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Sun Yangxin looked at Su Xiaolings back and felt dejected.

His surname was not Yan, but Zhao.

They looked so similar, but he had just mistaken her for someone else.

Her ancestral home was Furongzhou, thousands of miles away from the capital.

His Mianmian couldnt have gone so far.

Sun Yangxin sighed and turned to leave.

He did not notice that Su Xiaoling had turned around to see if he had really left after walking far away.

Seeing that this strange man had really left, Su Xiaoling heaved a sigh of relief.

It seemed that he had really made a mistake.

After confirming it, Su Xiaoling returned home in peace.


When Sun Yangxin returned to the residence, he hurriedly went to the study and found the painting that he had kept at the bottom of the box.

He carefully unfolded it.

In the painting, there was a young girl.

The young girl was slender and elegant.

She sat upright gently and smiled at him.

Sun Yangxin reached out and touched the girls face.

He muttered to himself, “Mianmian, I saw another woman today.

She looks like you… I thought it was you again.”

The lifeless painting never gave him any response.

“Its been 24 years.

Mianmian, where are you Im 45 years old.

Can I still wait for you to come back in this life”

Sun Yangxin sighed softly.


Footsteps sounded behind him.

Sun Yangxin calmed himself down and slowly put away the painting.

“Master, is there any news today The servant said that you rushed back from outside the residence and came to the study.”

Zhou Wenjing walked to Sun Yangxins side and asked gently as she watched him carefully put away the painting.

Sun Yangxin put away the painting and sighed.

“I met a girl on the street today.

She looks very similar to Mianmian, but her mothers surname is not Yan.

Her ancestral home is in Furongzhou.”

A glimpse made his heart tremble, and he couldnt calm down for a long time.

When Sun Yangxin said that, Zhou Wenjing knew why he had lost his composure and felt disappointed.

Sun Yangxin looked melancholic.

Zhou Wenjing looked at him with a dejected expression.

However, Sun Yangxin had never seen the loneliness in her eyes.

Zhou Wenjing lowered her eyes and said gently, “Master, your mother wants to see you.”

Sun Yangxin glanced at Zhou Wenjing and said indifferently, “Alright, Ill head over now.”

With that, Sun Yangxin left the study.

Zhou Wenjing stood quietly in the study as she watched his back.

She was in a daze for a moment before following him.

From the moment she married him, she knew that he had a woman in his heart that she could never replace.


What made her heart ache was that Yan Mian had only known him for a few years.

She had been with him for 20 years and thousands of days and nights, but he had never turned around to look at her.

She had never been able to occupy a place in his heart.

Looking back on the past, all the feelings had long been wiped away.

She was just unwilling to accept it.

She was unwilling to give up so much for this outcome.

Now that things had come to this, she could not let go.

Arriving at the main courtyard, Zhou Wenjing had just walked to the door when she heard Madam Qins furious voice coming from inside.

“For a dead person, how long are you going to let Wenjing wait for you Are you going to let an old woman like me go to hell without peace My son, you are already 45 years old.

Those people who are your age are already grandfathers.

Even if Yan Mian is still around, she would have already given birth to children with others.

Do you understand Ah!”

Madam Qin was furious.

She looked at her son kneeling in front of her and felt pain and anger.

Sun Yangxin knelt and waited for Madam Qin to calm down before he said, “Mother, calm down.

Please forgive me for being unfilial.”

Sun Yangxin understood the same logic, but he couldnt let it go just because he understood it.


Madam Qin wiped her tears with a handkerchief.

“What exactly do you want me to do If Yan Mian is still around, I can treat her like an ancestor.

But she is long gone.

Why cant you let go of her Wenjing is waiting for you and wasting her great years.

How is she worse than Yan Mian Why cant you look at her Why cant you like her”

Madam Qins heart ached as she spoke.

She grabbed the teacup by her hand and wanted to smash it down.

However, she retracted her hand.

Sun Yangxin lowered his head and said, “Mother, if Wenjing wishes, she can leave at any time…”

“You, you… Why are you so cruel to Wenjing”

Madam Qin was extremely angry and heartbroken.

Sun Yangxin was too infatuated.

However, his infatuation had been given to a person who had not been heard from for decades.

He had given all his ruthlessness to Zhou Wenjing.

Sun Yangxin could not answer Madam Qins accusation.

Therefore, he kept his mouth shut as usual.

Zhou Wenjing listened quietly outside.

Her face was already covered in tears.

She exhaled and wiped away the tears on her face.

Then, she carried her dress and walked in.


Zhou Wenjing bowed slightly.

Then, she looked at Madam Qin and said, “Mother-in-law, dont blame Master.”

“Wenjing, my heart aches for you.”

Madam Qin sighed.

She had personally chosen Zhou Wenjing as her daughter-in-law.

She thought that after forcing Sun Yangxin to get married, Sun Yangxin would treat this daughter-in-law well and gradually forget about Yan Mian.

However, after so many years, Sun Yangxin only had Yan Mian in his heart.

He had been married for 20 years and had never touched Zhou Wenjing.


Zhou Wenjing only lowered her eyes and smiled gracefully at Madam Qins heartache.

As usual, she said, “Its alright.

Im doing this willingly.”

Madam Qin felt terrible.

Sun Yangxin knelt down and did not explain anything, but he did not listen to her at all.

Zhou Wenjing was gentle and sensible, and she never blamed him.

When Madam Qin saw Sun Yangxin like this, she knew that he was no different from the past.

He did not care about being scolded or beaten.

However, she could not change his mind.

Instantly, she felt tired.

She waved her hand and said, “Wenjing has followed you for twenty years.

Even if she did not contribute, she worked hard.

I only hope that you treat her better.

Anyway, you will not listen to what I say.

You may leave.”

In the past twenty years, Madam Qin had said these words countless times.

If it was useful, Zhou Wenjing would not still be a virgin.

Madam Qin did not want to speak anymore.

She waved her hand and dismissed Sun Yangxin.

Sun Yangxin slowly got up and left.

Zhou Wenjing was about to leave when Madam Qin stopped her and said, “Wenjing, wait.”

Sun Yangxin left without looking back.

Zhou Wenjing walked to Madam Qins side and waited for her instructions.

Madam Qin looked at Zhou Wenjing and felt really guilty.

She said to Zhou Wenjing, “Wenjing, have you thought about what I told you last time Although adopting is a last resort, its the same if you raise it under your care.

You will have someone to rely on in the future.”

Zhou Wenjing lowered her eyes and didnt meet Madam Qins gaze.

She said lightly, “Thank you for your concern, Mother-in-law.

I still want to wait two more years.”

Since Zhou Wenjing was so persistent, Madam Qin had no choice.

She waved her hand and dismissed Zhou Wenjing.

After Zhou Wenjing left the main courtyard, she instructed the servants to make soup while she stood quietly outside the study.

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