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Old Wu was not a good-tempered person.

He never cared about anyones feelings.

If he was unhappy with someone, he would not even treat them.

The villagers dared to offend Su Sanlang, but they did not dare to offend Old Wu.

They could only leave one after another.

Old Wu closed the courtyard door ruthlessly.

He looked back at Su Sanlangs family and snapped, “Why are you still sitting there Arent you afraid youll die soon”

Old Wu returned to the house angrily and came out with a medical kit.

Su Sanlangs family was still in the courtyard.

Old Wu rolled his eyes in anger.

“What are you waiting for Its already dead.

Do you think itll run away If you dont treat your injuries, I guarantee that you wont live long enough to sell the tiger and live a good life.

These tiger claws and teeth are poisonous!”

Su Sanlang looked at Old Wu and said with difficulty, “Doctor Wu, our family risked our lives for this.

I have to exchange it for money in town.

I know youre kind-hearted.

Please help me.”

Old Wu was really speechless.

Seeing Su Sanlangs determination, he said, “Even if you want more money, you have to treat your wounds first.

Look at your sons and wife.

Theyre barely alive.”

Su Sanlang was in good health, but Madam Zhao was not strong, and Su Chong and Su Hua were still children after all.

How could they be fine after such serious injuries They were barely holding on.

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When Su Sanlang saw this, his heart ached.

He quickly knelt and begged, “Please save them.”

Old Wu rolled his eyes.

If he didnt want to save them, he would have made Su Sanlangs family leave already.

He let the family in.

In the end, he could not dissuade Su Sanlang and carried the big tigers corpse into the house as well.

Old Wu treated Su Chong and Su Huas wounds, pulled out the poison, applied medicine, and bandaged them.

Madam Zhaos arm was bitten.

Although her bones were not broken and her hand was fine, her left hand would not have much strength in the future.

Finally, it was Su Sanlangs turn.

Old Wu cleaned the blood off Su Sanlangs face and said with a heavy expression, “Youre blind in this eye, do you know that The eyeball is all scratched up.

I have to cut it off for you.”


Knowing he was blind, Su Sanlang was calm.


It was just an eye.

As long as the family was still well.

Old Wu sighed at Su Su Sanlangs tone.

“Youre a real man.”


Although he was an ordinary farmer, he had the pride and courage that many people did not.

Even if they were cornered, not everyone would dare to fight a tiger.

Su Sanlang dared, and he did succeed.

Even though it had cost him a lot, it should be a good outcome for their family.

One eye and one hand in exchange for the entire familys survival.

Just because of this, Old Wu had a whole new level of respect for Su Sanlang.

After treating the wounds of Su Sanlangs family, Old Wu washed his hands and packed his things.

“How are you going to sell this”

Su Sanlang was a little dazed.

When he heard Old Wus question, he shook his head and said, “Theres a big family in Goathorn Town with the surname Sun.

In the past few months, Ive often gone there to deliver wild animals.

Doctor Wu, I want you to help me take a message and see if the Sun family wants this tiger.

If they do, let them come here and get it.”

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Su Sanlang felt that the Sun residence would take it.

After interacting with them for the past few months, he roughly knew a little about the Sun residence.

The young master and young miss of the Sun residence were born weak and ate supplements every day.

The taste of wild goods was delicious, and with supplements, it was extremely nourishing.

A tiger was also a great tonic and had many uses.

The Sun family should not miss it.

“Sure, Ill help you with that, but its too late now.

Ill go early tomorrow morning.”

Old Wu agreed.

It was cold now.

The tiger would be fine even if it was left outside for a night.

Old Wu agreed, and Su Sanlang was relieved.

He had suffered the worst injuries, and now that he had lost an eye, he was at his limit.

Now that he was relieved, he began to fall asleep.

Su Chong and Su Hua were also asleep.

Madam Zhao forced herself to help brew the medicine.

After everyone drank the medicine, the family fell asleep.

Old Wu did not sleep.

He even came a few times that night to check on Su Sanlangs family.

“Sigh, I dont know if theyre lucky or not.

Even the hunters couldnt take it down, but you guys did.

I just dont know what kind of danger it was.

Being so lucky can only be said to be Gods blessing.”

Old Wu muttered and checked the temperature of Su Sanlangs family one by one.

“None of them have a high fever.

I guess they got lucky.

Life is like weeds, its tenacious.”

Old Wu found it strange that none of them had high fever, but it was a good thing that they didnt.


Old Wu also touched Su Sanmeis forehead.

He was afraid that this girl, who was so nervous for the past few days, would suddenly relax and fall sick.

But to his surprise, she was fine.

“Little girl, why arent you asleep”

When Old Wu realized that Su Xiaolu was not asleep, he pinched her face and whispered.

Su Xiaolu moved.

She was a light sleeper and woke up easily.

The moment Old Wu opened the door, she knew that there was no danger and she remained quiet.

If anyone wanted to steal the tiger at night, she would definitely cry.

“How obedient.

Your parents are lucky to have you.

After this hurdle, you will have a good life in the future.

Hurry up and sleep.

Im taking care of your parents.”

Old Wu stroked Su Xiaolus hair and went out after muttering a few words.

It snowed all night.

The next morning, Su Sanmei and Madam Zhao woke up early.

Old Wu was about to leave when he saw them get up and said, “The medicine is still warm.

Remember to drink it.

If anyone comes by, dont agree to anything.

Ill bring people over as soon as possible.”

Wealth moved the heart.

Such a big tiger couldnt avoid being targeted.

If it was snatched away at this time, this family would have no way out.

With that, Old Wu left.

Madam Zhao could only move one hand.

She brought Su Sanmei to cook porridge.

When Su Sanlang woke up, he would be able to eat the porridge.

After eating porridge, he would drink medicine.

Someone knocked on the door just after dawn.

It was none other than Madam Wang.

She banged on the door and shouted rudely,

“Su Sanlang, you bastard, open the door for me!”

Madam Wang shouted, but the door would not open, so she could only change her tone.

She could be rude to Su Sanlangs family, but she did not dare to be disrespectful to Old Wu.

“Doctor Wu, Doctor Wu, open the door.

Please help me.”

Su Sanlang knew all too well why Madam Wang had come.

Madam Zhao was in a daze when she heard Madam Wangs voice.

She did not know what to do and could only look at Su Sanlang and say, “Sanlang, what should we do”

Su Sanlangs eyes were cold.

He said calmly, “No one can take whats mine.”

Su Sanlang got up with Madam Zhaos help.

He didnt open the door.

Instead, he looked at her and said firmly, “Ignore her.

Shes no longer related to us.”


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