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Having cleaned up the land, Su Sanlang returned home for a rare day off.

Madam Zhaos body had recovered.

During this period of time, they had caught prey one after another.

Some of them were kept at home, while others were killed for the family to eat.

With meat, the familys complexion improved visibly.

The children were no longer skinny and their faces were no longer dull.

Su Sanmei brought Su Chong and Su Hua to catch insects while Su Sanlang went into the house to chat with Madam Zhao.

Watching him sit down, Madam Zhao took out the clothes she had made and said, “Sanlang, Ive made the clothes.

Youre going into town tomorrow.

Try them on and see how they look.”

Madam Zhaos stitches were very dense, and her clothes looked very good.

She used the remaining cloth to make an additional piece for him.

It was very fitting for him.

Su Sanlang smiled and said, “Its very suitable.

Thank you, my dear.”

Madam Zhao waved her hand.

“Its no big deal, Im merely just using my hands.

These days have really been hard on you.”

Su Sanlang did not find it hard.

He felt that his heart was filled with sweetness.

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“Darling, after I sell these, Ill buy some rice and seeds.

Ill scatter the seeds into the fields so that we wont have to worry about winter.”

There were a total of 13 hares, eight pheasants and six turtledoves at home that could be sold.

They were all catched over these few days.

He could sell them for a lot of money.

There was not enough rice and grains at home.

He had to buy some and store them away.

This way, Madam Zhao would not have to worry.

Since Su Sanlang had already made up his mind, Madam Zhao was relieved.

She nodded.

“Alright, Ill listen to you.”

With something to look forward to, the couple smiled at each other.

At this moment, no words were needed.

Warmth filled their hearts.

Su Sanlang looked at Su Xiaolu on the side of the bed.

The more he looked at her, the more he liked her.

The little girl, who was almost a month old, was fair and soft.

Her lively eyes could make ones heart melt.

“Simei, look at Daddy.

Tap, tap, tap…”

Su Sanlang teased Su Xiaolu.

Su Xiaolu was very polite.

She smiled and even made a happy sound.

She was almost a month old, but she had never heard her parents prepare a name for her.

They only called her Simei1, and Su Xiaolu was a little worried.

Speaking of which, she had never heard her parents call Su Sanmei1 by her name either.

They always called her Sanmei.

The eldest brother was called Chong, while the second brother was called Hua.

Thinking that the girls might not have a name, Su Xiaolu felt a little sad.

Su Sanlang teased Su Xiaolu, but Madam Zhao made him lie down and massaged his shoulders.

Just like that, Su Sanlang fell asleep comfortably, and Su Xiaolu quieted down obediently.

Madam Zhao patted Su Xiaolu gently and said, “Simei, sleep with Daddy.

Be good and dont disturb Daddy, okay Daddy is too tired.”

Madam Zhao said softly and gently.

She looked at Su Sanlang with heartache.

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Of course, Su Xiaolu was very obedient.

Her daily routine was to simply eat, drink, and sleep.


When Su Sanlang woke up, it was already afternoon.

He rubbed his head.

“Why didnt you wake me up”

He had slept for four hours, what a waste of time.

Madam Zhao smiled gently and said, “You didnt sleep for long.”

Su Sanlang knew she felt sorry for him.

Without another word, he got up and went out.

Su Sanmei, Su Chong, and Su Hua were playing with rocks in the courtyard.

When Su Sanlang came out, Su Sanmei immediately stood up and said, “Father, youre awake.”

Seeing how obedient she was, Su Sanlang reached out to stroke her hair and said, “Its fine.

You can play with your brothers.

Its still early.

Daddy will cook.”

As he spoke, Su Sanlang went to the chicken coop to check on the two chickens.

The rooster was now in high spirits.

Its crown was bright red and twice as big as before.

When it saw Su Sanlang coming, it cooed.

On the other hand, the hen was squatting in the henhouse, watching Sus every move warily.

Su Sanlang smiled.

He hadnt been picking up eggs in a while and there were already eleven in the chicken coop.

The eggs were big and made the coop look full.

Before long, the eggs would begin to hatch into chicks.

Su Sanlang went to check on the animals again.

They were all alive and kicking.

The first three rabbits they caught had even gained weight.

The gray rabbit had given birth to a total of eight bunnies.

Five were gray, two were gray-black, and one was white.

They looked extremely cute.

There was still a lot of unfinished grass in the cage.


After looking around, Su Sanlang went to clear the pots and pans for cooking.

As the sky darkened, Su Sanlang called for the three children to wash their hands and eat.

The children, as always, enjoyed the modest meal.

After dinner, Su Sanlang told them to wash up and go to bed.

He had to go to Goathorn town tomorrow, so he had to sleep early.

On the 30th of August, Su Sanlang got up before dawn and warmed food in the pot.

Then he packed the wild animals in a sack.

Before he left, he went into the house and said to Madam Zhao, “Darling, Ill go now.

If theres anything, get the three children to help you.”

Madam Zhao nodded.

“Sanlang, be careful on the way.”

Su Xiaolu gave a timely cry as a blessing to her father.

Su Sanlang felt a warmth in his heart and left after praising how obedient his daughter was.

The nearly a hundred catties of wildlife were a promising future for the family.

Su Sanlang had remembered what Butler Sun said, so after paying the entrance fee, he went straight to the Sun residence.

He did not know how much wild animals the Sun residence could buy.

In any case, he would sell as much as he could.

When he reached the back door where Butler Sun had brought him the last time, Su Sanlang raised his hand and knocked.

A manservant answered the door.

He glanced at Su Sanlang and said, “Who are you looking for”

Su Sanlang revealed a gentle smile and said, “Im here to sell wild animals.

Ive come here before.

Please inform Butler Sun.

Last time, Butler Sun said that the wild animals I caught were very good.

He said that I should come to the Sun residence first next time.”

When the servant heard this, he said, “Alright, wait for me.

Ill inform them.”

Su Sanlang smiled and nodded.

“Sure thing.”

Su Sanlang didnt have to wait long before the manservant came out with someone else.

The person was holding a knife, and there was blood on his hand.

Su Sanlang immediately recognized him as theOld Fu Butler Sun had mentioned last time.

Butler Sun had not come, so he might not be in the residence.

Su Sanlang smiled and said, “Fu, do you remember me I came to deliver wild rabbits, pheasants, and wild chestnuts before.”

Sun Fu remembered.

He looked at the basket on Su Sanlangs back.

“You brought a lot this time”

Su Sanlang nodded.

“I caught some recently.

I didnt come to town these days because I was flipping the soil at home, so I brought them all today.

Theyre all alive and energetic.”

Sun Fus expression was calm.

“Then come in first.

Ill say this first.

Butler Sun just bought some wild animals today.

You might not sell much.

Lets see if the goods are good first.”

It wasnt a definite yes, but Su Sanlang wasnt discouraged by it.

“No problem,” he replied with a smile.

Last time, he was lucky to sell them all at once.

This time, there were so many of them.

He did not expect the Sun family to buy them all.


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