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Chen Hu and Madam Qian both understood that this matter had exceeded their abilities, so they did not ask and only trusted Su Sanlang and Madam Zhao to make the decision.

Su Sanlang and Madam Zhao were also deep in thought.

He Hai was very sincere.

His expression was so serious that it did not seem like he was lying.

Moreover, even if he was lying, it was impossible for him to give such a large amount of banknotes.

It was either fake or real.

However, this matter was too unexpected and important.

He did not know how to make a decision for a moment.

After careful consideration, Su Sanlang said, “Old Master He, this is too sudden.

We cant give you a definite answer yet.

Please allow us to think about it before answering you.”

It was definitely impossible for him to answer now.

This matter involved two families.

The children were all grown up, so they had to wait until they got home.

The two families had to gather together to discuss the answer.

He Hai smiled kindly and nodded.

He said frankly, “Of course.

Seeing you today, I just wanted to let you know about this.

Actually, this is one of my plans.”

“Next, please listen to the second plan.”

He Hai smiled.

Su Sanlang and the others were already perking up and waiting seriously.

Hence, He Hai smiled and said, “For the second plan, you have to completely impart the techniques to me.

Ill pay you 50,000 taels of silver at once.

In the next five years, you have to come up with at least three recipes and give them to me each year.

You have to give me at least 15 recipes in these five years.

That way, well be even.

In the future, if your two families have any recipes and are willing to cooperate with me, Im willing to buy them at a high price.

The home-cooked recipes will start at 100 taels of silver, and the special body-nourishing recipes will start at 1,000 taels.”

“For these two plans, Yu Jing Hong will bear all the risks.

You can go home and think carefully before giving me an answer.

Actually, I have a third option, which is to cooperate with you like Fu Man Lai Restaurant, but the efficiency is too low.

There are too few people who can make these things, and you cant satisfy my needs.

I really want to expand your business.

I will stay here for at least five days.

You can bring back the 10,000 taels first.

After five days, I will wait for your reply.”

He Hai said slowly and cupped his hands politely at them.

He smiled kindly and said, “Then I wont disturb you anymore.


With that, He Hai left calmly.

Niu Dagui stood up to send him off.

After sending He Hai off and settling him down, he returned to the room.

The room was still very quiet.

Su Sanlang, Chen Hu, and the others were digesting such important news.

This was too shocking for them.

Chen Hu even suspected that the banknotes were fake.

He picked them up and checked them, but after checking, he realized that they were all real.

Their abnormal behavior made Shopkeeper Niu laugh.

He said calmly, “Sanlang, Hu, to be honest, when I found out about this yesterday, I was no different from you now.

Ive checked all the banknotes.

There are also two Yu Jing Hong restaurants in Furongzhou.

They have a lot of dishes and are specially for high-ranking officials and nobles.

These cant be faked.

Apart from his identity, everything else is true.”

Yu Jing Hong had many restaurants.

The person in charge of the restaurants in Furongzhou was not the real boss, but the local manager.

“Im old and havent seen much of the world, but these 10,000 taels of real gold and silver arent things that ordinary people can casually take out.

Just this point alone, theres not much doubt about He Hais identity.

Sanlang, Hu, I can only help you so much.

As for how to choose, you two brothers can decide after you go home and discuss it.

Anyway, there are still five days.

Theres no hurry.

Think about it slowly.”

Shopkeeper Niu told him sincerely.

After so many years of friendship, Chen Hu and his family were even in-laws.

The relationship between the families was already extraordinary.

When such good news landed on the Su and Chen families, even though they were envious, they were sincerely happy for them.

Niu Dagui and Madam Yans taels had gentle expressions.

They only told them to go back and think about it.

Su Sanlang and Chen Hu both knew Shopkeeper Nius good intentions.

Su Sanlang pulled Chen Hu and the few of them stood up.

Su Sanlang cupped his hands at Shopkeeper Niu and said, “Uncle Niu, thank you for telling us all this.

Whether it will be successful or not, we will remember this friendship.

We brothers thank you sincerely.”

With that, Su Sanlang bowed to Shopkeeper Niu and thanked him.

Madam Zhao followed closely behind.

Chen Hu and Madam Qian also bowed and thanked her.

Shopkeeper Niu also smiled and said, “No need, no need.”

He had never seen any brothers in his life who could maintain such a deep relationship.

Benefits had always turned people against each other, but over the years, Su Sanlang and Chen Hu had never fought because of this.

They had a clear division of labor and supported each other.

It was the same this time.

Chen Hu and his wife trusted Su Sanlang and Madam Zhao unconditionally as usual.

It was rare for people to be so sincere.

Shopkeeper Nius eyes were filled with admiration.

After thanking him, Su Sanlang said solemnly, “Uncle Niu, Brother Dagui, well go back first.”

Shopkeeper Niu and his family nodded.

Shopkeeper Niu handed the money box filled with banknotes to Su Sanlang.

Su Sanlang, Madam Zhao, Chen Hu, and Madam Qian turned around and left.

Madam Qian held Madam Zhaos arm affectionately.

Chen Hu and Su Sanlang stood side by side.

Shopkeeper Niu brought Niu Dagui and Madam Yan out and watched them leave.

Shopkeeper Niu patted Niu Daguis shoulder.

“Our family is lucky to be able to marry such a family.”

The relationship between the Su and Chen families was too good, and so were the children of the two families.

Now, it seemed that the two sons of Su Sanlangs family were about to become successful.

When good fortune came in the future, their Niu family would also benefit.

Niu Dagui smiled.

He understood what his father meant.

He smiled and said, “Father, dont worry.

Xibao and Xian are good children.

Ill teach them well.”

Madam Yan also said gently, “Father, dont worry.

After the two children get married, Ill also treat Chen Daniu and Chen Erniu kindly.”

Shopkeeper Niu nodded and said slowly, “Treat people with kindness, and people will treat you with kindness.

The hearts of people will eventually be won over with kindness.

Treat Old Master He well.

Nothing must go wrong.”

He Hai was currently staying at Fu Man Lai Restaurant.

He was an important person, so they naturally had to serve him well.

Niu Dagui and Madam Yan nodded.


When Su Sanlang and Chen Hu returned home, Chen Hu said, “Brother, Sister-in-law, lets eat together tonight.

When Chong, Hua, Zhou Heng, and the others return, well discuss it together.

Theyve studied before, so theyre quick-witted.”

“Right, right.”

Madam Qian nodded in agreement.

Su Sanlang and Madam Zhao nodded in agreement.

Su Sanlang and Madam Zhao thought so too.

Su Sanlang said, “Alright, lets go back and pack.

Come to our house and talk.

Its not something we can make rash decisions on.

Its good to hear the childrens opinions.”

Madam Zhao patted the back of Madam Qians hand and nodded with a faint smile.

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