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It could be said that after eating such medicinal cuisine, it would achieve an immediate effect like taking medicine.

It was this taste and color that made people click their tongues.

This taste was too mysterious.

If not for the fact that the medicinal properties were really good, he would have thought that it was poison.

It could be said that if any other doctor took this out, he would think it was poison.

It was only because Su Xiaolu took it out that he was only a little suspicious.

Su Xiaolu smiled embarrassedly and said, “The medicinal cuisine is like this.

Just bring it to him now.”

Su Xiaolu brought the medicinal cuisine to Zhou Zhi, who invited her to sit down and eat.

The black medicinal cuisine was placed in front of Zhou Zhi.

He ate it spoon by spoon without changing his expression.

Su Xiaolu felt that Zhou Zhi was quite good and very quiet.

After eating, Su Xiaolu went to grind the medicine.

Doctor Wu ground the herbs with her.

Su Xiaolu had prepared several medicinal cuisines to make up for each of their shortcomings.

These herbs could make Zhou Zhis body better and more stable.

Doctor Wu memorized every herb.

Sometimes, he would ask Su Xiaolu why poisonous herbs could also be used to nourish the body.

Su Xiaolu would answer him that everything was mutually reinforcing and countering each other.

There were also ways to restrain the poison.

Ordinary people might not be able to eat it, but Zhou Zhi could.

He was different.

During the time Su Xiaolu was in Zhou Zhis residence, she would acupuncture Zhou Zhi every day and make medicinal cuisine for him.

In her free time, she would spar with Jin Wu and the others.

The plague in the city gradually disappeared.

The government gave the antidote to everyone.

Even if there was no plague, they could still drink it.

They sent medicine from door to door.

In just a month, the plague completely disappeared.

On the third day of October, the city gate was unsealed and Furongzhou returned to its usual bustling state.

Su Chong, Su Hua, Zhou Heng, Liu Zijin, and Wang Huilan returned to the house that Su Xiaolu had bought to stay.

They sent a letter to Su Xiaolu.

Su Xiaolu looked at the two large jars of medicinal cuisine and dried pancakes.

She roughly calculated that this was enough for Zhou Zhi to eat until next April.

After eating these herbs, she could begin to detoxify Zhou Zhi.

Therefore, when she was eating with Zhou Zhi that night, Su Xiaolu said, “Your Highness, the city gate has been opened.

The medicine I prepared for you is enough for you to take for half a year.

Im going back tomorrow.”

Zhou Zhis hand paused.

Then, he smiled and said, “Alright, when are you guys going home”

Su Xiaolu thought that the rankings were about to be released.

They should have returned after the rankings were released.

“The rankings should be released soon.”

Su Xiaolu said.

Zhou Zhi smiled gently and said, “Then I hope all three of your brothers can get on the rankings.”

“Thank you.”

Su Xiaolu nodded and focused on eating.

After the meal, Su Xiaolu pushed Zhou Zhi around as usual and returned to his room to give him acupuncture.

The weather was gradually getting colder.

Zhou Zhis hands were warm and cold.

Su Xiaolu grabbed his hand and said, “Your Highness, press this acupuncture point before you sleep in the future.

This can raise your body temperature and make you sleep better.”

Zhou Zhi watched Su Xiaolu point at an acupuncture point and nodded.

“Okay, thank you, Xiaolu.”

Time really passed quickly.

Before he realized it, a month had already passed.

He had already figured out her personality and preferences, but the time arranged by the heavens was too short.

The next time they met would be next year.

Su Xiaolu looked at Zhou Zhi.

“Then sleep well.

Im going back.”

Su Xiaolu packed her things and left the room.

The night watchman today was Jin Si.

He said respectfully, “Take care, Miss Su.”

Su Xiaolu waved her hand and returned to her room to pack her things.

Then, she left during the night.

She had good Qinggong and did not have many things.

She knew where Zhou Zhis guards were.

She just had to avoid them.

Not long after Su Xiaolu left, Jin Si pushed the door open and reported to Zhou Zhi, “Master, Miss Su has left.”

Zhou Zhis expression was calm.

“Yes, I understand.”

Jin Si left.

When Su Xiaolu was around, Zhou Zhi was more humane.

After Su Xiaolu left, everything returned to normal.

Su Xiaolu returned to the residence.

Because it was late, she did not alarm Su Chong and the others.

When she woke up, Su Xiaolu went out of the room and greeted Wang Huilan.

Wang Huilan said in surprise, “Xiaolu, youre back.”

Su Xiaolu nodded.

“Good morning, Sister-in-law Huilan.”

Wang Huilan nodded.

“Good morning, Xiaolu.”

Seeing that Wang Huilan seemed to be a little weak, Su Xiaolu asked, “Have you been resting badly recently You look a little pale.”

Wang Huilan had a bitter expression.

“Dont mention it.

I dont know whats wrong with me recently.

I cant eat green onions.

I feel nauseous after eating them.”


Su Xiaolu pinched Wang Huilans wrist to take her pulse.

Su Xiaolus expression gradually turned serious.

Wang Huilan was a little nervous.

“Xiaolu, is there anything wrong with me”

Su Xiaolu looked at Wang Huilan and said helplessly, “Sister-in-law Huilan, you havent been feeling well recently.

Have you ever thought that youre pregnant”


Wang Huilan was dumbfounded.

She thought she had heard wrongly.

Su Xiaolu looked serious.

“You look a little pale.

Youve moved your pregnancy.”

Wang Huilans face turned pale.

“T-thats fine, right”

Her hand subconsciously touched her lower abdomen.

She was pregnant.

She was pregnant with Liu Zijins child.

She was happy, excited, and worried.

Su Xiaolu smiled and said, “Dont worry, Im here.

But you have to take some pregnancy preservation medicine.

Also, dont force yourself to eat anything you dont want to eat.

Ill write a taboo list for you later.

Apart from the things on the taboo list that you cant eat, you can eat whatever you want.”

Wang Huilans pulse was still shallow.

It looked like she was one month pregnant.

Her pregnancy reaction was early.

If she didnt recuperate well, she would suffer.

Wang Huilan heaved a sigh of relief.

She smiled and nodded.

“Alright, thank you, Xiaolu.”

Wang Huilan couldnt hide her joy.

She said to Su Xiaolu, “Xiaolu, Ill get going.

Ill tell Zijin this news.”

Wang Huilan couldnt wait to have this child, which they had hoped for together.

Su Xiaolu nodded, and Wang Huilan turned back to her room with a smile.

Su Xiaolu went to look for Su Chong and Su Hua.

They were in the kitchen and heaved a sigh of relief when they saw Su Xiaolu return.

“Xiaolu, are you hungry The steamed buns will be ready soon.”

Su Chong smiled and said.

He was relieved to see Su Xiaolu return safely.

Su Xiaolu nodded.

“It smells so good.

Who made it”

Su Chong pointed at Su Hua and Zhou Heng.

“The three of us.

WE even stewed braised pork.

Its soft.

When the time comes, well use steamed buns to hold the meat.

Itll be extremely fragrant.”

Su Xiaolus craving had been aroused and she began to stare at the pot.

Su Hua and Zhou Heng smiled faintly.

The pot was opened.

A steamed bun naturally belonged to Su Xiaolu.

She was a glutton and not greedy.

She held a steamed bun with meat and slowly ate it.

At this moment, they heard Liu Zijins excited laughter.

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