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But today, Madam Zhang came uninvited and even called so many people to make such a big scene, causing everyone to know about it.

What was she thinking

Madam Zhao trembled in anger.

Madam Zhang smiled and took a few steps forward to say to Madam Zhao, “Good sister, Im here to propose marriage.

Last time, we arranged to meet.

My son, Yan Wu, and your daughter, Su Xiaoling, fell in love at first sight.

The two of them fell in love.

My son even obtained the token Xiaoling gave him.

When he came back, he told me that he wouldnt marry anyone other than Xiaoling.”

“I thought about how good the Su familys daughter is.

Shes gentle, sensible, virtuous, and capable.

Shes the best girl.

Since the two children have feelings for each other, as their mother, I immediately prepared the betrothal gifts to propose marriage.

Today is an auspicious day.

Lets settle the marriage between our families.”

Madam Zhang smiled and her words were reasonable.

She even took out a silk handkerchief and said that it was a keepsake.

If not for Madam Zhao and Su Sanlangs ugly expressions, people would really think that Su Xiaoling and Yan Wu were in love.

“All of you, get lost.

If anyone dares to say anything about my daughter again, dont blame me for being rude to you.”

Su Sanlang roared.

He was so angry that his head was spinning.

Madam Zhao was furious, and her eyes turned red.

She pointed at Madam Zhang with a trembling hand and questioned, “Madam Zhang, I have no grudges against you.

Why did you ruin my daughters reputation The last time we met, we didnt have a good impression of each other.

Where did these feelings come from”

Madam Zhang had expected Su Sanlang and Madam Zhao to be so angry.

She did not panic at all, nor did she argue with Su Sanlang and Madam Zhao.

Instead, she turned to the surrounding neighbors and took out Su Xiaolings handkerchief.

She said loudly, “Neighbors, judge for me.

If shes not interested in my son, why would she give such a close-fitting thing to my son Look, her name is embroidered on it.”

“Look carefully.

Im really not lying.

If not for this love token, how would my Yan family dare to climb up the social ladder of the Su family Who doesnt know that the Su family has two High Scholars who will become officials in the future My Yan family is ordinary and our family sells tofu, but my son wont marry anyone other than Su Xiaoling.

Thats why I risked my reputation to come here.”

Madam Zhang showed the silk handkerchief to everyone one by one, letting them know that this was Su Xiaolings private belonging.

Madam Zhang spoke confidently and belittled her own wealth.

Anyone who saw her would think that these were her true feelings and immediately roast Su Sanlang and Madam Zhao over the fire.

Su Sanlang and Madam Zhao blushed in anger.

They couldnt win against Madam Zhang.

Madam Qian went to Madam Zhaos side to support her before Madam Zhao fainted from anger.

Chen Hu was about to speak when Madam Zhang leaned over and asked, “Chen family, youre on good terms with the Su family.

Look, is this Su Xiaolings silk handkerchief”

Chen Hu frowned.

This really belonged to Su Xiaoling.

Madam Zhang gave Yan Wu a look.

Yan Wu immediately knelt down to Su Sanlang and Madam Zhao.

“Uncle, Auntie, please fulfill my wish and Xiaolings.

Ill definitely treat her well.

Please, I really like Xiaoling.”


Su Sanlang lost control of his anger.

He immediately grabbed Yan Wu and pushed him out.

Yan Wu did not fight back.

Instead, he hugged Su Sanlangs arm and begged.

He was not stupid.

If he wanted to hug Su Sanlang tightly, could Su Sanlang beat him to death Since he had decided to make a fuss, he had to make a big fuss and let the entire Goathorn Town know.

If he had not heard in advance that their family was preparing to leave for the capital tomorrow, he would not have come today.

The entire family was going to go to the capital.

What if Su Xiaoling decided on her marriage in the capital

Su Xiaolu took out her sword.

A cold light flashed and hit Yan Wus arm.

Yan Wu let go in pain.

“Who gave you the guts to ruin my sisters reputation”

Su Xiaolus expression was cold.

If not for the fact that they were in public, she would have killed this person.

The Su family produced two High Scholars, which made some peoples eyes turn red with envy.

Su Chong and Su Hua only walked around the school.

Without a chance, they targeted Su Xiaoling.

Today, Su Xiaolings reputation was ruined.

Su Xiaolu was very angry, but she had no choice.

No matter how they dealt with the Yan Clan, it could not erase the damage they brought.

Yan Wu was forced to let go.

He was not angry and begged Su Xiaolu, “Xiaolu, I really like your sister.”

Su Xiaolu gritted her teeth.

She held her sword.

Madam Zhao pulled her back and said with difficulty, “Xiaolu, you cant do anything stupid.”

Su Xiaolu had practiced martial arts for many years.

How could Yan Wu be her match But if she killed someone in public, Su Xiaolu would be a sinner.

Madam Zhao was extremely regretful now.

She hated herself for getting involved with someone like the Yan family.

Why did she think that Madam Zhang was a good person

She was the one who had harmed her daughter.

Madam Zhang pressed her palms together and begged bitterly, “My good sister, please fulfill the childrens wishes.

My family is a little poor, but as long as the two children have feelings for each other, these good days will come later.

Isnt that how you lived as well”

Madam Zhang had always blamed this on being poor.

It was as if the reason why Su Sanlang and Madam Zhao did not agree was that they felt that their family was too poor.

The neighbors who didnt know the truth really thought so.

“Good sister, its a good thing that the two children like each other.

Their lives will be smooth in the future.”

“The Yan Family is a little inferior to your family, but their conditions are still alright.

It wont be too hard for Xiaoling to marry over.”

Someone had already begun to persuade Madam Zhao.

Madam Zhao explained incoherently, “Its not like that.

Its not like that.

My Xiaoling has never interacted with them.”

Without any interaction, how could she like him

If she really liked him, how could she stop her It didnt matter if he was poor or not.

However, Madam Zhang waved the handkerchief and said, “How can they not have any interactions How can my son take your daughters personal belongings if that were the case He doesnt think about eating and drinking all day long and his body is thin.

I know that what I did today was on purpose, but I have my reasons.

I did it for my sons happiness.

I just thought that with this commotion in my family, your daughter can only marry my son.”

“Youre angry for a moment, but your anger will dissipate eventually.

Moreover, when you see your daughter living a happy life in the future, youll forgive me.

Although this is a bad idea, its my only way.

As long as youre willing to agree to this marriage, Ill give you my old life even if you want it.”

As Madam Zhang spoke, she actually started crying.

She openly exposed her intentions and said bluntly that what she did today was on purpose.

Yan Wu also said to Madam Zhang with a guilty expression, “Mother, Im unfilial, but Im too petty.

I can only like Xiaoling for the rest of my life.”

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