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Su Xiaolu did not explain much and only answered Wei Guangrong.

Back then, when Old Wu brought Zhou Heng to her house, Zhou Heng could not walk yet.

Later on, his leg recovered and she graduated.

Old Wus whereabouts were currently unknown.

Zhou Heng had lived with their family for nearly ten years.

He grew up safely, studied, and participated in the exams.

These peaceful days were impossible in Wei Guangrongs opinion.

Even if they told him a hundred times, he would not believe them.

Wei Guangrong avoided everyones gaze in the Su family.

He looked at Zhou Heng and said, “Child, since you already know about that matter, you should understand why were so careful.

We have to verify your identity.

The empresss heart ached because of that persons death.

She cant take any more blows.”

“You are only 16 years old, and so is the Second Prince.

But even I am afraid of his schemes.”

Wei Guangrongs heart was heavy.

Zhou Heng, whom his men had risked their lives to escort, was already dead.

Facing this new Zhou Heng, he could not believe it.

If this was Zhou Zhis scheme, it was really terrifying.

Zhou Zhi was intelligent and almost demonic to begin with.

Perhaps both Zhou Heng were part of his schemes.

At this point, they had actually already lost.

Zhou Heng looked at Wei Guangrong and said calmly, “I understand.

For now, Ill still wait for the palace selection in peace.

Even if I cant be Zhou Heng, Ill still be me.

Ive studied for more than ten years, so I should serve my country.”


Wei Guangrong looked at Zhou Heng and finally sighed.

He avoided his gaze and did not look at General Qi.

He said calmly, “In that case, we will take our leave.”

General Qi waved his hand impatiently.


The matter was complicated, and he felt uncomfortable blaming Wei Guangrong.

What Zhou Heng What assassination It was all too complicated.

Wei Xiaotian looked at Zhou Heng and helped Wei Guangrong leave.

After the father and son left.

Su Chong asked Zhou Heng, “Brother Heng, what happened just now Why dont we know”

Zhou Heng said guiltily, “Ah Chong, Im sorry.

I was careless.

At noon today, I saw the note he left for me and asked me to meet him.

He told me about his plan.”

Zhou Heng explained in detail.

The Qi family was terrified when they heard that.

General Qi frowned.

Such a scheme was really terrifying.

No wonder the Wei family did not believe it.

Qi Xingzhi frowned and said, “Is the Second Prince doing this just to make the Wei family not believe you This move of his is really amazing.

For a moment, I really cant think of a way to deal with it.”

Even someone as smart as him could only sigh when he thought about it.

“This way, even in front of the Empress, your identity will still be suspicious.

Im afraid thats the case.”

Su Hua said calmly.

None of them had expected Zhou Zhi to have planned this far.

His chess game was too wide.

It turned out that they had not hidden it from him in Furongzhou last time.

“If even he can recognize you at a glance, the Empress, who had been pregnant with you for ten months, might also recognize you.

There is also a connection between mother and son.

Sometimes, even if your appearance has changed drastically, she can still recognize you at a glance.”

Mother Qi placed her hand on her chest and said slowly.

Zhou Hengs appearance was already very different, but Zhou Zhi still recognized him at a glance.

The empress might be able to recognize him at a glance after carrying him for ten months.

“Is this okay”

Father Qi touched his head.

Mother Qi looked at Qi Xingfeng and Qi Xingzhi with a gentle and firm gaze.

“If its our child, I can do it.

That feeling is different.”

Her own children felt different from others.

Qi Xingfeng and Qi Xingzhi were both moved.

“Thank you.

I also want to slow down on this matter.

Lets wait for the palace selection to end.

If I become one of the top three, I will have a chance to see Mother.”

Zhou Heng said firmly.

By then, the Wei family would have almost finished investigating.

Just as Mrs.

Qi had said, there was telepathy between mother and son.

If Zhou Zhi could recognize him, so could his mother.

“Okay, lets do that for now.”

General Qi sighed.

There was no other way.

He could forcefully bring Zhou Heng to see the empress, but the empress might not believe him.

Zhou Heng, who had died, was now a huge wound in the Empresss heart.

Moreover, he was already dead, which meant that he could not speak.

The matter he had paid tribute to had a certain place in the Empresss heart.

Even if Zhou Heng was her biological son, his appearance at this moment must be suspicious.

Not to mention the empress, anyone would be suspicious.

At such a young age, this almost demonic scheme was terrifying.

“Its getting late.

Lets all rest.”

General Qi said helplessly.

One after another, they returned to their rooms to rest.

Su Chong and Su Hua went straight to Zhou Hengs room.

“Brother Heng, dont worry.

We will definitely prove your identity.

The real one can never be fake, and the fake one will never be real.”

Su Chong comforted Zhou Heng.

Zhou Heng nodded.

Su Hua looked at Zhou Hengs face and could not help but say, “Can you change your appearance back Uncle-Master can help you massage your bones and make your appearance completely different.

Can Xiaolu help you restore it”

“Xingzhi can deduce what you originally look like.”

Su Hua thought about Qi Xingzhis ability.

It should be a piece of cake for him to draw what Zhou Heng should have looked like.

Zhou Heng shook his head and said, “No, I cant.

Back then, there were too many people hunting me down.

The doctor said that Ah Zhi and I are twins from the same mother.

With Ah Zhis appearance, I will always be chased.

Pushing my bones can change my appearance.

This will be done once and for all, but my appearance cant be restored.”

Back then, the bone pushing had completely changed his appearance.

Now that he had grown up, he could no longer restore it.

“Then well have to wait.”

Su Hua said helplessly.

Su Chong was also worried.

They all thought that it was enough to guard against Zhou Zhis assassination.

Who knew that the greatest difficulty was not assassination

“Hes so bad.

Ill tell Xiaolu not to detoxify him.”

Su Chong said angrily and was about to go out to look for Su Xiaolu.

“Dont go, Chong.”

Zhou Heng blurted out and stopped Su Chong.

Su Chong was puzzled.

Zhou Heng looked sad.

He said, “Ah Zhi has suffered far more than I imagined.

I cant understand why he cant tolerate me because I havent experienced what he has experienced.”

“Mother cant tolerate him.

He has been in danger several times, and it was Mother who personally poisoned him.

Compared to what he has experienced, this little difficulty of mine is nothing.

Im very happy that Xiaolu cured him.

I hope that hes alive.

Even in the future, if I can ascend the throne, I wont take his life.

I hope that hell live well.

Were twins born from the same mother.

He would rather spend so much effort plotting the life of a fake Zhou Heng than kill me.

He never thought of killing me.” At the end of his sentence, Zhou Heng was already sobbing.

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