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“Someone in the Su family is finally willing to listen to us.

This is great.

Son, come and thank this brother.”

Madam Zhang smiled and waved at Yan Wu.

She knew all about the Su family.

Zhou Heng was an outsider in the Su family.

He should be Su Sanlangs godson.

No matter who he was, as long as he could talk nicely.

Todays matter had to be a shoo-in.

Be it reasoning or making a scene, she had expected that she would definitely be able to subdue the Su family.

Yan Wu immediately said to Zhou Heng gratefully, “Thank you, Third Brother.”

This made Su Xiaolu and the others furious.

They almost attacked again.

It was Zhou Heng who comforted them to not panic.

Zhou Heng looked at Madam Zhang and Yan Wu.

He sneered and said coldly, “Young Master, please, we dont know each other.

Dont call me that.”

With that, before Yan Wu could speak again, Zhou Heng said loudly, “You came today and kept saying that Su Xiaoling and your son, Yan Wu, fell in love at first sight and exchanged tokens in private.

You came up with this plan because the Su familys parents did not agree, right”

Madam Zhang and Yan Wu nodded repeatedly.

Madam Zhang said anxiously, “Yes, yes, yes.

Thats it.


She still wanted to say something, but Zhou Heng did not give her a chance to speak.

“Its understandable that you did this in a hurry.”

Zhou Heng interrupted Madam Zhang.

When Madam Zhang heard Zhou Hengs words, she nodded repeatedly.

“Yes, yes, yes.

If there was a way, I wouldnt be like this.

Poor my son.

Hes thin and cant eat or drink.

As his mother, my heart aches so much.

Thats why I came to beg shamelessly.”

Madam Zhang said emotionally and reasonably.

She herself felt very touched.

Zhou Heng waited for her to finish before looking at Madam Zhang and asking, “Theres a reason why you did this today.

Then, do you know who I am”

When Zhou Heng said that, Madam Zhang was stunned for a moment.

She was about to ask, “Who are you” Zhou Heng did not give her a chance to speak.

Zhou Heng did not look at Madam Zhang anymore.

Instead, he walked to Su Sanlang and Madam Zhaos side and held their hands to face all the surrounding neighbors.

He said loudly, “I believe everyone is curious about this question.

Then, Ill tell everyone today who I am and why my surname is not Su but stay in the Su family.

Why Im not Su Sanlangs biological son but call Su Chong and Su Hua brothers.”

When Zhou Heng said that, the surrounding neighbors were curious.

It was no secret that Zhou Heng had a close relationship with the Su family, but he was not the son of Su Sanlang and Madam Zhao.


“Because I am Su Xiaolings fiance.

Xiaoling and I are childhood sweethearts.

Weve had a deep relationship and liked each other since we were young.

I also promised my parents that after the imperial examination ends, Ill definitely marry Xiaoling in a grand manner.

Now that Im already a High Scholar, the Spring Quarter Examinations are imminent this year.

All the good things will come when I work hard and get a good ranking.”

After Zhou Heng finished speaking, he secretly squeezed Su Sanlang and Madam Zhaos palms.

He believed that Su Sanlang and Madam Zhao would definitely understand what he meant.

“Xiaoling is my fiancée.

Do you understand”

Zhou Heng looked at the dumbfounded Madam Zhang and Yan Wu.

He curled his lips slightly and revealed a mocking smile.

He looked at Yan Wu and said, “Today, you came here on purpose to insult my fiancées reputation.

You deserve to die.”

Yan Wu looked at the humble Zhou Heng and felt inferior and ashamed.

No matter how he looked at him, he had lost completely.

He was actually like a slave in front of Zhou Heng.

Madam Zhang came back to her senses from her shock.

She pointed at Zhou Heng and shouted, “You, youre talking nonsense.

You were clearly born by Su Sanlang and some woman.

Thats why Su Sanlang raised you.”

“Madam Zhang, you maliciously slandered me, a High Scholar.

Can you bear the responsibility for your crimes”

Zhou Hengs expression turned cold.

He turned around and said to Su Chong, “Ah Chong, report to the officials.”

Su Chong nodded.


With that, he flew out.

When Su Chong went to report to the officials, Madam Zhang and Yan Wu panicked.

Those who came to give gifts together immediately wanted to leave.

They had taken the money, but if this was a lawsuit, things would not be simple.

Zhou Hengs words woke everyone up.

The Su family had three High Scholars.

These were not ordinary people.

They would all be officials in the future, and they were definitely not people ordinary people could casually talk to.

Madam Zhang and Yan Wu attacked first, catching the Su family off guard.

For a moment, no one thought of this.

Now that they were awake, they felt their hearts skip a beat.

Su Hua cupped his hands and said loudly, “Neighbors, these people insulted my brothers and sisters.

We have to pursue this matter to the end.

This matter is really vicious.

We have to get to the bottom of it.

Please stop them.

After this, my Su family will definitely reward you heavily.”

Dont even think about running away now.

“This, this has nothing to do with us…”

The way out was blocked, and after being beaten up, they were now going to be involved in a lawsuit.

The bridegrooms invited by the Yan Family panicked and began to want to break away from this matter.

Madam Zhang came back to her senses and was about to speak up to regain control of the situation when Su Xiaolu went forward and dislocated Madam Zhangs chin.

Su Xiaolu gritted her teeth and said, “You old witch, how dare you quibble when youre slandering the High Scholar of the current dynasty How dare you spout nonsense here If you have anything to say, tell the officials.”

Su Xiaolu felt that she had finally vented her anger.

She was so angry that she forgot her rationality.

When Yan Wu saw this, he was about to speak when Su Xiaolu walked over and kicked him so hard that he could not get up.

She narrowed her eyes.

“Why dont you take a piss and look at yourself Can you compare to my third brother, Zhou Heng My sister is not blind or stupid.

Why would she not like Zhou Heng and like you”

“Pfft, stealing someones private property, framing, and insulting a womans reputation.

Its really detestable.

Fortunately, my third brother and my sister are already engaged.

Otherwise, who would be able to say for sure who would be in charge of this matter Im afraid only death can prove their innocence.

Uncles and Aunties, dont you think so”

“Which family doesnt have a daughter If its because the girl is prettier and the family is more capable and knows that theyre not worthy, theyll ruin other peoples reputations.

If such a vicious and sinister person isnt punished, who can sleep at night”

Su Xiaolu scolded Yan Wu and shocked everyone.

Who didnt have a daughter in their family and whose daughter didnt need to marry

If there was no cost to doing evil, then the entire world would be filled with evil people.

The matter was not related to them.

Of course, everyone was just watching the show and could gloat.

However, it would not be fun if they were involved in the intermediate.

“Xiaolu is right.

Such a detestable and vicious person must be severely punished.

Otherwise, we wont be able to eat or sleep in peace.

Its too detestable.”

“Thats right, thats right.

If Xiaoling didnt have such a good fiancé, I dont know what they would do.

Its really scary.”

“We have to investigate this carefully.

We cant let such a vicious person off.”

The neighbors who were still watching immediately changed sides.

Su Xiaoling had such a good fiancé, but their daughters did not.

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