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Upon hearing this, Wang Dong immediately replied, “General, it was the young divine doctor from Minggu who was here just now.

Originally, we were going to Furongzhou to look for the divine doctor, but we didnt expect to meet her on the way.

Dont you think its a coincidence”

“Its all thanks to this carriage breaking down.

Otherwise, we might have missed her.”

Wang Dong sighed.

It was such a coincidence for them to meet.

It was really fateful.

Speaking of which, General Qi was lucky.

He was a good person, so the heavens had arranged for him to turn misfortune into fortune.

“General, do you want to see that little divine doctor”

Yang Zhen looked at General Qis expression and asked.

General Qi nodded.

“Help me up.

I want to take a look.”

From what the two Deputy Generals said, General Qi knew that he had been saved by the divine doctor.

He might have seen it wrongly just now.

He was not very clear-headed when he looked at her in a daze.

However, he should thank her personally for saving his life.

Yang Zhen and Wang Dong saw that General Qi was still in good spirits, so they agreed.

Wang Dong said, “General, wait a moment.

Ill go and invite her over now.”

With that, Wang Dong got off the carriage.

Seeing that General Qi seemed to have something on his mind, Yang Zhen kept quiet and did not ask further.

General Qi had a lot on his mind.

He was more than 70 years old and had many sons in the family, but few daughters.

His only daughter was naturally doted on since she was young.

Unfortunately, she was unlucky and died during childbirth.

His only granddaughter had gone missing at the age of marriage.

He had never seen her alive or dead.

He would remember her for the rest of his life.

If he could find her, he would have nothing to regret in his life.


That glance just now made him feel as if he had seen his granddaughter when she was young.

His heart could not settle down.

If he did not take another look, he would not be at ease.


Wang Dong walked towards Su Xiaolu and the others.

Smelling the fragrant fish soup, he swallowed.

These people knew how to live and enjoy themselves.

They ate well even when they were on the go.

They were not like martial arts practitioners who ate hard pancakes with cold water.

Su Xiaolu drank the hot fish soup and ate the steamed buns.

The fish soup was delicious and the fish meat had melted.

Her stomach felt warm after drinking it.

Seeing Wang Dong walk over, Su Xiaolu said, “Brother, get a bowl and scoop a bowl of fish soup for the old general.”

Su Chong handed the bowl to Su Xiaolu.

Su Xiaolu scooped out a bowl of soup and stood up.

She said to Wang Dong, “Here, give the old general a bowl of fish soup.”

Wang Dong took it and said, “Little divine doctor, the general woke up and wants to thank you.”

Originally, he didnt come for the fish soup, but since it was already in his hands, there was no reason to reject it.

This thick and fragrant fish soup looked good.

The general was seriously injured, so it could be used to nourish his body.

Su Xiaolu waved her hand.

“Tell him theres no need.

Theres nothing to thank me for.

Im happy to save him.”

If she wanted to save him, she would.

If she didnt want to save him, she wouldnt.

Hence, there was no need to thank her.

Wang Dong was speechless.

He had nothing else to say.

He could only carry the fish soup back.

This divine doctors temper was not small.

Wang Dong carried the fish soup back to the carriage and said to General Qi, “General, this is wild fish soup.

Drink it while its hot.”

Yang Zhen said, “He asked you to invite her over.

Where is she”

Wang Dong said helplessly, “That little divine doctor said that she was willing to save the general, so theres no need to thank her.

Shes a divine doctor.

I cant do anything with her temper.

Im afraid that Ill offend her if I say too much.”

Su Xiaolu poisoned all of them without anyone noticing.

He still remembered that he could not offend such a person who did things her own way.

Hearing Wang Dongs words, Yang Zhen felt helpless.

General Qi held the bowl of fish soup and said slowly, “Forget it.

Wait for me to rest for another night and pay attention to their movements.

Wake me up tomorrow morning.”

It was already dark, so it was impossible for him to travel.

She had saved his life, so he couldnt force her if she didnt want to come.

After he rested for a night and felt better tomorrow, he would personally get off the carriage to thank her.

At that time, he would be able to see more clearly during the day than at night.

After waiting for so many years, there was no need to rush.

Wang Dong and Yang Zhen nodded.

“Alright, general, rest assured.”

After drinking the fish soup for a night, General Qi fell asleep.

They were all soldiers who had lived their lives with knives.

Their tolerance for injuries and illnesses was often stronger than ordinary people.

Therefore, after resting for a night, he could get his subordinates to help him off the carriage.

If he was young, it would be even faster.

He did not need anyone to help him.

Neither side interfered.

Su Xiaolu and Wang Huilan slept together.

The fire did not go out, and Su Chong and the others rested around it.

At dawn, he boiled hot water and tore the steamed bun into small pieces to soak in water.

After eating, they prepared to leave.

Wang Dong and Yang Zhen hurriedly woke General Qi up.

The two of them helped General Qi down the carriage.

Wang Dong shouted, “Little divine doctor, wait a moment.”

Su Xiaolu and the others walked towards Wang Dong.

Su Xiaolu said to General Qi, “Old General, youre seriously injured.

Its best to recuperate in bed for the next few months.”

General Qi looked at Su Xiaolu.

He could not bear to look away.

There was a slight resemblance, but these were young children.

Just based on this resemblance, it was impossible to confirm.

However, General Qi still said gently, “Little girl, where are you from”

“Uh… Theres no need to tell you that.

Anyway, Im happy to save you.

Rest well.

Were going home.”

Although this old general looked kind, she still wouldnt tell him about her home.

If Su Xiaolu did not say anything, Su Chong, Su Hua, and Zhou Heng would not say anything either.

They only cupped their hands politely at General Qi.

General Qi swallowed the words that were about to come out of his mouth.

To them, he was a stranger.

It was indeed not good to ask about their family so rashly.

“Young lady, is your mothers surname Yan”

General Qi held onto the last bit of hope and asked.

He was unwilling to let it go just like that.

Su Xiaolu shook her head and said, “No, my mothers surname is Zhao.

Old general, youre mistaken.”

With that, Su Xiaolu smiled and waved.

“Goodbye, old general.

Were leaving.”

Su Chong, Su Hua, and the others also smiled politely.

Then, they turned around and returned to the carriage to drive it away.

General Qi looked conflicted.

He felt that Su Xiaolus smile just now was familiar, but their mothers surname was not Yan, but Zhao.

He looked at Su Xiaolu and the others backs and sighed.

This might be a coincidence.

There were many similar people in the world, so it was not strange to bump into them.

After Su Xiaolu and the others left, Yang Zhen and Wang Dong helped General Qi into the carriage.

Their carriage had also been repaired.

Now that General Qi was no longer in danger, there was naturally no need to change carriages.

However, General Qi still had to be sent to Furongzhou to recuperate.

Wang Dong, Yang Zhen, and the others also headed towards Furongzhou.

Su Xiaolu and the others did not take it to heart.

After all, there were many cases of mistaken identity.

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