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In the exam hall, Su Xiaolu also smelled the same scent, which made her feel even more uneasy.

The current examinees would only feel that the exam was more serious.

Nothing was more important than the exam.

After Hong Zheng and Qi Ming left, the candidates dispersed.

Su Xiaolu also left the exam hall.

She did not go back but followed Hong Zheng.

She remembered Hong Zheng.

A few days ago, when she bought the Snow Herb, she had met Hong Zheng coming back from a house call.

That was the first time she had smelled that strange smell.

Hong Zheng brought a few medicine boys out of the exam hall and returned to the Ji Shi Hall.

The Ji Shi Hall was now closed.

Su Xiaolu realized that there were several times more soldiers than before.

Su Xiaolu avoided the soldiers and sneaked into the Ji Shi Hall.

The Ji Shi Hall was brightly lit.

The medicine boys and doctors were busy.

Pushing the wooden bucket to distribute the medicine, Su Xiaolu saw a manservant covering himself tightly in a room.

He carried out seven or eight corpses in a row and quietly sent them away from the back door.

Su Xiaolu frowned.

Taking advantage of the fact that no one was around, she entered the room where the patients were placed.

There were more than twenty patients in the entire room, and they were all crying softly.

Su Xiaolu looked at them.

She saw that there were many herpes on their faces, and some of them were already infected.

Su Xiaolu quietly left and left Ji Shi Hall.

She happened to see an ox cart transporting corpses leave and followed.

The ox cart left the city.

When they left the city, the two manservants chatted with the soldiers guarding the city gate.

Su Xiaolu heard them clearly.

The manservant said, “Eight of them died in such a short time.

Who knows how many more will die by dawn.”

The soldier sighed.

“This plague is too terrifying.

Dozens of people die every day, and we still cant find the cause.

I wonder how many more people will die.

This is too terrifying.”

The manservant sighed.

“Isnt that so We have to be cautious everyday.”

The two manservants didnt say anything else.

Su Xiaolu frowned.

This plague was worse than she had imagined.

Thinking of her brothers who were still in the exam hall, Su Xiaolu returned to the house first.

It was already midnight, but Wang Huilan was still awake.

Su Xiaolu was explaining to the coachman when Wang Huilan opened the door and came out.

She looked worried.

“Xiaolu, what happened Why arent you asleep”

The coachmans expression was also extremely serious.

Su Xiaolu said to Wang Huilan, “Sister-in-law Huilan, Ill bring them back.

You dont have to go.

The plague is very serious.

We might not be able to go back for the time being.

Stay here for the time being.

Be careful.

Well talk after I bring them back.”

Under such circumstances, it was probably impossible to leave the city, but she still had to give it a try.

Wang Huilans expression was serious as she nodded.

“Alright, Ill take care of the house.

Xiaolu, be careful too.”

Wang Huilan did not ask further.

She knew that Su Xiaolu would not deliberately exaggerate to scare her.

Su Xiaolu must have gone to investigate something.

For her to be so serious, she must have found out something.

Wang Huilan couldnt hide her worry.

She couldnt sleep, and her heart had always been uneasy.

Now, she couldnt sleep either.

Su Xiaolu looked at Wang Huilan and said, “Alright, Ill wait in the exam hall.”

Su Xiaolu left.

Wang Huilan sighed.

She was no longer sleepy.

The coachman also looked worried.

“Miss, what should we do”

Wang Huilan frowned and said, “Dont go out either.

Lets just close the door and live in peace.

Everything will be fine.”

The coachman nodded.

Wang Huilan returned to her room and sat on the bed.

She didnt feel sleepy at all.

She pressed her palms together and silently prayed, “Great Buddha, please bless my hubby and his close friends to be safe.”

Su Xiaolu returned to the exam hall and waited.

She watched as the sky lit up.

In the exam hall, the last exam started.

Many examinees faces were pale, and the hand holding the pen was trembling.

Their foreheads were covered in cold sweat.

But none of them gave up.

Su Hua also felt that something was wrong with her body.

After so many years, as long as he had a little cold, he would be fine after taking some medicine made by Su Xiaolu.

In this exam, the medicine Su Xiaolu had prepared must be extremely good.

It was definitely not ineffective after taking it.

Moreover, he had eaten two portions last night, but now, his body felt heavy.

His throat hurt even more, and his body felt very cold.

He wanted to cough, but he tried his best to hold it in every time.

He looked at the paper on the table and endured the discomfort in his body to gather his energy to answer.

Qi Ming supervised the exam and walked around the exam hall with a few examiners.

His brows were tightly furrowed.

Many of the infected candidates did not have the energy to take the exam.

They could not even hold their pens properly and their writing was a mess.

 stunned for a second.

She walked forward and smiled at Su Chong.

“Big Brother, youve worked hard.

Lets go home first.

After I settle you guys down, Ill go see Second Brother.”

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