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Old Wu only took one look before starting to insert the needles.

The silver needles that were as thin as hair pierced into Zhou Hengs legs one after another until his legs were full of them.

In places, spots of blood even oozed out.

Zhou Heng seemed to be in pain, but he gritted his teeth and endured it.

Su Xiaoling turned and left.

Su Xiaolu blew on his legs and said sweetly, “Big Brother Zhou Heng, dont be afraid.

It wont hurt after I blow on it.

Ive already learned it.

Ill prick it for you tomorrow.

It wont hurt so much.”

Su Xiaolu also knew how to use silver needles for acupuncture.

Her precision should be stronger than Old Wus.

Zhou Heng would definitely feel better if she used them instead.

Zhou Heng listened to Su Xiaolus childish words and forced a smile.

He coaxed, “Okay, thank you, Xiaolu.”

Old Wu smiled and stoked Su Xiaolus hair.

He did not take her words to heart.

“Ill come and collect the needles in an hour.”

Old Wu said to Zhou Heng and then said to Su Xiaolu, “Little girl, dont touch these needles, okay”

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Su Xiaolu nodded obediently.

She straightened her back and patted her chest as she said to Old Wu, “I know.

Dont worry, Grandpa Wu.

Ill call you to get the needles when the time comes.”

Old Wu was amused.

This little girl was really interesting.

At this moment, Old Wu did not think that Su Xiaolu really knew anything.

He could not afford to make any mistakes when administering acupuncture to Zhou Heng.

He was already a little tired.

It was useless for him to stay here.

With the little girl of the Su family here, Zhou Heng could feel at ease.

Old Wu touched Su Xiaolus hair and went out.

Su Xiaoling returned very quickly.

She brought a basin of water, wrung out a towel, and wiped Zhou Hengs sweat.

Zhou Heng pursed his lips and whispered, “Thank you.”

Su Xiaoling smiled and said, “Youre welcome.

Youre my younger brother.

I must take care of you.”

Su Xiaoling treated Zhou Heng as her younger brother.

She wiped Zhou Hengs sweat and went out again.

Soon, she came back and accompanied Zhou Heng with Su Xiaolu.

“Little Brother Heng, why dont you talk to us”

Su Xiaoling smiled at Zhou Heng.

Zhou Hengs face was pale.

It might be better if they chatted and distracted him from the pain.

Zhou Heng looked at Su Xiaoling and seemed to be asking, “Talk about what”

Su Xiaoling smiled and said, “Little Brother Heng, do you have any siblings What was your life like back in your home Is farming the same as here”

Su Xiaoling threw out a few questions at once.

Su Xiaolu lay by the bed as if she was dozing off.

When she heard her third sisters question, she propped her head up with her hands.

Zhou Heng looked at Su Xiaoling and Su Xiaolu and said slowly, “I have a younger brother.

Our hometown is a little different from here.

Ive never farmed…”

He lived inside the palace gates and was pampered.

To be honest, he didnt even know what farming was.

What he had to learn wasnt farming either.


However, now that he was here, he seemed to be able to lead another life.

Thinking of this, Zhou Heng felt much more relaxed.

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Su Xiaoling smiled and said, “Youve never farmed before Thats fine.

When youre better, well teach you.

August is the autumn harvest season.

When were not so busy, lets go to the mountains to pick wild fruits.

Ill ask my brother to carry you.”

“XIaolu, tell your Big Brother Heng whats in the mountains in the autumn.”

Su Xiaoling looked at Su Xiaolu and said gently.

Su Xiaolu understood.

She blinked and said sweetly, “Big Brother Zhou Heng, theres a lot of delicious food in the mountains in Autumn.

There are hickory, wild grapes, and mountain dates.

There are also raspberries.

Theyre sweet and sour.

Well… I like them very much.”

Su Xiaolu would drool at the thought of those wild fruits in the mountains.

They were a gift from nature.

She was still a carefree child who could enjoy the happy times all year round.

She also did not mind sharing her pleasures.

Zhou Heng was more reserved.

Hearing Su Xiaolus vivid descriptions, his eyes showed yearning.

He said softly, “Ive never seen those before.”

He didnt know what Su Xiaolu was talking about, but looking at Su Xiaolings beautiful eyes, he couldnt help but yearn to see and taste them.

“Then Ill take you to see them in a few days.

Well hunt wild chestnuts too.

When we get home, well bury them in the ashes.

Itll taste good when we dig them out to eat.”

Su Xiaolu thought of the sweet and creamy wild chestnuts she had every year.

She really loved them.

“Xiaolu is a little glutton.”

Su Xiaoling smiled and scratched Su Xiaolus nose.

Her gentle smile was filled with affection.

Su Xiaolu stuck out her tongue and said playfully to Zhou Heng, “I can give you some too.”

Zhou Heng smiled and said, “Thank you, Xiaolu.”

Perhaps because he was distracted, the unbearable acupuncture time passed quickly this time.

When Su Xiaolu suddenly exclaimed, Zhou Heng and Su Xiaoling looked at her.

Su Xiaolu said with a smile, “Its time.

Ill ask Grandpa Wu to come and get the needles.”

With that, Su Xiaolu ran out.

Only then did Zhou Heng realize that it had already been an hour.

“Thank you both.”

Zhou Heng thanked him softly.

Because of them, this difficult time passed so quickly.

Su Xiaoling smiled gently and shook her head.

“Youre welcome.

If were free in the future, well come and talk to you when you get acupuncture.”

Zhou Heng pursed his lips and nodded gently.

Unknowingly, he was closing the distance between them.

Su Xiaolu quickly called Old Wu over.

Su Xiaoling immediately moved aside.

Old Wu sat down and collected the needles from Zhou Hengs legs while Su Xiaolu watched from the side.

Old Wu looked at the little girls focused and serious expression and couldnt help but smile.

“Little girl, do you want to learn”

Old Wu was just asking casually.

Unexpectedly, Su Xiaolu smiled and said, “Grandpa Wu, Ive already learned it.

This is so simple.”

Old Wu glanced at Su Xiaolu and was about to say, “Kid, you dont know the immensity of heaven and earth.” However, Su Xiaolu quickly picked up a silver needle and took it out.

She even looked at Old Wu and said proudly, “Grandpa Wu, look, I didnt do anything wrong, right”

Old Wu had always been calm and steady, but this time, he was really shocked.

While he was in a daze, Su Xiaolu had already quickly and steadily taken out a few silver needles and kept them properly.

“Stop it, Xiaolu!”

It was Su Xiaoling who came back to her senses first.

She did not dare to pull Su Xiaolu and could only reprimand her sternly.

Su Xiaolu stopped and blinked at Grandpa Wu.

“I didnt do anything wrong.”

Old Wu took a deep breath and came back to his senses.

He looked at Su Xiaolu and said, “Little girl, you didnt do anything wrong.

Who taught you these”

If he remembered correctly, Su Sanlangs daughter was only three years old.

Who wouldnt be shocked to see her removing the needle so smoothly and skillfully

However, Su Xiaolus next words shocked Old Wu even more.



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