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The last time there was a plague in Furongzhou, Su Sanlang and Madam Zhao had experienced countless sufferings and worries.

So this time, they didnt want to wait at home.

Coincidentally, they met He Hai, which gave them even more reason to enter the capital.

Su Chong and Su Hua nodded.

“Alright, lets go together.”

Su Xiaolu wondered if she could set up a house in the capital with the remaining banknotes.

She should be able to.

If not, she could just go to the capital to treat someone.

Moreover, she had to detoxify Zhou Zhi when she entered the capital.

She couldnt possibly detoxify him for nothing, right

After returning to her room, Su Xiaolu took out the money box and counted the banknotes.

She had spent 3,000 taels of silver in Furongzhou and had 1,000 taels of silver left.

Later on, she bought many precious herbs and used 700 taels of silver.

Now, she had more than 1,100 taels left.

Seeing that Su Xiaolu was counting money, Su Xiaoling went to give Su Xiaolu all the banknotes she had saved.

She said gently, “Xiaolu, add these.”

Su Xiaolu waved her hand.

“Sis, theres no need for this.

Just keep it.

This is your dowry.”

Su Xiaoling smiled and said, “Take it.

I dont need so much.”

Tens of thousands of taels a year.

She couldnt spend it all no matter how hard she tried.

The families in this town would at most spend more than ten taels a year, and this was even if they lived well.

Ordinary families only spent a few taels of silver a year.

She had tens of thousands of taels that she could not spend in a few lifetimes.

Su Xiaolu did not care so much.

“No, no.

Just take it.

If you dont need it, save it.

How at ease will you be if you hug it to sleep every day With silver in your hand, you dont have to worry about anything.”

It was impossible for her to take this money.

No matter what Su Xiaoling used it for, she didnt care.

As long as her sister was happy.

If Su Xiaolu did not accept it, Su Xiaoling had no choice.

She could only wait for Su Xiaolu to fall asleep and secretly stuff a few notes into her money box.

She did not dare to stuff too much, afraid that Su Xiaolu would find out and return it.

The amount was not much.

When Su Xiaolu wanted to give it to her, she would pretend to be angry and fool her.

After doing all of this, Su Xiaoling put Su Xiaolus money box back in its original place and went back to bed.

In the past, when Gui You lived at home, Su Xiaolu was often lazy.

However, ever since she graduated, without Gui Yous strict requirements, Su Xiaolu became stricter with herself.

Apart from being a little free when she was making medicine, she usually practiced the sword like crazy and slept very soundly every night.

Su Xiaoling squeezed Su Xiaolus arm with heartache before falling asleep.

In the next few days, the two families did not come up with any other methods.

So on the sixteenth of January, Su Sanlang and Chen Hu went to see He Hai.

Madam Qian and Madam Zhao did not go.

They wanted to stay in the shop.

Under Manager Nius guidance, they met He Hai again.

“Old Master He, we brothers have already discussed it.”

After sitting down, Su Sanlang spoke bluntly.

He Hai smiled and did not interrupt, waiting for Su Sanlang to continue.

Su Sanlang was also observing He Hais reaction.

He Hai was very calm.

Su Sanlang slowly said the plan.

Shopkeeper Niu listened quietly without interrupting.

He felt that it was normal for Su Sanlang and Chen Hu to make this decision.

It was better to be careful.

After He Hai heard this, he smiled kindly and said, “Thats not a problem.

This is a serious matter, so we naturally cant make a rash decision.

I believe that after the inspection in the capital, you will agree to cooperate with me.

How about this When will you set off Ill go with you so that you can get to know me better on the way.”

He Hai was very calm.

Not only did he not panic when Su Sanlang wanted to enter the capital for an inspection, he even wanted to go with them.

Such frankness and sincerity made Su Sanlang and Chen Hu like him even more.

If they really wanted to collaborate closely, they had to understand each other.

The journey to the capital would take at least half a month.

Only by interacting with each other would they be able to understand each other more thoroughly.

Su Sanlang nodded.

“Okay, were scheduled to leave on the 18th.”

He Hai cupped his hands.

“Alright, then well set off together on the 18th.

Ill take care of your meals along the way.

Since I own a restaurant, Ill show you my culinary skills.”

Su Sanlang nodded.

It would be best if He Hai had such sincerity.

After discussing it, Su Sanlang and Chen Hu went home.

On the way back, Su Sanlang also gave Chen Hu some instructions.

Their family would only be back in two months.

In these two months, everything would depend on Chen Hu.

If they did not have enough manpower, they still had to recruit people.

Madam Cao was trustworthy.

The Niu family was also trustworthy.

Chen Hu agreed and told Su Sanlang not to worry.

He and Madam Qian had also thought a lot over the past few days.

They didnt know how to make the decision, but they knew how to get things done.

As long as there was a direction, their family would firmly walk in that direction.

When they returned home, Su Sanlang patted Chen Hus shoulder.

Chen Hu smiled and said, “Big Brother, Ill wait for you guys to come back.”

Su Sanlang nodded.

The family had to enter the capital and prepare some dry food in the next two days.

When Su Xiaoling got busy, Chen Daniu and Chen Erniu would come over to help during the day.

On the night of the sixteenth.

Lin Pingsheng asked Su Chong, Su Hua, and Zhou Heng to stay for dinner and told them that they did not have to study from him in the future.

He had nothing to teach them.

This time, Lin Pingsheng wrote two letters to Su Hua and Su Chong.

Lin Pingsheng said earnestly, “Ah Chong, Ah Hua, I know that you have ambitions in your hearts.

There are still countless difficulties on the path to becoming an official.

These two were once my best friends.

Although many years have passed, there are some things that I firmly believe will not change no matter how many years have passed.

If you hand the letter to them, it will be more or less helpful when you encounter problems.”

Su Hua took the letter with both hands and said, “Thank you for your care, Master.

My brother and I will remember it for the rest of our lives.

We will definitely not let you down.”

Su Chong also knelt down to thank his teacher.

Zhou Heng also knelt down to thank him.

Lin Pingsheng helped Zhou Heng up and said, “You have a noble status, and were not master and disciple.

Theres no need to thank me.

Ive been in seclusion for many years.

I hope you can forget about being taught by me.

I dont want to participate in the royal familys dispute.”

“This is the end of our fate.

Just pretend that we dont know each other when we meet in the future.

I hope that you can achieve whatever you want.”

Lin Pingsheng said calmly and cupped his hands at Zhou Heng.

Zhou Heng returned the greeting and said, “Zhou Heng will remember your teachings.

Thank you for your guidance, sir.

In the future, I will remember what you said and never break my promise.”

“However, please accept my three kowtows today and accept my worthless gratitude.

From now on, we will be strangers.

If my wish is fulfilled in the future, if you need any help, you can ask me for it.

In the future, no matter what this matter is, I will lend you a helping hand.”


Zhou Heng knelt down and sincerely bowed three times to Lin Pingsheng.

When he returned this time, he was going for the throne.

If he failed, he would stay as far away from these people as possible.

If he succeeded, he would definitely not forget his teachers kindness.

Zhou Heng seriously handed an ancient coin to Lin Pingsheng as a keepsake.

He raised his hands above his head.

Seeing that he was so persistent, Lin Pingsheng accepted it.

He helped Zhou Heng up and said, “Alright, Ill accept it.”

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