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“Ive told you everything I know.”

She had told him everything she knew.

“Thank you, Mother.”

Zhou Hengs voice was calm.

After saying this, he left without looking back.

Hearing his footsteps, Wei Ling turned around.

She looked at Zhou Hengs back and felt suffocated, as if she had lost something very important.

Her heart was empty and painful.

She watched in a daze until Zhou Hengs figure disappeared from her sight.

She could not regain her senses for a long time.


Zhou Heng knew that time was of the essence and he could not stay any longer.

Therefore, he left the Zhengyang Palace immediately.

He did not dare to imagine what kind of danger Su Xiaoling was facing.

He was going crazy.

He mobilized all his secret guards and sent someone to theWisdom Kings Residence to tell Zhou Zhi and the rest.

He himself went straight to the Sun residence.

When Zhou Heng arrived at the Sun residence, he immediately ordered the secret guards to lead the way.

They pushed the Sun family servants who came forward to the side and went straight to the main courtyard.

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Apart from the maidservants and servants, he didnt see Sun Yangxin or Zhou Wenjing in the main courtyard.

Zhou Hengs eyes were red as he grabbed a servant and asked, “Wheres your master Where did he go”

He looked like he wanted to eat someone.

The servant was frightened and stammered, “M-Madam left the capital early in the morning to worship Buddha.”

Zhou Wenjing had left the capital at this moment.

Zhou Heng was about to go crazy.

“What about Sun Yangxin What about him”

Zhou Heng asked through gritted teeth.

“Old Master, Old Master is in poor health.

He has also gone to pay his respects to Buddha…”

The servant was so frightened that he closed his eyes and replied with a trembling voice.

“Find him.

Even if you have to dig three feet into the ground, you have to find him.”

Zhou Heng pushed the servant away and ordered with a dark expression.

All the servants of the Sun family were trembling in fear.

Zhou Heng lost his mind and shouted in the entire Sun residence, “Xiaoling—”

His shout echoed in the Sun residence.

He was like a furious lion, his eyes burning with flames.

Where was Su Xiaoling Where was his Xiaoling

Zhou Zhi, Su Xiaolu, and the others also rushed over.

Looking at the messy Sun residence that had been searched, everyones hearts were at their throats.

When Madam Qin came out, she could not hide her anger and questioned, “May I ask the Crown Prince and Wisdom King, what mistake did my Sun family make to be treated like this Do you have an order”

“Its a crime to plot against my imperial concubine.

If the Sun residence doesnt return her intact today, Ill definitely kill the entire Sun family.”

Zhou Hengs eyes were scarlet and cold, looking especially ferocious and terrifying.

When Madam Qin met his gaze, she was so shocked that her heart sank and her eyes could not help but show fear.

She dodged for a moment and was caught by Zhou Heng.

Zhou Heng stepped forward, grabbed Madam Qins collar, and said fiercely, “If anything happens to my Xiaoling, I will wash the grounds with the blood of your Sun family.”

With that, Zhou Heng let go.

Madam Qin panted heavily as her face turned pale from fright.

She had never expected things to be so serious.

She believed Zhou Wenjing when she said that she was a commoner.

But could an ordinary person incur the Princes wrath

Madam Qins heart was thumping wildly.

What a sin.

“Old Madam Sun, is there something else behind this Has the Sun family fallen into someone elses trap”

Zhou Zhi spoke calmly at the right time to guide Madam Qin.

This matter was instigated by the Wei family, and the Sun family was just a pawn of the Wei family.

Madam Qin was so frightened that she exposed herself.

This made it easy for Zhou Zhi to see that Madam Qin did not know everything.

If she did, she would not allow her family to do such a foolish thing.

No matter what the process of murdering the princes main consort was, it wouldnt end well for the Sun family.

Zhou Wenjing was already pregnant with the Sun familys child.

Nothing must go wrong.

Madam Qin calmed down and knew that Zhou Wenjing had lied to her.

She calmed down and knelt down.

“Crown Prince, please calm down.

This is all my fault.

Its all my fault.”

Madam Qin wanted to take all the blame to protect Sun Yangxin and Zhou Wenjing.

“Where is she”

Zhou Heng gritted his teeth and asked.

If not for the fact that he still didnt know Su Xiaolings whereabouts, he really wanted to kill this evil old woman.

He endured the anger in his heart.

Madam Qin lowered her eyes and said with a trembling voice, “In, in the secret passage.”

“Take us there.”

Zhou Zhi ordered Madam Qin in a low voice.

Madam Qin trembled as she led the group to her courtyard.

The secret passage was under the Buddha statue platform that Madam Qin often worshiped.

When the door opened, Zhou Heng was the first to enter.

Right behind him were Su Xiaolu and Qi Xingfeng.

They found the unconscious Su Xiaoling in a small room in the secret passage.

Zhou Heng couldnt care less.

He squatted down and picked Su Xiaoling up.

He called out softly, “Xiaoling, Xiaoling, wake up.”

Su Xiaolu opened Su Xiaolings mouth and stuffed a pill into her mouth.

Then, she untied the rope on Su Xiaolings body.

Su Xiaolu said, “Third Brother, bring Sister out first.

Theres no ventilation here.

Lets talk outside.”

Zhou Heng nodded and carried Su Xiaoling out of the secret passage.

Su Xiaolu and Qi Xingfeng followed.

After coming out, Zhou Heng carried Su Xiaoling to the bed nearby.

Su Xiaolings face was a little pale.

This was the aftereffect of the drug.

Su Xiaolus antidote melted naturally in her mouth, and Su Xiaoling slowly woke up.

She slowly opened her eyes and said weakly, “Brother Heng, Xiaolu, where are we”

She couldnt help but rub her forehead.

She remembered that she had been kidnapped.

Thinking about it, she said guiltily, “Im sorry for making you worry.”

She did not protect herself well.

“Xiaoling, its not your fault.

Its all my fault.”

Zhou Heng held Su Xiaolings hand and said hoarsely.

He was afraid and in pain.

He wanted to let go, but he couldnt.

He didnt know how many more such hidden dangers Su Xiaoling would face in the future.

He was too afraid.

He was lucky that he could find Su Xiaoling safely this time.

Would he be so lucky next time Zhou Heng did not dare to think too deeply.

“Brother Heng, its not your fault.”

Su Xiaoling looked worried.

How could she blame him

Su Xiaoling looked around and finally, her gaze landed on the unfamiliar Madam Qin.

She frowned and asked, “Madam, you dont look familiar.

We dont know each other, right Why did you kidnap me”

In a daze, she saw Madam Qin.

It was Madam Qin who pinched her mouth and poured a large bowl of medicine into her mouth to make her faint.

Su Xiaoling found it strange.

Why was it a kidnapping and not an assassination

Seeing that Zhou Heng was blaming himself and sad, Su Xiaoling wanted to ask more questions.

With a face full of shame, Madam Qin lowered her eyes.

“Its all my fault for being blinded by greed.

I made such a huge mistake for my overly infatuated son.

My son once arranged a marriage and his fiancée went missing before the marriage.

During these twenty years, my son couldnt eat or drink because of her.

He didnt even touch the woman I forced him to marry.

Not long ago, he said that he met a girl on the street who looked very much like the woman he loved.

I felt sorry for his loneliness and thats why I had evil intentions…”

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