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423 Grand Tutors Residence

General Qi followed him.

After entering the inner room, he saw Wei Guangrong lying on the bed.

He didnt look too good.

He looked very weak and sickly.

It seemed that he did not want to see guests because he was really sick and not for any other reason.

After Wei Xiaotian called out, Wei Guangrong woke up and opened his eyes.

He said weakly, “Whos here”

“Its me.”

General Qi spoke.

After Wei Guangrong saw the person clearly, he coughed lightly and said weakly, “Its General Qi.

Please forgive me for not being able to welcome you personally.

General, why are you here”

“Im here for the Empresss eldest son, your biological nephew.

To be honest, the Eldest Prince is currently in my residence.”

General Qi went straight to the point.

It made sense for Zhou Heng to think that the Wei family was reliable.

Everyone knew how much Wei Guangrong loved the empress.

Zhou Heng was a prince whom the empress cared about.

The Wei family must care too.

It was for no other reason than that the Wei family was the one who had impeached the Second Prince many times in the imperial court.

Their displeasure towards the Second Prince, Zhou Zhi, was completely revealed, and they didnt even bother to hide it.

“W-what did you say Cough, cough, cough…”

Wei Guangrong was so agitated that he started coughing.

Wei Xiaotian immediately went forward to stroke Wei Guangrongs back and said worriedly, “Father, dont be anxious.”

General Qi was not in a hurry.

After Wei Guangrong calmed down, he said, “You didnt hear wrongly just now.

I said that His Highness is in my residence now.”

“This matter is a little complicated, but you will know the reason after listening to my explanation.”

If he hadnt experienced it himself, he wouldnt have believed that such a thing would happen to him.

Before Wei Guangrong and his son could ask anything, General Qi told them everything.

Wei Guangrong and Wei Xiaotian had complicated expressions.

Wei Guangrong listened and gradually frowned.

He looked at General Qi suspiciously.

After hearing this, his expression was calm and not overly excited.

He only asked calmly, “Is there really such a coincidence in this world Your daughter, who has been missing for more than 20 years, has been found.

They raised a child, and this child happens to be Zhou Heng Zhou Heng is even in love with your great-granddaughter”

General Qi also frowned.

“Thats indeed the case.

Whether you believe it or not, this is the truth.

The Eldest Prince is in danger everywhere.

The only person he can trust is probably you.

Its fine if I dont know.

If I know, I definitely wont ignore it.”

“What kind of expression is that Do I have a reason to make such a joke”

General Qi saw the obvious suspicion on Wei Guangrongs face and was instantly angry.

Why would he make such a joke for no reason

Wei Guangrong looked at General Qi and hurriedly said, “General, please calm down.

This is not a small matter.

We cant be careless.

I still have to investigate thoroughly before I can confirm it.

The Eldest Prince has been missing for many years.

His identity needs to be verified thoroughly.”

Wei Guangrong looked at General Qi and explained patiently to calm him down.

General Qi frowned and asked directly, “Then what do you mean Im asking you to meet him now.

Are you going to meet him or not”

He hated complicating the simplest things.

What was fake could not be real, and what was real could not be fake.

He felt that he would know if they were family the moment they met.

There was a connection between relatives, just like his granddaughter.

Even though he had not seen her for more than twenty years, even though she was already old, he knew that Madam Zhao was Yan Mian the moment he saw her.

Unlike Wei Guangrong, who was so cautious.

There wouldnt be any harm in meeting them.

Wei Guangrong looked troubled.

He was about to explain to calm General Qi down when General Qi interrupted him.

“I came here because I knew that youre a big shot.

If you dont want to see him, then forget it.

Ill ask the Empress to tell her personally.”

General Qi said coldly.

Wei Guangrong immediately felt that this was troublesome.

He was sick to begin with, and now, he felt breathless.

When Wei Xiaotian saw this, he hurriedly said, “General, calm down.

Thats not what my father meant.”

Wei Guangrong panted heavily.

When he finally calmed down, he said, “Ill see him.”

He did not want to say anything else.

The martial arts practitioners did not care about these.

They only cared about whether it was the result they wanted.

They did not listen to anything else.

“Then come to my residence tonight or tomorrow.

Well talk about the rest after we meet.”

General Qi looked at Wei Guangrong and said calmly.

Wei Guangrong nodded weakly.

He looked at General Qi and said, “Tonight then.”


Tonight, then.

Ill be waiting for you.

If you dont, Ill go into the palace tomorrow.”

General Qi glanced at Wei Guangrong and said seriously.

He had expressed it very clearly.

If Wei Guangrong did anything cheap, he would not be a fool.

“I will definitely… come.”

Wei Guangrong said with difficulty.

He was really speechless.

General Qi didnt say anything else.

He glanced at Wei Guangrong.

“Ill take my leave first.”

With that, he turned around and left.

Wei Guangrong waved at Wei Xiaotian, signaling him to send them off.

Wei Xiaotian hurriedly stood up to send him off.

Wei Guangrong let out a long sigh.

He almost couldnt breathe.

It was all because of General Qi.

The Qi family didnt know how to turn things around.

They didnt even give him a chance to rest.

Wei Xiaotian sent General Qi out of the residence and hurried back.

He went up to Wei Guangrongs bed and asked, “Father, are you alright”

“Help me up.”

Wei Guangrong spoke slowly.

Wei Xiaotian nodded and immediately helped Wei Guangrong up.

Wei Guangrong took a few deep breaths and said, “Send out all the secret guards.

Hurry up.

Immediately investigate who this Zhou Heng is.

In the capital, find out who hes on good terms with.”

Wei Xiaotian nodded.

Just as he was about to leave, he hesitated for a moment.

Finally, he turned around and asked, “Father, do you think this is true General Qi is straightforward.

He doesnt seem like someone who could lie.

Perhaps Henger is still alive.

Not long ago, that… was just a lie.

That corpse was only the Second Princes scheme.

The news we received was also just a scheme.”

At the mention of what happened not long ago, Wei Guangrongs eyes were filled with pain.

He swallowed and said, “He has long lost his conscience.

Theres nothing he cant do.

The identity of that corpse has been confirmed.

Now, another Zhou Heng suddenly appeared.

Although his appearance is different and his name has a difference in timbre, some things match, but… we cant be careless.

Lets investigate first.”

“Investigate carefully.

I will handle General Qi these few days.

Before this matter is investigated, dont leak any news to your sister.

Do you understand”

Wei Guangrong sighed and looked at his son, Wei Xiaotian, solemnly.

This matter was not a small matter.

He could not be at ease until he investigated it thoroughly.

No matter how he looked at it, it was too strange.

It made him shudder.

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