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405 Confession

“Whats going on”

Jin Qi asked.

They had only been out for two hours, and those killers who had endured so many torture methods had already admitted to it

Jin Qi was full of doubts as he listened to the cries of pain and fear.

The guard replied respectfully, “I dont know either.

They started to struggle and cry out in pain an hour ago.

I went in to check and didnt find any injuries.

I thought they were resting and deliberately provoked us, so I ignored them.”

After the first scream, they went in to check.

The water was still dripping slowly.

Those people still couldnt move, but their faces were wet.

They werent afraid of being pricked by a whip or a needle, so they felt that the few sacrificial soldiers were shouting on purpose.

Thinking that Jin Qi had said that he would only come in two hours and the time wasnt up yet, they simply ignored them and let them shout.

Before Jin Qi and Su Xiaolu came, they had discussed that if this punishment was really torture, they would let them suffer.

“Lets go in and take a look.”

Jin Qi said in a deep voice.

Not to mention his subordinates, even he found it strange.

It was just dripping water on their heads, but it didnt hurt or itch.

Did they have to shout like this

The few of them entered and saw that the sacrificial soldiers were no longer as calm as before.

They all had signs of struggling, but this was a technique specialized in tying criminals up.

How could they break free

Jin Qi waved his hand.

“Remove the water bags above their heads.”

Su Xiaolu walked closer and unlocked their sealed acupuncture points with silver needles.

This way, they could hear again.

Jin Qi went forward to check and found that one of them was very weak and on the verge of death.

Su Xiaolu calmly took out a medicine bottle, opened it, and poured out a pill.

She pinched the sacrificial soldiers chins and stuffed them in.

She tapped their chins and they could not help but swallow the pill.

The few of them were trembling slightly and their mental states were very poor.

One of them broke down and cried.

Jin Qi was puzzled.

The guards following him were also puzzled and found it unbelievable.

Su Xiaolu said coldly, “Tell me.

Whether I can let you go depends on whether what you say is useful.”

Before they could answer, Su Xiaolu added, “Dont be in a hurry to say it.

Feel your bodies.

What I just fed you is an expensive life-saving pill.

This can quickly replenish your spirit and allow you to have enough spirit to face the next round of dripping punishment.”

Hearing her words, the sacrificial soldiers trembled uncontrollably.

The medicine they took was indeed reminding them that their physical condition was gradually recovering.

“Stop torturing me.

Ill confess everything.

I just want a quick death.”

A sacrificial soldier raised his trembling hand.

His body trembled uncontrollably, as if he had experienced a tragic torture.

Jin Qi waved his hand, and someone immediately took him away.

The other four sacrificial soldiers also trembled and said that they wanted to confess, only asking for a release.

These people were immediately taken away.

Jin Qi looked at Su Xiaolu and asked in confusion, “Miss Su, what kind of torture method is this Why doesnt it hurt the human skin, but it can destroy ones mind”

He had just checked that there were no injuries on those people.

The injuries on their bodies were left behind by the previous torture.

Su Xiaolu pondered for a moment and said, “This method is not meant to hurt the body, but the mind.

A persons mind can be very strong or very fragile.

If you want to ask me why, I dont know.

Anyway, the dripping punishment is very useful.”

This kind of mental torture was actually self-torture.

Since they couldnt take it anymore, they naturally confessed everything.

Su Xiaolu turned around and saw Zhou Zhi listening quietly.

Their eyes met.

Zhou Zhi smiled and said, “Youre so smart.

Its all thanks to you that the criminal confessed so quickly.”

Su Xiaolu smiled evilly.

“Thank you for the compliment.”

Zhou Zhi also smiled.

He suddenly felt that he did not know Su Xiaolu that well.

With his understanding, it was impossible for such torture to come from her mouth.

But this dripping punishment was suggested by Su Xiaolu.

The confessions of the sacrificial soldiers quickly came out.

They confessed all the dirty things they had done in their lives.

They pointed at Yan Qingyuns wife, Qi Xinyue.

Qi Xinyue had done too many things.

There were more than ten criminal confessions from the sacrificial soldiers.

Among them was Yan Mian who left the city to offer incense 24 years ago.

They gave a group of mountain bandits a sum of money and asked them to kidnap Yan Mian.

The further away from the capital, the better.

It didnt matter what they did to Yan Mian.

Last nights assassination was also Qi Xinyues order.

The evidence was conclusive.

After Su Xiaolu finished reading the confessions, she frowned and said, “I want to see them again.”

Zhou Zhi nodded slightly at Jin Qi.

Soon, a few sacrificial soldiers were brought up.

They were much more relaxed, but they were like birds startled by the twang of a bow, as if they were very afraid of being subjected to dripping punishment again.

As soon as she came up, they knelt down in fear and begged, “Your Highness, please give us a quick death.

Weve really confessed everything we know.

Theres no lie.

We have been bought by Mrs.

Yan since we were young.

Well do whatever she asks us to do.”

Zhou Zhi pondered and did not speak.

He looked at Su Xiaolu and asked gently, “Xiaolu, what do you want to do with them”

The light in Zhou Zhis eyes was somewhat fervent.

Su Xiaolu looked at the sacrificial soldiers and asked, “Have you only listened to Mrs.

Yan all these years How about Master Yan Didnt he instruct you to do anything”

In this matter, the sacrificial soldiers only acknowledged Yan Qingyuns wife, Qi Xinyue, but did not mention Yan Qingyun at all.

This made Su Xiaolu feel strange.

They all shook their heads.

“Weve never seen Master Yan before.

Many of the tasks that Madam gave us are related to Master Yan.

For example, we dealt with Master Yans concubines.

After he spoiled them too much, Mrs.

Yan couldnt tolerate them anymore.”

Over the years, they had done many things in the dark.

They had already confessed everything they had done.

However, that was all.

They were all bought from the slave market by Mrs.


They were lowly slaves to begin with, and their lives were in the hands of their master.


Yan was their master.

“Miss, weve confessed everything we know.

Please give us a quick death.”

The sacrificial soldiers looked at Su Xiaolu with hope in their eyes.

He had been unable to control himself for the rest of his life.

Now, he only hoped to give him a quick death and not suffer anymore.

That punishment was simply too painful.

No matter how strong his willpower was, he could not endure it.

Just thinking about it made his entire body tremble in fear.

Su Xiaolu was deep in thought.

Zhou Zhi waved his hand and said, “Take them away and watch them closely.”

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