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Chapter 392: Assassination

Watching Qi Xinyue leave, Yan Qingyun snorted.

He had not been involved in this matter from the beginning to the end.

If Qi Xinyue really did not handle it well, then dont blame him for being heartless.

Back then, she was afraid that Yan Mian would marry better than her daughter, so she had evil intentions.

Before Yan Mian got married, she was kidnapped by the mountain bandits.

This was Qi Xinyues doing.

After he found out, things could no longer be salvaged.

He did not blame Qi Xinyue.

He could only blame his daughter for not having the ability or means.

It was the same now.

If Qi Xinyue did not settle everything in these three days, he would not help her.

He would only blame Qi Xinyue for not having the ability or means.

Since she had no ability, she should bear the consequences herself.

As for Qi Xinyue, she immediately sent someone to investigate after leaving the main room.

As she waited for the news, she kept thinking about what happened more than 20 years ago.

No matter how she thought about it, she felt that Yan Mian had no way of surviving.

A delicate young lady falling into the hands of that group of people was like a sheep entering the tigers den.

Even if she lived, she would only be treated as a tool with a bad ending.

It was impossible for Yan Mian to survive the ravages of those ferocious beasts.

Even if she had a better life, she was penniless.

It was impossible for a woman to come to the capital.

The world was not that safe.

She was alone.

No matter how ugly she was, she was still a woman.

Those beggars would not despise her.

How did she return to the capital unscathed Qi Xinyues heart, which had been calm for many years, was boiling like water.

In this short half a day of waiting for news, she actually felt that every day felt like a year.

She didnt even want to see her daughter-in-law.

Finally, the person who went out to gather information returned.

Qi Xinyue hurriedly asked, “Uncle Qi, how is it Have you investigated What exactly happened”

“Madam, its true that Eldest Misss daughter has returned.

Shes too similar to the dead Miss.

Although its been so many years and she doesnt look young, I still recognized her at a glance.”

“Shes Miss.

Theres no mistake.

Shes already married and has four children.

Her life is also very blissful.

She doesnt look like someone who has suffered all kinds of hardships.

She probably came to the capital to do business or something.”

The person called Uncle Qi by Qi Xinyue was also old.

When he was summoned, he thought that something serious had happened.

And this matter was indeed serious.

He had to investigate because this also involved him.

If anything happened to Qi Xinyue, he could forget about living.

After hearing Uncle Qis report, Qi Xinyue also lost her composure.

Her face was filled with disbelief.

“How is this possible How can she still marry and have children To be able to enter the capital, she must have some family background.”

To be able to travel thousands of miles to enter the capital, she probably had more than a thousand taels of silver in her hands.

To ordinary people, such a family background was really rich.

Letting Yan Mian lead such a good life was totally different from what she had planned back then.

Back then, she had put in a lot of effort.

She wanted Yan Mian to go to hell and never be able to make a comeback.

She wanted her to rot in a smelly pit for the rest of her life.

She even wanted her to lose the ability to raise her head and meet people.

But now, Yan Mian was living very well.

She had filial sons and daughters and a man who loved her.

Now, she even wanted to return to the capital to ruin her peaceful life.

No, no, she definitely couldnt let the situation develop like this.

This time, she wanted Yan Mians entire family to die cleanly.

Qi Xinyue narrowed her venomous eyes and said, “Uncle Qi, mobilize the 20 people I trained.

Tell them to do it cleanly and not leave a single one alive.

After theyre done, burn them.

This time, I want them to die cleanly.

I want her to never have the chance to come back and ruin my life.”

‘Yan Mian, oh Yan Mian, how good would it be if you stayed in that remote place obediently.

If I didnt know that you were living so well, I wouldnt want your entire family to die either.

“Remember, its best to make a move tonight.

There cant be any mishaps in a single strike.

If 20 people arent enough, then send 40 people.

In short, I want them all to die.

We cant leave any survivors.”

Qi Xinyue clenched her fists, her eyes vicious.

Last time, she didnt manage to win that one point of heavens will.

This time, she wanted to see how Yan Mian was going to dodge the 40 carefully trained assassins.

This time, there would definitely be no more Heavens Will.

Uncle Qi ordered, “Dont worry, Madam.

I will definitely complete the mission you gave me.”

“Mm, go and make the arrangements.

You must make the arrangements.

This matter must be resolved tonight.

If anything happens and the Qi family protects them, our good days will come to an end.

Uncle Qi, you chose me back then, so were in the same boat.”

Qi Xinyue looked at Uncle Qi and secretly gave him a warning.

Back then, Uncle Qi was given to Qi Xinyu by the Qi family and was in charge of Qi Xinyus dowry.

Later on, when Qi Xinyu died and she came over, Uncle Qi joined her.

He was greedy and afraid of death, so she used him to do things.

No one could make her feel more at ease than Uncle Qi.

One had to know that betraying and harming ones master would implicate the entire family.

“Madam, dont worry.

I will definitely make arrangements.

Nothing will go wrong.”

Uncle Qi bowed and said seriously.

Of course, he knew that Qi Xinyue was warning him.

He also knew what to do.

Now that he had many children and grandchildren, there was no turning back.

Yan Mian had disappeared for more than 20 years.

No matter where she came from, they had to get rid of her.

If she didnt die, they had to die.

“You may leave.

I hope that everything will be settled by the time I wake up tomorrow.”

Qi Xinyue waved her hand.

Next, she just needed to wait for news.

Uncle Qi retreated respectfully.

This matter was extraordinary, and he had to immediately make arrangements.

The Su family had seven people.

Forty people were enough.

They would definitely not be able to escape.

After making the arrangements, Qi Xinyue heaved a sigh of relief.

She was still at ease with Uncle Qis abilities.

Mobilizing forty assassins for an ordinary farmers wife was really flattering for them.

However, this was the only way to prevent all the accidents.

None of them could escape.

Qi Xinyue wanted to report to Yan Qingyun, but when she went to the main room, the servant said that Yan Qingyun had gone to the concubines room.

This made Qi Xinyue furious.

That damned old thing.

If it werent for her schemes all these years, her days would have been so difficult.

No matter how hard he tried, he would not be able to bear fruits.

It would be useless even if he did.

She secretly made every concubine who entered the residence take contraceptives.

Qi Xinyue was sinister and petty.

Apart from her own children, she could not tolerate anyone elses.

Therefore, Yan Qingyun only had her two children.

She could not control Yan Qingyun to love her alone, but she could control Yan Qingyuns children.

Even the accident of Yan Mian returning to the capital would end completely tonight…

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