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After guarding Zhou Zhi for a day and night, Zhou Zhis condition finally stabilized.

Su Xiaolu said to Jin Si and the others, “His condition has stabilized.

Rest well next.

Ill give you the prescription later.

Take the medicine three times a day.”

Zhou Zhi had survived the danger this time.

The poison in his body had recovered and would not relapse rashly.

After staying up for a day and night, Su Xiaolu was a little tired.

She wrote the prescription and handed it to Doctor Wu.

She yawned and said, “Please send me back.”

She was tired and hungry.

She didnt want to walk back by herself at all.

“Miss Su, youve worked hard for so long.

Why dont you eat something and rest before going back Weve already prepared food.

Its all your favorite.”

Jin Si said respectfully.

Su Xiaolu thought for a moment and nodded.

“Are they really all my favorites”

Jin Si nodded.

When Su Xiaolu was not serious, she was just a cute and beautiful girl.

Her eyes were lively and she was very likable.

Su Xiaolu agreed.


She happened to be very hungry.

When she went to eat, it was indeed all her favorite food.

After eating, Jin Si sent Su Xiaolu back.

Su Xiaolu knocked on the door and Su Xiaoling came to open it.

When she saw Su Xiaolu, she immediately asked with concern, “Hows Xiaolu Are you alright”

Su Xiaolu was a little sleepy.

She yawned and said, “Sister, Im fine.

Im just a little sleepy.

Ive already eaten.

Im going back to my room to sleep.”

Su Sanlang, Madam Zhao, and the others, who had rushed out, were relieved to see that Su Xiaolu was fine.

“Rest well if youre tired.”

Madam Zhaos heart ached.

She wished she could take Su Xiaolus place.

However, she did not know medicine and could only hope that Su Xiaolu was safe and happy.

Su Xiaolu returned to her room.

She was indeed a little delicate and could not take any fatigue.

Otherwise, with her Internal force, it would not be a problem for her to endure for three days and three nights.

Su Chong walked to Su Xiaolus side, grabbed her hand, and injected some internal energy into her.

Su Xiaolu smiled sweetly and said, “Thank you, Big Brother.”

Su Chong rubbed Su Xiaolus hair dotingly and said, “Go to sleep.”

Su Xiaolu nodded and returned to her room to sleep.

Su Xiaoling let her lie down and gently massaged her.

Su Xiaolu quickly fell asleep.

Madam Zhao brought hot water over.

She smiled gently and said, “Youve doted on her since she was young.

Shes already so old, but its still the same.”

Ever since she was young, Su Xiaoling had doted on Su Xiaolu.

There had never been any conflict between the sisters.

Su Xiaoling had almost become Su Xiaolus second mother.

Many times, Madam Zhao felt that Su Xiaoling doted on Su Xiaolu too much.

She was massaging Su Xiaolus shoulders and back almost every day.

Su Xiaoling smiled gently and said, “Shes my only sister.

Who else can I dote on but her”

She would never forget her promise to treat Su Xiaolu well for the rest of her life.

Madam Zhao wrung out the handkerchief and came over to wipe Su Xiaolus hands and face so that she could sleep more comfortably.

Looking at Su Xiaolus face, Madam Zhao sighed.

“I wonder when she will be as chubby as before.

Although its good to be thinner, my heart will ache when I see this.”

Since last year, Su Xiaolu had lost her baby fat and the flesh on her stomach.

Her face no longer looked chubby.

Su Xiaoling smiled and said, “Ill make delicious food for Xiaolu every day.”

Madam Zhao gently stroked Su Xiaolings hair and said, “Xiaolu is a big girl after all.

Shes growing up.

Its normal for her to lose some weight.

Theres no need to work too hard.”

Su Xiaoling lowered her head slightly and nodded.

“Thank you for your concern, mother.

I know what to do.”

Madam Zhao pulled the back of Su Xiaolings hand and patted it gently.

“Xiaoling, youve been sensible since you were young.

All these years, Mother has always wanted to thank you.

Ive really accumulated a huge fortune in my previous life to have you all in this life.”

Su Xiaoling smiled gently and said, “Its my blessing to be your daughter, mother.”

Madam Zhao smiled and said gently, “Alright, its getting late.

You should sleep early too.”

Su Xiaoling nodded.

Madam Zhao brought out the basin.

Su Xiaoling also closed the door and went to bed.

As soon as she fell asleep, Su Xiaolu leaned over like a kitten.

Su Xiaoling patted Su Xiaolus back lovingly as usual and fell asleep.

The next morning, Su Xiaolu was in high spirits.

During breakfast, Su Sanlang said, “Your mother and I are going to Jinghong Restaurant later.

We shouldnt be back by noon.”

They were preparing to go out today.

They were thinking about the children, so they told them.

Su Xiaolu said, “Father, mother, Ill go with you.

I have nothing to do at home anyway.”

She was really worried about Su Sanlang and Madam Zhao without anyone around them.

Su Sanlang and Madam Zhao nodded.

“Xiaolu wants to go Alright, lets go together.”

Su Xiaolu was smart.

It was good to have her around to give ideas.

Su Chong and the others had to prepare for the exams in March.

During this period of time, they had to interact with scholars from all over the capital, so they were also busy.

They had no time to accompany Su Sanlang and Madam Zhao.

With Su Xiaolu accompanying them, they were relieved.

So after dinner, Su Xiaolu went out with Su Sanlang and Madam Zhao.


Su Xiaoling went out to buy groceries.

She was familiar with the road and thought that the goods in the morning would be fresher, so she went out after eating.

Su Xiaolus favorite food, Su Chong, Su Hua, and Zhou Hengs favorite food.

She carried a basket on her back and soon filled half of it.

Passing by the pharmacy, Su Xiaoling went in to buy herbs.

She bought common herbs to replenish energy and went home after buying them.

On the way home, Su Xiaoling felt that she was being followed.

She frowned and touched the hairpin on her head.

This was a hairpin Gui You had given her.

There were poisonous needles inside.

She had carried it with her for so many years and felt at ease not to use it.

Now that she realized that she was being followed, Su Xiaoling touched the hairpin.

She quickened her pace.

She wanted to shake off the person following her, but she did not expect that person to catch up.

He patted Su Xiaolings shoulder and stopped her.

“Miss, Miss, wait.”

Su Xiaolu looked at the unfamiliar middle-aged man warily.

He looked gentle and not bad.

Su Xiaoling suppressed her anxiety and asked, “Whats the matter”

“Miss, please forgive me for being presumptuous.

You look very much like an old friend of mine.

May I ask where youre from Is your mothers surname Yan Or do you know anyone with the surname Yan”

Sun Yangxin asked anxiously.

He looked at Su Xiaoling and tried his best to suppress his excitement.

They were too similar.


Su Xiaoling looked at Sun Yangxin and replied politely, “You must be mistaken, mister.

My home is in Furongzhou.

My mothers surname is Zhao.

I dont know anyone with the surname Yan.”

As Su Xiaoling spoke, she clearly saw that after hearing her answer, the mans expression became lonely.

There seemed to be pain in his expression, but this had nothing to do with her.

With that, Su Xiaoling left, and the man did not follow her.

Su Xiaoling heaved a sigh of relief.

It seemed like that person had really mistaken her for someone else.

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