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When harvesting rice, Su Xiaolu would play with some wild grass by the field.

Seeing that she was obedient and did not put bugs and mud in her mouth, Madam Zhao let her be.

When no one was paying attention, Su Xiaolu planted some common herbs in the Space.

She was too small and could only plant them into small pits.

In addition, she was also revealing her talent, either intentionally or unintentionally.

Sometimes, when the chickens in the coop were weak, Su Xiaolu would hold the chicken and take a look at them.

Then, she would take some grass and mash it before feeding it to the chicken.

At first, Madam Zhao and Su Sanlang were shocked, but seeing that the chicken was not dead, they let Su Xiaolu be.

After the autumn harvest was done and the family was doing well, Su Sanlang went to buy a small pig to keep.

There were several nests of chickens and ducks at home, and the family never went hungry again.

When the chickens and ducks were grown, they were also bought by the Sun family.

As Su Xiaolu grew up, Su Chong and Su Hua liked their fair and beautiful sister very much.

Their sister liked them very much as well and would pick wild fruits for them to eat and massage them.

When they were uncomfortable, their sister would massage them and they would feel much better.

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Su Sanlang and Madam Zhao did not think too much about the talent Su Xiaolu had displayed.

They just thought that it was a coincidence.

Spring passed and autumn came.

In the blink of an eye, Su Xiaolu was already three years old.

She also had a name.

By chance, the butler of the Sun family gave the sisters names.

Her new name was Su Xiaolu, just like her name in her previous life.

Su Sanmei, on the other hand, was named Su Xiaoling.

With their new names, Sanmei1 and Simei2 became their nicknames.

The three-year-old Su Xiaolu was smart and mischievous.

She helped to harvest rice and corn.

Like her third sister, she was a very diligent girl.

Seeing that the sun was gradually heating up, Madam Zhao said to Su Xiaoling, “Sanmei, its noon.

Bring Simei back to cook some noodles.

Well come back to eat later.”

Madam Zhaos heart ached when she saw Su Xiaoling and Su Xiaolus flushed faces.

All she could do was let her two daughters go back and rest.

Over the past three years, Su Xiaoling had grown much taller and her skin had gradually turned fairer.

She was good-looking and the villagers often praised her for her appearance, hoping they could arrange a marriage in the future.

Even Su Xiaolu was fair.

The vicious sun never tanned the two sisters.

Su Xiaoling brought Su Xiaolu home, carrying half a basket of corn on her back.

On the way, Su Xiaoling gently reminded Su Xiaolu, “Simei, walk slowly and be careful.”

Su Xiaolu ran in front and replied with a smile, “Xiaoling, dont worry.

I wont fall.”

Su Xiaolu was like a fluttering butterfly.

She wanted to run home quickly and get her third sister some spiritual spring water to drink.

Su Xiaolu went home first and prepared the water when she heard her sister talking to someone.

Su Xiaolu ran out and saw her sister talking to an old man.

“Grandpa Wu, youre back.

When did you come back Ill call my parents home now.

Theyll be very happy to know.”

When Su Xiaoling reached home, her sharp eyes noticed that the door lock next door was unlocked.

She went over and pushed the door curiously.

The door opened and she saw Old Wu busy in the courtyard.

Su Xiaoling was very surprised by this.

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Old Wu was stunned when he saw Su Xiaoling.

Then, he called out to her calmly, “Its Sanmei, right”

Old Wu still remembered her.

Su Xiaoling was very happy, so she asked those questions one after another eagerly.

Su Xiaolu came out at this moment.

She stood obediently beside her sister and looked at Old Wu.

She asked softly, “Third sister, who is this grandpa Why does he look so familiar”

Old Wus gaze also landed on Su Xiaolu.

His expression softened as he said, “This is your fourth sister, right”

Su Xiaoling nodded.

“Yes, yes.

Its Simei.”

After saying that, Su Xiaoling turned to Su Xiaolu and said, “Simei, this is Grandpa Wu.

He treats us very well.

Grandpa Wu even carried you before.

Simei, stay at home obediently.

Ill call Father and Mother.”

Su Xiaoling was very happy to see Old Wu again.

Before she could say anything, she immediately put down her basket and left.

Su Xiaolu looked at Old Wu curiously and asked in a soft voice, “Grandpa Wu, can I come into your house”

Old Wu nodded.

“Lets eat.”

Its been two years since he had left, and the house had been well preserved.

Even the courtyard was clean and there were no weeds.

Apart from the musty smell of a house that had not been occupied for a long time, it was still the same as when he had left.

Old Wu watched as Su Xiaolu obediently walked in and looked around.

Old Wu recalled that Su Xiaolu was still a baby in his arms back then.

Her bright and beautiful eyes were still so beautiful now that the little girl had grown up.

Old Wu said gently, “Have your parents named you”

Su Xiaolu smiled and nodded.

She said loudly, “Yes, my name is Su Xiaolu.

My third sister is Su Xiaoling.

My big brother is Su Chong.

My second brother is Su Hua.”

Su Xiaolu was afraid that Old Wu did not know the names of the siblings, so she reported it herself.

Old Wu was a doctor and had administered acupuncture to her parents in the past.

After seeing Old Wu, Su Xiaolu began to think that it was time for her to become his disciple.

This way, she could officially treat the two of them.

Old Wu had returned just in time.

Old Wu looked at her quick-witted appearance and her lively eyes.

He smiled and said, “Not a bad name.

It suits you.”

Su Xiaolus eyes were very beautiful, just like a beautiful deer in the jungle, so her name was Su Xiaolu1.

Her third sister was also a smart little girl called Su Xiaoling.

Her name was not bad either.

“Thank you for your praise, Grandpa Wu.

Let me tell you secretly, my parents prepared bedding for you.

Theres also rice and meat.”

Su Xiaolu winked at Old Wu and said playfully.

Old Wu roughly understood Su Xiaolus words.

He said gently, “Your parents are good people.”

Su Xiaolu agreed happily.

“Mom and Dad are the best.”

Su Xiaolu turned around and was stunned.

There was a small figure in the side room.

To Su Xiaolus surprise, he was sitting in a wooden wheelchair.

He seemed to have heard them talking and came out.

He was about six or seven.

When their eyes met, Su Xiaolu saw him avoid her gaze.

His expression turned cold, as if he had erected a wall in his heart.

She immediately felt distant.

Old Wu was hesitating about what to say when he saw Su Xiaolu running towards the side room.

This was something that Old Wu did not expect, and it was also something that Zhou Heng did not expect.

Zhou Heng immediately wanted to hide, but Su Xiaolu pounced on Zhou Heng like a ball of fire and grabbed his hand.

Her smile was very sweet, and her voice was also very sweet as well.

She said, “Hello, my name is Su Xiaolu.

Are your feet hurting I can treat them.

When my big brother and second brother are in pain, I will massage them to make them feel better.”


Su Xiaolu went all out to become Old Wus disciple.

She knew her advantage very well.

Who could reject a cute little girl



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