned.

They were all children without adults, so he could not say anything.

He could only tell Zhou Heng to ignore them.

Zhou Hengs expression darkened.

He leaned on Su Sanlangs back and replied softly, “Okay.”

Su Xiaolu casually grabbed a handful of stones and threw them at the children.

Her childish voice was cold as she said, “Ill hit whoever makes funny faces at him again.”

Su Xiaolu had her eyes on Su Qing and Su Shun.

A small handful of stones would only hurt them but not injure them.

As Su Xiaolu spoke, she grabbed another handful of stones.

Su Qing, Su Shun, and the others had already run away.

It was impossible to reason with naughty children.

Not far into the mountain, Su Sanlang put Zhou Heng down and started making traps.

Su Xiaoling took out the worms as bait.

While Su Sanlang was setting the trap, the children also started playing around.

They found some wild fruits for Zhou Heng to eat.

After eating a wild fruit that he had never eaten before, Zhou Heng smiled shyly under the expectant gazes of Su Xiaolu and her siblings and said, “Its delicious.”

“Sour and sweet.

Very special.”

It was the freshest fruit they had just plucked off.

In addition, there were such pure and kind people around him.

Zhou Hengs mood gradually improved.

The unhappiness from before had been dispersed.

No matter what those people said, his disability was only temporary, so he did not have to mind at all.

“It must be special.

Its natures gift to us.

People love it, and so do birds.”

Su Xiaolu sat on the ground casually and plucked them one by one to eat.

In her previous life, these things were called raspberries.

There were many kinds of wild raspberries.

This kind that grew in the thorn bushes was only one variation.

The stems had thorns.

When the fruit was ripe, it would appear red or dark yellow.

It tasted sour and sweet and had many effects.

In any case, there was no harm in eating it.

“Little Brother Heng, come, eat more.”

Su Xiaoling plucked a handful and handed them to Zhou Heng without eating.

Su Xiaolu, Su Chong, and Su Hua did not seem to notice Su Xiaolings favoritism.

Zhou Heng reached out to take it.

He did not dare to look at Su Xiaoling and could only look at the scenery in the distance.

As he ate the fruits and could not help but smile slightly.

Seeing that they liked to eat, Su Sanlang cut off a few stems for them to pluck and eat.

They walked more.

Whenever they encountered a suitable place to set a trap, Su Sanlang would set it up.

At noon, they ate pancakes with wild fruits.

When it was getting late, Su Sanlang carried Zhou Heng and brought everyone back.

Along the way, they looked around again.

There were eight traps, and they caught four pheasants and a turtledove.

“Uncle, youre amazing.”

Zhou Heng could not help but praise him.

On this day, he had watched Su Sanlang set up the traps.

It was not difficult, but he had gained a lot in return.

Su Sanlang paused before speaking gently.

“I guess were in luck.”


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