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Madam Zhao felt even worse when she saw how gentle and sensible Su Xiaoling was.

She did not want her daughter to suffer such grievances.

It had not even started, and the Yan family was already trying to manipulate her.

If they really succeeded, what kind of life would Su Xiaoling lead Madam Zhaos heart ached just thinking about it.


She said resolutely, “Perhaps Auntie Yan has something on and cant come.

Its fine.

Lets not wait.

Well go in and offer incense before going home.”

Her daughter was sensible.

She could not let her suffer just because her daughter was sensible.

If the Yan Family wanted to manipulate her, she would be the first to disagree.

There was nothing wrong with her daughter, nor did she do anything wrong.

She did not deserve this grievance.

As Madam Zhao spoke, she pulled Su Xiaoling into the temple.

Just as they turned around, before they could step into the temple, they heard a shout behind them.

“Su family, wait, wait for us…”

Su Xiaoling and Madam Zhao stopped in their tracks.

Madam Zhao frowned.

She couldnt help but tighten her grip on Su Xiaolings hand.

She whispered to Su Xiaoling, “Xiaoling, secretly take a look.

If you dont like him, mother will reject this.”

How could it be such a coincidence Just as she was about to enter, the Yan family appeared.

Previously, she had waited for so long and could not see anyone.

It was obvious what the Yan family was up to.

If Su Xiaoling did not like him, she would directly reject this matter.

Su Xiaoling nodded lightly.

Mother Yan, Madam Zhang, had already arrived with her son, Yan Wu.

At the same time, there were three unfamiliar women beside her.

Madam Zhao no longer had a good impression of the Yan family.

They had long agreed not to bring outsiders to such an occasion.

Madam Zhang did not keep her word at all.

Mother Yan smiled and said to Madam Zhao, “Im sorry, I bumped into a few relatives, so we came together.

Dont mind me.

Lets go in and offer incense.”

“I heard that this temple has a good vegetarian meal.

Ill treat you and your daughter to a vegetarian meal.”

Madam Yan patted the back of Madam Zhaos hand.

She had a smile on her face and looked amiable.

After speaking to Madam Zhao, he looked at Su Xiaoling and revealed a gentle smile.

“This must be Xiaoling.

Shes so beautiful.

I like her so much as if shes my biological daughter.”

Su Xiaoling lowered her eyes to avoid Madam Yans gaze and did not speak to her.

Madam Zhao retracted her hand and said calmly, “You must be joking.

I dont think its convenient for you now.

Theres nothing for us to do.

You dont have to care about us.

Ill bring Xiaoling to offer incense and go back.

Thats all.”


Madam Zhaos rejection was obvious.

She did not want to have any more contact with the Yan family.

Madam Zhang was a scheming woman.

She was already putting on airs before they even started dating.

What would happen in the future


Madam Zhao could not bear to see Su Xiaoling suffer, so she did not deal with the Yan family anymore.

Su Xiaoling followed Madam Zhao obediently.

Madam Zhaos rejection was obvious.

Madam Zhang was stunned for a moment before reacting.

A trace of displeasure flashed across her eyes before she immediately regained her smile.

She smiled and said, “Aiya, what are you talking about Why are you treating me like an outsider Were all sisters and not outsiders.

Lets just have a meal together.”

As she spoke, Madam Zhang held Madam Zhaos hand.

The three women who followed her immediately smiled and went forward.

They pulled Su Xiaoling into the temple with Madam Zhao.

“My good sister, dont be so polite.

Lets go and have a meal.”

“Thats right, thats right.

Its fate that we met.

Were very easy to get along with.”

The few of them spoke one after another, not giving Madam Zhao any chance to retort.

Yan Wus gaze landed on Su Xiaoling a few times.

He smiled and followed.

To be honest, he was very satisfied with a woman like Su Xiaoling.

Most importantly, Su Sanlang now had two High Scholars in his family.

There would definitely be benefits if he became their son-in-law.

In the dark, Su Xiaolu did not notice where the Yan family came from.

From afar, she did not see Madam Zhao and Su Xiaolings expressions clearly.

She only saw them enter the temple together before she went home.


Madam Zhao was very unhappy.

This feeling of forcing someone to put a square peg into a round hole was too uncomfortable.

However, the relatives of the Yan family did not seem to have eyes and would not take a hint.

Without even giving her a chance to speak, the four of them chattered non-stop.

Su Xiaoling was reserved.

Facing the unfamiliar womens repeated questions, she had nothing to say.

Someone pushed her and she fell to the side.

“Be careful.”

Yan Wu cried out in surprise and wanted to scoop her up.

Su Xiaoling staggered two steps and fell to the ground.

She would rather fall to the ground than have any contact with Yan Wu.


“Aiya, why did you accidentally fall down Xiao Wu, quickly help her up.”

Madam Zhang hurriedly said.

Yan Wu really wanted to help Su Xiaoling.

Madam Zhao shook off the two women holding her hand with all her might and suppressed her anger as she shouted, “Stop.

Ill help my daughter up myself.

Dont worry.”

“Its better not to let people misunderstand in public.”

After Madam Zhao finished speaking coldly, she walked towards Su Xiaoling and helped her up.

Looking at Su Xiaolings bleeding palm, Madam Zhao felt very guilty.

She took two deep breaths and looked at Madam Zhang coldly.

“Yan family, I still have something on at home, so its not convenient for me to go with you.

Ill leave first.”

With that, Madam Zhao pulled Su Xiaoling and turned to leave, not even offering incense.

This small matter did not attract much attention.

Seeing Madam Zhao leave with Su Xiaoling, Yan Wu said anxiously, “Mother, what should we do Theyre gone.”

Madam Zhao clearly did not want to get married.

Yan Wu panicked.

He really liked Su Xiaoling.

Madam Zhang did not expect Madam Zhao to be so dissatisfied with her.

She did not expect Madam Zhao to be so arrogant.

Madam Zhang pursed her lips and said, “Son, dont be afraid.

Mother has plenty of ways.

Her daughter is already so old, but she hasnt married anyone yet.

She might have some hidden illness.

Its her fortune that you like her.

Madam Zhao is just relying on her two sons to become more promising.”


“Thats right.

Its just that her two sons have already become High Scholars.

Look at how capable she is.

Auntie Xiaowu is telling you that when you marry Su Xiaoling, you cant let her do whatever she wants.

You cant let her control you.

When your mother teaches her the rules, just watch.”

The woman beside Madam Zhang said.

“Xiaowu, your second aunt is right.

This new wife has to listen to the rules.

Just remember them well.”

Another woman said.

Yan Wu nodded obediently and asked worriedly, “Ill remember it, but theyre gone now.

What if they dont agree”

Madam Zhang was his biological mother, and Su Xiaoling was only his wife.

He could still tell who was important and who was not.

He could still marry again if his wife was gone, but he only had one mother!

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