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Seeing Madam Zhaos determined expression, Su Sanlangs heart ached.

He reached out and pulled Madam Zhao into his arms.

He said, “Darling, what are you talking about How can I agree to that Lets go.

Ill chase them out now.”

“Even if… thats the case, I cant agree to it.

With Xiaoling around, well grow old and shell send us away.

Our fate as husband and wife is a lifetime thing.

Ill hold your hand for the rest of my life.”

Su Sanlang held Madam Zhaos hand tightly and said firmly.

Madam Zhao cried.

Su Sanlang was firmly on her side, which warmed her aching heart.

But when she thought of the children whose fate was unknown, her heart ached again.

Madam Wang and the others were still shouting outside.

Su Dalang and Su Erlang kept calling him Third Brother and Third Sister-in-law.

Su Sanlang said in a low voice, “Darling, dont come out of the house.

Ill chase them away.”

With that, Su Sanlang walked firmly out of the house.

He hated Old Master Su and Madam Wang to the core.

Every time, they would stab him in the heart when he was in the most pain.

He had always left some leeway when he did things, but he had never thought of showing mercy when it came to them.

The commotion here had already alarmed Chen Hus family next door.

Chen Daniu and Chen Erniu went to Su Xiaolings side and asked if she was okay.

Su Xiaoling shook her head.

She had been pushed down by Madam Wang, but it was nothing.

When Madam Wang saw Chen Hus family arrive, her expression immediately turned cold.

“Chen family, this is our Su familys business.

It has nothing to do with your family.

I advise you not to be a busybody.”

Old Master Su also looked at Chen Hu coldly.

He also hated Chen Hu.

Chen Hus current good life was all thanks to Su Sanlang.

What Chen Hu had now should have belonged to Su Dalang and Su Erlang.

Chen Hu was furious and said coldly, “What do you mean by your Su family How shameless.

My brother is no longer a family with you.

What kind of family is that!”

“What kind of brother are you Su Sanlang and I are biological brothers from the same mother.

Arent you afraid of being struck by lightning to death by calling him big brother Bah!”

Su Dalang immediately spat at Chen Hu.

“Thats right, you heartless thing.

You dont recognize your own brother but acknowledge others.


Madam Wang spat at Chen Hus family in disgust.

Madam Qian was furious, and so was Chen Hu.

“I, Su Sanlang, can be brothers with whoever I want.

What does it have to do with you Hu and I have become sworn brothers.

Who are you to scold us Im warning you, get out of my house now.

My family doesnt welcome you.”

Su Sanlang came out of the house and said coldly.

Su Dalang and Su Erlang frowned.

Su Erlang said, “Third Brother, you cant say that.

Were biological brothers.

Were still family.

My son is still Eldest Brothers son.

You and Sister-in-law can choose whichever one you like.

Isnt that enough”

Hearing this, Su Sanlang was so angry that he almost laughed.

In that case, they were saying that he was the one who did not know how to be grateful.

“Thats right, Third Brother.

Were doing this for your own good.

If you dont have a son, no one will send you off when you die of old age.

If Sister-in-law can still give birth, we dont have to worry so much.

Its just that Sister-in-law cant give birth.”

Su Dalang agreed with a smile.

Now he was just waiting for Su Sanlang to nod.

Su Sanlang looked at them coldly and said, “Are you so sure my sons and daughter are dead Are you so eager for them to die”

“Its been so many years.

If you treat them well, give them an egg or two, smile at them, and say a few good words, I can forgive you.

But what have you done”

“Do you really think I dont know how much silver and taels you take from Su Xiaozhi every year Do you really think I dont know how much you curse behind my back You have never treated Chong and Hua well.

You still want to curse them and shorten their lives.

When they went to the village examination this time, once theres some bad news, you cant wait for it to be true.

Now, do you really want me to acknowledge Su Qing and Su Shun as my sons for my sake I, Su Sanlang, am not a fool.”


“Today, Ill make myself clear.

Even if I dont have a son in my life, I wont take your sons.

I wont give you a single cent of whats mine even if I throw it away and burn it.”

“Madam Wang, Fourth Dog Su, stop saying that youre my parents.

Im extremely disgusted.

Ive already done my best for you.

If you force me, I dont mind killing you all.

I dont know if Ill be miserable in the future for at least a few decades.

However, I can guarantee that if you dont leave now, you wont have a foothold here at all.

If I give these things to the Su family clan, I believe theyll be very willing to remove you from the family and chase you out of the village.”


Su Sanlang called out Madam Wang and Old Master Sus names.

His only eyes were red.

He gritted his teeth and looked ferocious.

He wanted this family to never appear in his world again.

Every time, no matter how ruthless he was, he had never really hurt this family.

Every year, when they bought vegetables, they would also take their vegetables, but they were never satisfied.

Su Xiaozhi had given them so many taels, but they still felt that it was not enough.

The news had not been confirmed yet, but they insisted that Su Chong, Su Hua, and Su Xiaolu were all dead.

They came to force them every day.

This time, he would never give them a chance again.

Seeing Su Sanlang like this, Madam Wang and Old Master Su were terrified.

Su Dalang and Su Erlang were also at a loss.

They did not understand why things didnt go as they had expected.

Why was Su Sanlang so stubborn and ruthless

“T-Third Brother… Thats not what I meant.

We just wanted to bring you home.”

Madam Wang softened her tone.

She wanted to say something nice, but Su Sanlang sneered.


He didnt want to hear any of these peoples words.

Old Master Su frowned, feeling anxious and frustrated.

Su Sanlang was always like this.

Why was he so stubborn Their words were not pleasant, but they were the truth.

They were always doing Su Sanlang a favor, but he did not appreciate it.


“Third Brother, you will definitely regret it.

You will definitely regret it.”

Old Master Su gritted his teeth.

Su Chong, Su Hua, and the others had not returned for so long.

Something must have happened.

Su Sanlang would definitely regret what he had done today.

Su Sanlangs face was cold.

He still said the same thing.

Even if he lost and burned his things, he would never give them to Old Master Su and his family.

” Lets go.”

Old Master Su said solemnly.

Su Dalang and Su Erlang were a little indignant.

They had not taken down Su Sanlangs family today.

Su Erlang said to Su Sanlang, “Third Brother, think about it carefully.

Well come again tomorrow.”

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