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412 Severing Their Former Fate 2

Yan Qingyun quickly said, “Quickly invite them in.”

Yan Qingyun was about to walk out when he suddenly stopped.

He turned around and said to Yan Zhiyuan and Yan Zhenzhen coldly, “Well talk about settling your mother down later.

If you dare to mess around, dont blame me for disowning you.”

With that, Yan Qingyun quickly walked out.

The one-eyed man and the woman surnamed Zhao were Su Sanlang and Madam Zhao.

Yan Qingyun arrived outside the residence and saw Madam Zhao and Su Sanlang.

He hurriedly went forward.

“Mianmian, Sanlang, youre here.”

“Master Yan, this time…”

Madam Zhao looked at Yan Qingyun.

Before she could finish speaking, she was interrupted by him.

“Lets talk inside.

This is your home.”

Yan Qingyun looked at Madam Zhao kindly.

In his eyes was the expectant gaze of an old father.

Madam Zhao nodded.

Yan Qingyun smiled.

“Your courtyard has been repaired.

You can bring the children back to stay anytime.”

Yan Qingyun knew that Madam Zhao would not come back to stay.

He could clearly see that, and all he could do was try his best to befriend her.

Even if they were not close, they would not become enemies.

Madam Zhao nodded.

In the entire Yan Residence, there was only one courtyard with a white sail.

When they arrived at the main courtyard, Yan Qingyun gave Yan Zhiyuan and Yan Zhenzhen a look and said to Madam Zhao, “This is Zhiyuan and Zhenzhen, your younger brother and sister.”

Madam Zhao looked at Yan Zhenzhen and Yan Zhiyuan and nodded slightly in greeting.

She only felt that this huge Yan Residence was very unfamiliar and did not feel nostalgic at all.

Madam Zhao looked at Yan Qingyun and said, “Master Yan, I came this time to tell you about me.”

Yan Zhiyuan and Yan Zhenzhen immediately became nervous.

Yan Qingyun looked at Madam Zhao and nodded gently.

“Go ahead.”

Madam Zhao looked at Su Sanlang, then at Yan Qingyun, and said seriously, “Master Yan, my purpose for coming this time is to make things clear and let go of the past.

You all said that Im Yan Mian, but I dont remember.

However, that day when we did the blood test, the fusion of our blood proved our father-daughter relationship.

Then Im your daughter, Yan Mian.”

“During this period of time, I was also in pain because of this.

However, after I thought it through, I still decided to let go of the past.

In the past, Ill treat Yan Mian as if she died when she was 17 years old.

From now on, Im only Madam Zhao.

I hope to let bygones be bygones.

Now that she has passed away, I dont want to pursue the matter anymore.”

“My current life is very good.

I dont want anything to happen to it, so I want my life to remain the same.

I also have things I want to do.

If you like, Ill visit you every year during the holidays.

Thats what I want to say today.”

After Madam Zhao finished speaking seriously, she knelt down with Su Sanlang and kowtowed three times to Yan Qingyun.

Yan Qingyun hurriedly went forward to help them up.

He sighed softly and said, “I didnt do well enough.

This is what you want.

How can I not agree When you have time in the future, bring the children back to visit me often.”

Madam Zhaos eyes turned red.

She nodded.


Yan Qingyun patted Su Sanlangs shoulder and said, “Sanlang, treat my daughter well.

Im solemnly handing her to you now.

I dont know about before, but from now on, if you treat her badly, I wont let you off.”

Su Sanlang nodded seriously.

“Dont worry, Ill definitely treat her well.”

Yan Qingyun smiled gently and nodded.

“Mianer, I thank you on behalf of Madam Qi.

She did such a vicious thing to you.

If you can let go of her and leave her with dignity, I thank you.”

Yan Qingyun looked at Madam Zhao and said gratefully.

Yan Qingyun looked at Yan Zhiyuan and Yan Zhenzhen and said, “Zhiyuan, Zhenzhen, you should thank your eldest sister.”

Yan Zhiyuan and Yan Zhenzhen pursed their lips and lowered their heads to thank Madam Zhao.

“Thank you for your magnanimity, Sister.”

“Then well go back first.

Sanlang and I still have to go to the Qi family.

Its not convenient for us to stay any longer.”

After saying what she needed to say, Madam Zhao did not want to continue staying.

After saying that, Madam Zhao and Su Sanlang prepared to leave.

Yan Qingyun glared at Yan Zhiyuan and Yan Zhenzhen and hurriedly sent Madam Zhao and Su Sanlang out.

His eyes were red.

When he reached the door, he choked up slightly and instructed, “Mianer, come back often.”

Madam Zhao nodded.

Her heart ached.

She would come back to visit during the holidays in the future and treat it as visiting her family.

Yan Zhiyuan and Yan Zhenzhen did not care about her alienation.

They had their own lives, and so did she.

After Yan Qingyun passed away, she would never come back.

Su Sanlang held Madam Zhaos hand tightly and said gently, “Darling, Ill always be by your side.”

Madam Zhao nodded.

“Lets go to the Qi family.”

Madam Zhao smiled when she thought of Qi Xingfeng and Qi Xingzhi.

From the bottom of her heart, the Qi family made her feel more welcomed.

Su Sanlang smiled slightly and the two of them headed for the Qi residence.


Yan Qingyun returned to the main courtyard, and his expression returned to coldness.

After entering the door, he said to Yan Zhiyuan, “Your mother can be buried.

She is guilty and can only be sent away in private.”

Yan Zhiyuan smiled coldly.

“I got it.”

Yan Qingyun frowned.

Looking at Yan Zhiyuans cold expression, he understood that the father and son had fallen out.

Yan Zhenzhen also looked at Yan Qingyun in disappointment and said, “Father, mother didnt have to die.”

Yan Qingyuns expression darkened.

He was furious.

He gritted his teeth and roared, “Are you blaming me for this Huh”

“Didnt I give her a chance Didnt I ask her to investigate thoroughly She walked into this dead end herself.

I didnt push her to it.

Now you hate me and blame me! Its ridiculous.

Get lost, get lost—I dont want to see you again.”

Yan Qingyun was furious.

Such a son and daughter really angered him to death.

Yan Qingyun roared angrily.

Yan Zhiyuan and Yan Zhenzhen didnt say anything and stood up to leave silently.

The siblings indeed hated Yan Qingyun for being cold and heartless.

In their opinion, their mother was not smart enough.

Why couldnt their father help her

Perhaps everything would be different if he helped.

Now, their mother had written a confession and committed suicide.

They couldnt even carry out her funeral properly and could only bury her in private.

How undignified was that

After leaving the main courtyard, Yan Zhenzhen said to Yan Zhiyuan, “Brother, Mother died an aggrieved death.

If you have a way, you must avenge her.

If I have the chance, I will avenge Mother too.”

Yan Zhiyuan nodded.

“Yes, I will remember it.”

He would not act rashly.

He would lie low and wait for the right time.

One day, he would definitely vent his anger.


Madam Zhao and Su Sanlang found the generals residence.

After explaining their intentions, the guard smiled and said, “Please come in.

The general said that you dont have to report when you come back.

Just go in.

The residence is waiting at any time.”

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