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The poison in Zhou Zhis body acted up.

It was very disadvantageous for him if his pulse was too rapid.

He had to sleep on the ice bed.

As soon as Su Xiaolu spoke, Jin Si immediately went down to make arrangements.

Doctor Wu said, “Miss Su, once he sleeps on the ice bed, his other cold poison will be triggered.”

At that time, he was afraid that Zhou Zhi would be gradually turned into ice from the inside out by the cold poison before the high fever he felt subsided.

Su Xiaolu said calmly, “I know he has cold poison.

Ill seal the poison to prevent it from acting up.”

She had checked Zhou Zhis pulse before and naturally knew about the toxins in his body.

Seeing that Su Xiaolu knew, Doctor Wu did not say anything else.

When the ice bed was ready and Zhou Zhi was transferred to the ice bed that was emitting cold air, Zhou Zhi immediately shivered.

Zhou Zhis condition was not good.

Jin Si and the rest immediately became nervous.

Doctor Wu frowned.

On the ice bed, the Gu worm could not stand the cold and had already slowly wriggled out of Zhou Zhis heart.

Su Xiaolu took out a few silver needles and quickly inserted them.

By the time the fat Gu worm retreated, Zhou Zhis chest was already filled with silver needles.

She grabbed the Gu worm and Doctor Wu hurriedly reached out to catch it.

Su Xiaolu took the knife, grabbed Zhou Zhis hand, and cut his wrist.

After his wrists were cut open, brown blood slowly flowed out.

Su Xiaolu took out life-saving medicine from the medical kit, opened Zhou Zhis mouth, and stuffed the pill in.

She even fed Zhou Zhi a mouthful of spiritual spring water.

After doing all this, she didnt say anything and placed her hand on Zhou Zhis pulse.

They waited for four hours before his blood became red again and Su Xiaolu bandaged Zhou Zhis wound.

Zhou Zhis eyelids moved and he woke up.

He saw Su Xiaolu and said softly, “Xiaolu.”

Su Xiaolu glanced at Zhou Zhi and did not say anything.

Zhou Zhi smiled and said, “Thank you for saving me.”

“Didnt you take your medicine on time”

Su Xiaolu asked calmly.

Zhou Zhi was clearly fine when she left last year.

His condition would be stable as long as he took his medicine on time.

However, his condition had worsened to this extent.

“I did.

Zhou Zhi said weakly.

“Miss Su, Master has been poisoned.”

Jin Si said.

Su Xiaolu looked at Jin Si with doubt.

Zhou Zhi was so powerful now, but he was still poisoned

Jin Si explained, “Miss Su, its the palace…”

“Jin Si, Im fine.

You can leave now.”

Zhou Zhi interrupted Jin Si and asked everyone to leave.

Jin Si swallowed his words and cupped his hands at Su Xiaolu.

He said respectfully, “Miss Su, thank you for taking care of Master.

If you need anything, just let us know.

Well wait outside.”

With Su Xiaolu around, they did not have to worry about Zhou Zhi.

After everyone retreated, Zhou Zhi looked at Su Xiaolu and said, “My mother poisoned me.”

Zhou Zhis gaze was very calm.

Su Xiaolu glanced at him.

After a few months, she didnt seem to understand him anymore.

“Didnt you always know that your mother doesnt like you Why do you still believe her”

Su Xiaolu did not understand.

Since they did not have a good mother-son relationship, they must be wary of each other.

Since they knew that, why were they not cautious

Zhou Zhi smiled and said, “Would you believe me if I said that I craved a little motherly love from her”

Zhou Zhi looked at Su Xiaolu, his expression unchanged.

His calm expression made it difficult to tell if he was telling the truth.

Su Xiaolu looked at him and said, “I believe you.”

At the end of the day, Zhou Zhi was just a young man who was not even 16 years old.

No matter how shrewd and scheming he was, he was just an ordinary person.

Humans had strange hearts.

Sometimes, even if they knew that there was no hope, even if they were riddled with wounds, they could not help but have a trace of hope and yearn for a miracle.

Some people were cold and suspicious, but that did not mean that they did not have any desires.

It was reasonable for Zhou Zhi to desire motherly love.

“She never believed me.”

After saying this, Zhou Zhi smiled.

Su Xiaolu looked at his sickly and weak appearance and inexplicably felt sorry for him.

She changed the topic and said, “Youre weak.

Have a good rest first.”

She had let out so much poisonous blood to stabilize the situation.

If she let Zhou Zhi say these sad things now, wouldnt that be rubbing salt in his wound

Zhou Zhi obediently closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Su Xiaolu was about to check Zhou Zhis legs when Zhou Zhi grabbed her hand.

Su Xiaolu explained, “Your pulse is weak.

Your legs are old wounds.

Let me take a look.”

Zhou Zhi shook his head.

“Theyre not involved.

Dont worry.

Dont look.”

They were crippled to begin with.

So what if they were good or bad He didnt care, so he also hoped that Su Xiaolu wouldnt look at them.

Su Xiaolu retracted her hand and said calmly, “Alright, I wont look.

Dont be agitated.

Go to sleep.”

Su Xiaolu retracted her hand and continued to feel Zhou Zhis pulse.

Zhou Zhi closed his eyes and his chaotic breathing gradually calmed down.

That night, Su Xiaolu stayed by Zhou Zhis side and waited for his fever to subside before taking out the needles.

He asked Jin Si and the rest to move Zhou Zhi back to his room.

Zhou Zhi had been sleeping.

Su Xiaolu yawned.

Doctor Wus heart ached for Su Xiaolus hard work.

He said, “Miss Su, hes fine now.

Go and rest.

Ill guard here.”

Su Xiaolu waved her hand and said, “No, I have to take his pulse at all times to ensure that he wont get hot again.

In another twelve hours, if the situation doesnt relapse, it will be completely stable.

Its critical now.

I cant leave.”

Zhou Zhis condition was dangerous.

Once the suppressed poison acted up repeatedly, he might lose his life in just 15 minutes.

It was already not easy for Doctor Wu to stabilize his condition.

If it acted up again, she did not know if she could stabilize it.

Therefore, she would not leave now.

She had finally pulled him back from the gates of hell.

Since Su Xiaolu had said so, Doctor Wu stopped asking and waited quietly.

After the fever, Zhou Zhi started to sweat.

Sweat quickly drenched the bedding.

He seemed to have fallen into a nightmare as he clenched his fists tightly.

“Believe… believe me…”

In the nightmare, he muttered softly.

Jin Si and the others who were guarding by the bed revealed worried and pained expressions.

Seeing how much they cared about Zhou Zhi, Su Xiaolu thought that the people around Zhou Zhi were loyal.

“The Empress has never trusted Master, but Master has always trusted her, so every time the Empress poisoned him, Master would take it.”

Jin Si felt indignant for Zhou Zhi.

The people around Zhou Zhi all felt indignant for him.

Doctor Wu sighed.

Su Xiaolu did not understand for a moment.

In her two lifetimes, the people who were most ruthless to their children were Old Master Su and Madam Wang, but now, they seemed to be incomparable to the empress.

If what Zhou Zhi said was true, then his biological mother, the empress, had always wanted to take his life.

How heartless was she to do this every time

She did not understand Zhou Zhi or the empress, so she did not comment.

She wanted to save Zhou Zhi, so she did everything she could to save his life.

That was all.

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