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442 Lucky

“Alright, Ill wait for you at home.

Ill prepare a welcome banquet with Xiaoling, Xiaolu, and my parents.”

Su Chong smiled and said that although he couldnt go, he and the family could prepare a welcome banquet at home and wait for their triumphant return.

Although there would be no bloodshed in the palace examination tomorrow, it was enough to make people lose their minds.

They smiled at each other.

Su Chong and Su Hua also returned to their rooms to rest.

Their rooms were just next door.

Zhou Heng lay on the bed with a smile on his lips.

Spring had passed and autumn had come.

For nearly ten years, thousands of days and nights, they had accompanied him.

No matter where his future path led, he would always be grateful.

He would never forget being loved and protected by the Su family in the past.

On the other side, Su Xiaolu and Su Xiaoling were snuggling together.

Su Xiaoling could not sleep for a long time.

She was worried.

She quietly patted Su Xiaolu and coaxed her to sleep.

Su Xiaolus favorite sister had something on her mind.

How could she sleep peacefully

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Su Xiaolu said, “Sis, do you want to enter the palace tomorrow”

Su Xiaoling was stunned.

“Xiaolu, how can we get in”

They didnt have official positions either.

It wasnt that easy for them to enter the palace.

Su Xiaolu smiled and said, “I have a way.

My master also has connections in the palace.

Well just wait at the Imperial Hospital tomorrow.

When everything goes smoothly in the hall, well go to the hall together.”

Su Xiaoling was a little happy.

“Xiaolu, will this cause you trouble”

She wanted to go, but she was also worried that this would cause trouble for Su Xiaolu.

In her memory, Old Wu was an old man who hated trouble.

The palace was complicated, and Old Wu didnt want to go at all.

“Dont worry.

Im different from my Master.

Master likes peace and quiet.

I like liveliness.”

Su Xiaolu smiled and said that Old Wu was anti-social, but she was not.

Su Xiaoling was sentimental.

In her heart, her family had always been the first priority.

She rarely thought for herself.

When she encountered something, she would think for her family first.

It would be strange if she didnt love such a good sister.

Holding Su Xiaolings arm, Su Xiaolu said seriously, “Sis, Im different from Master.

Master only has me as his disciple, but Ill take in many disciples in the future.

I hope that my medical skills can be passed down more.

This way, I can save more people.”

Being a doctor was also a form of accumulation of virtue.

She loved ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners.

She also hoped that Chinese medicine could be carried forward and passed down forever.

This was left behind by her ancestors thousands of years ago and should not be buried.

“Xiaolu, I dont understand those big ambitions.

I just hope that what you do is what you like.

Thats enough.”

Su Xiaoling smiled.

She had really been proud of her sister all her life and believed in her all her life.

“I will.

Everything I do in the future will be what I like.”

Su Xiaolu smiled and said.

The heavens had given her the Space and allowed her to retain the memories of her previous life.

How could she let them down

She wanted to live a carefree and unrestrained life.

However, in these few years, she would only stay by her familys side.

Just like a little bird, she would not leave her nest until she grew up.

“Thank you, Xiaolu.

Sleep in peace.”

Su Xiaoling patted Su Xiaolus shoulder gently.

She believed everything Su Xiaolu said.

After having her in the family, everything was a miracle in her heart.

Su Xiaolu nodded and fell asleep in peace.

Su Xiaoling was no longer worried.

She thought to herself that this time, there would be another miracle.

Because Zhou Heng was also protected by Su Xiaolu.

Her parents did not seem to notice this secret, nor did her two brothers, but she did.

Ever since they were young, as long as it was related to Su Xiaolu, everything would become lucky.

Su Xiaoling smiled slightly.

Her firm beliefs when she was young would not go wrong.

Her fourth sister was a fairy from the heavens.

She brought good luck to her family and let them all live happily.

Su Xiaolu fell asleep.

As usual, Su Xiaoling quietly kissed her cheek and fell asleep in peace.

March 15th.

On the day of the palace selection, the students who were selected rushed to the palace gate to enter the palace.

Su Hua and Zhou Heng also entered the palace early.

Su Xiaolu was about to bring Su Xiaoling out.

Su Sanlang, Madam Zhao, Father Qi, and Mother Qi knew about it, so they only told them to be careful.

Su Chong sent them to the door.

Su Xiaolu and Su Xiaoling got into the carriage and asked the driver to go straight to the palace gate.

There were a total of four entrances and exits in the palace, which were divided into north, south, east, and west.

The north gate was closest to the Imperial Hospital.

Su Xiaolu sent in Minggus identity card and waited outside with Su Xiaoling.

Not long after, a white-haired old man rushed over.

Behind him were a few imperial physicians in official uniforms.

They shouted anxiously, “Master, slow down…”

Qin Shoucheng didnt slow down at all.

“What do you know Divine doctor Wu, divine doctor Wu is here.

This identity token cant be wrong.”

After rushing to the north gate, Qin Shoucheng looked around and finally saw Su Xiaolu and Su Xiaoling.

“Girl, did you see an old man just now”

Before Qin Shoucheng could ask, the disciple behind him asked Su Xiaoling and Su Xiaolu.

“Imperial Physician Qin, my Master didnt come to the capital.

Im the one who came.”

Su Xiaolu cupped her hands and went forward to retrieve her identity token from Qin Shoucheng.

“Are you… the little divine doctor”

Qin Shoucheng rubbed his eyes.

He was really afraid that his eyes were playing tricks on him because of his old age.

He was afraid that his joy would be for nothing.

He had been worried to death recently.

“Yes, but my surname is Su.

Just call me Miss Su.”

She was still not used to being called the little divine doctor.

“Master, could these two girls be liars—”

Qin Shouchengs disciples muttered softly.

They had studied medicine for decades.

Could it be that they were inferior to a little girl Could she become a divine doctor at such a young age Why did it seem a little fake

“Miss—Miss Su, dont mind them.

These disciples of mine are arrogant and have never seen the divine doctors ability.

I hope you can guide them when the time comes.

Miss Su, I welcome you to the Imperial Hospital.

Please come in.”

Qin Shoucheng smiled and made a polite gesture.

The young lady looked much cuter than the old man.

Such a good-looking young lady must be beautiful and kind.

Qin Shoucheng was like a sly old fox.

Su Xiaolu also smiled and said, “Its okay.

Were all doctors.

We should discuss and improve together.”

Su Xiaolu was generous with her discussion, making Qin Shoucheng shocked and overjoyed.

He immediately smiled and said, “Miss Su, please come in.”

He really wanted to lock the little girl up and discuss medical techniques for ten days and ten nights.

It would be best if he could learn everything the little girl had learned.

“Miss Su, youre from Minggu, so your medical skills must be extraordinary.

Coincidentally, our Imperial Hospital has a special illness that we need to consult.

Miss Su, please give us some pointers.”

A little disciple behind Qin Shoucheng caught Qin Shouchengs gaze and immediately cupped his hands at Su Xiaolu.

He spoke coldly and arrogantly.

It was obvious that he was not convinced.


Su Xiaolu agreed with a smile.

She understood.

They were provoking her.

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