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Su Dalang and Su Erlang were speechless.

Old Master Su and Madam Wang did not do anything.

As biological brothers, they did not do anything either.

In the past few years, Su Sanlang and Chen Hus families had worked together and their lives had become better and better.

Their past had also made the villagers talk about it.

At that time, Chen Hus life was not easy either.

He was tired from working all day, but he still went to help Su Sanlang weave grass every night.

Every time the villagers mentioned Su Sanlang and Chen Hu, they gave them a thumbs up.

They were not biological brothers, but they had become like biological brothers.

There were not many brothers in the world who could do such a thing.

Both families were hardworking and diligent.

They deserved their prosperity.

This was the villagers evaluation of Su Sanlang and Chen Hu.

Old Master Su looked disappointed.

“From now on, no one is allowed to look for Su Sanlang again.

He has nothing to do with us anymore.

Back then, he had nothing, but he still accomplished everything today.

You guys also have hands and feet.

If you want a good life, fight for it yourself.

Your mother and I are old and our bodies are not as good as before.

When we get home, well discuss how to split up the family.

Your mother and I will just take some money from you as filial piety every year.

What kind of life we have in the future will depend on you.”

After Old Master Su finished speaking, he looked at Madam Wang and said, “Old woman, lets go.”

There were many bad things about Madam Wang, but she treated him like the sky and listened to his arrangements.

This was enough.

When Madam Wang heard Old Master Sus words, she was first stunned.

Then, she reacted and did not ask anything.

She sighed and held Old Master Sus arm as they walked.

Su Dalang and Su Erlang were dumbfounded.

When they came back to their senses, they looked at each other and followed Old Master Su and Madam Wang without saying anything.

They were about to split up.

They had to plan carefully.

No matter what, they could not suffer a loss.


After watching the family leave, Su Sanlang and Madam Zhao walked to the children.

Without those people to cause trouble, their mood would be much better.

When the news of Su Chong, Su Hua, and Zhou Hengs examination spread, people often came to their houses or shops to ask about them.

Most of them were here to ask about their marriage.

Even the eleven-year-old Su Xiaolu was asked.

Madam Zhao also seemed to have an intention and began to ask Su Chong and Su Hua for their opinions.

For example, if there was a portrait of a girl, should they meet her

Su Xiaolings marriage was also being chosen.

Almost every day, a matchmaker asked around.

When Su Xiaozhi came to congratulate them, she happened to meet Madam Lian of the Sun residence.

Madam Lian had a gentle temperament and took good care of herself.

She was also dressed well, making Su Xiaozhi lower her head involuntarily.

They were both women, but some women were born with wealth.

Seeing Su Xiaozhi, Madam Lian greeted her politely, “You must be his aunt.

Ive long heard of you.

Im lucky to see you today.

Hello, hello.”

Su Xiaozhi smiled unnaturally and nodded.

“Hello, Madam.

You know me.

Thats really my honor.”

Su Xiaozhi quietly sized her up.

She saw that Madam Lian and Madam Zhao seemed to have a good relationship and felt an inexplicable suffocation in her heart.

There were many things she did not know.

Madam Zhao smiled gently at Su Xiaozhi and said, “Xiaozhi is here.

Sit down.

Xiaoling will make tea.”

Madam Zhao said gently to Su Xiaoling.

Su Xiaoling nodded and went down to make tea.

Su Xiaozhi looked at Su Xiaolings beautiful back and felt a little depressed.

She could not help but wonder if this madam had taken a fancy to Su Xiaoling or Su Chong and Su Hua.

No matter who it was, it was an extremely good marriage.

Su Xiaozhi panicked.

With an outsider here, Madam Lian did not say anything else.

She smiled at Madam Zhao and said, “Then Ill go back first and wait for your letter.”

Madam Lian had indeed come for Sun Baoshan and Sun Baoqian.

She wanted to form a marriage.

Whether it was her daughters or her sons, it was a good thing.

Su Chong and Su Hua were famous.

Good young masters were popular, and so were good girls.

The Sun residence lived in Goathorn Town, so it was naturally no exception.

Su Sanlang and Madam Zhao did not have much thoughts.

As in-laws, they would not make things difficult for others.

Su Chong and Su Hua were very promising.

If the girl followed them, her life would naturally not be bad.

Sun Baoqians age was compatible with Su Chong and Su Hua.

If they were also interested, the Sun residence naturally had to use their connections in the capital to pave the way for their son-in-law.


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