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426 Fake and Real 2

The Zhou Heng in front of him was not similar to the emperor, the empress, or even Zhou Zhi, who was born from the same mother.

As for the dead Zhou Heng, he looked 70% similar to Zhou Zhi.

It was only because Zhou Zhi was thinner and sickly that the two of them looked different.

They also verified the identity of Zhou Hengs corpse.

He was undoubtedly the eldest son of the empress.

His leg had long been cured, and the divine doctor, Old Wu, had long ignored him.

At that time, he still did not know that money should not be exposed, so he lost all his money.

The child, who had only been working in a pen and ink shop, saved up money as he approached the capital.

He knew how to disguise and hide.

In the end, it was all their fault for not protecting him well, causing him to die on the last road into the capital.

However, Zhou Heng, who was in front of him, was a scholar.

He had even obtained the title of High Scholar.

His journey so far was more than calm.

After checking Zhou Hengs scars and his fingers, Wei Xiaotian returned to Wei Guangrongs side without a word and nodded gently.

Wei Guangrong looked at Zhou Heng and said, “Ill find an opportunity to verify your identity.

Youve also participated in the examination.

Just wait for the palace selection now.”

This period of time was enough for them to investigate everything clearly.

“Lord Wei, the grandson youve been looking forward to the most is back.

Youre too calm.

Even if you dont want to admit it, the empress might want to acknowledge him.

The mother and son havent seen each other for many years.

They must miss each other very much.

You can slowly investigate, but ask the empress to leave the palace to see Zhou Heng first.”

General Qi looked at Wei Guangrong and said calmly.

His cold gaze made Wei Guangrongs heart skip a beat.


Wei Guangrong took a deep breath.

Before he could explain, General Qi had already questioned him coldly.

“Why are you stopping him, Lord Wei Why should you stop a prince from returning to the royal family Now, my great-granddaughter is the divine doctors disciple.

When Old Wu brought Zhou Heng there back then, the little girl was already conscious.

Ive also told you clearly how he was cured.

If you want to stop the Eldest Prince and the Empress from meeting now, I suspect that you have ulterior motives.”

The more General Qi looked at him, the more he felt that Wei Guangrong was suspicious.

How was he suspecting Zhou Heng He was clearly suspecting them too.

This made General Qi very unhappy.

He had never lied to anyone in his life.

It was obvious that General Qi was angry.

Wei Guangrong was also furious.

“Grand General, calm down.

Thats not what my father meant.”

Wei Xiaotian tried to ease the atmosphere.

General Qi laughed coldly.

“Heh, if your father doesnt mean that, then what does he mean What does he mean Explain it to me.”

Wei Xiaotian was speechless.

General Qi could not understand his euphemism at all.

He had to get to the bottom of the matter.

“I know you dont believe me because before this, you protected a Zhou Heng in the capital.

Unfortunately, you didnt succeed.

In the end, he died 50 miles away from the capital.”

Zhou Heng looked at Wei Guangrong and spoke.

As soon as he said that, Wei Guangrong looked shocked.

“How did you know about this”

Wei Xiaotian frowned and asked.

Su Sanlangs family also asked.

Su Chong and the others were surprised.

When did Zhou Heng know about such a big matter

“You even know this.

Youre right.

Before you, we did find a Zhou Heng who matched your identity.

The injuries on his body were exactly the same as yours.

He was 70% similar to the Second Prince, who was his twin.

We were already careful enough on the way back to the capital, but we were still discovered.

From Liancheng to the capital, we encountered more than 20 assassination attempts of various sizes.

We escaped death several times and saved his life.

The journey back to the capital could be said to be as difficult as ascending to the heavens.

Hundreds of secret guards came to stop the assassination attempt outside the capital, but in the end, they couldnt save his life.”

Wei Guangrong said solemnly.

For Zhou Heng, he had lost hundreds of people.

Almost all the people he had nurtured for many years had been sent out.

Half of them were dead and half of them were injured, but they still could not save Zhou Heng.

Recently, every time he thought of this, his heart ached unbearably.

Now that Zhou Heng was standing in front of him and saying that he was the real Zhou Heng, he really could not believe it.

“Just because of this You think Zhou Heng is fake”

General Qi felt that it was ridiculous.

“How can Grand General Qi understand how important this is Its not that we dont believe it, but we still have to verify it.

After we verify it, we will naturally come to a conclusion.”

Wei Guangrong looked at General Qi and said in a deep voice.

Wei Guangrong looked at Zhou Heng, narrowed his eyes, and asked, “How did you know about this No one in the capital should know about this.

Moreover, you just entered the capital not long ago.

How did you know”


Madam Zhao called out worriedly.

Zhou Heng smiled at the Su family, indicating that they did not have to worry.

He looked Wei Guangrong in the eye and answered his question, “Would you believe me if I said that Zhou Zhi told me”

Wei Guangrong looked away and didnt answer.

He obviously didnt believe him.

Wei Guangrong looked at the Su family and his gaze landed on Madam Zhao.

He asked, “Do you really not remember how you ended up in Furongzhou back then”

Madam Zhao shook her head.

“Yes, I dont remember anything.”

“My granddaughter Yan Mians matter has nothing to do with this matter.

I dont care if Lord Wei is suspicious.

You dont have to be suspicious of my familys matters.”

General Qi said coldly.

Wei Guangrong even suspected Madam Zhao.

He was really speechless.

Wei Guangrongs heart tightened.

He felt a little dizzy and almost couldnt stand.

Wei Xiaotian was always watching him.

When he saw this, he hurriedly supported Wei Guangrong and said softly, “Father, take care of your body.”

Wei Guangrong waved his hand gently to indicate that he was fine.

Wei Guangrong looked at Su Xiaolu and said, “Miss Su, as the divine doctors disciple, do you have a name tag”

Su Xiaolu nodded.


Su Xiaolu took out the name tag and Wei Guangrong went forward.

“Can I take a look”

Su Xiaolu nodded.

Wei Guangrong looked at Su Xiaolus name tag.

There was no problem with Su Xiaolus identity.

Wei Guangrong returned the name tag to Su Xiaolu and said, “Miss Su, can you contact your Master to come to the capital”

Su Xiaolu looked at Wei Guangrong and said calmly, “Im sorry, my masters whereabouts are uncertain.

I cant promise you.”

Wei Guangrongs suspicion rose from the bottom of his heart.

He didnt believe it in the first place.

Even if the old man came, he wouldnt put aside his doubts and completely believe it.

He suspected that this entire family was lying to him.

Wei Guangrong was a little disappointed.

He looked at Su Xiaolu and asked, “Back then, did divine doctor Wu really bring him to your village and live in seclusion for many years”

Back then, there were many people chasing after them.

In the end, they disappeared without a trace.

Later on, when there was news, it was from that letter.

However, at that time, Zhou Zhi already had quite a bit of power.


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