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Madam Chu gently fed Xiao Bing.

Xiao Bing ate and looked at Madam Chus red eyes and choked.

“Mother, you eat too.”

Madam Chu smiled and nodded.

“Alright, lets eat together.”

The two of them finished the food bite by bite.

Madam Chu fed Xiao Bing some more water.

Perhaps it was a psychological effect, but Madam Chu really felt that this vegetarian meal was extremely delicious.

The two of them finished the meal bite by bite.

Just as they finished eating, they heard a knock on the door.

Madam Chu wiped her mouth and went to open the door.

Seeing the novice monk, Madam Chu bowed respectfully and said, “Little Master, youre here”

The novice monk brought Su Xiaolu into the house.

Madam Chu looked behind her.

There was no one else.

The novice monk seemed to know Madam Chus doubts.

He said to her, “Madam, this young lady has extremely high medical attainments.

Shes here to take your sons pulse.”

Su Xiaolu smiled at Madam Chu and said, “Hello, Madam.

My name is Su Xiaolu.”

Madam Chu smiled and nodded.

“Thank you.”

Madam Chu did not have much hope for Su Xiaolu.

She just felt that Su Xiaolu was sent by Qinglian Monastery and it was not good to reject her.

Regardless of whether she was good at medicine or not, there was no loss in letting her take a look.

Xiao Bing leaned back in his chair and looked at Su Xiaolu.

He was expressionless.

When Su Xiaolu approached, he smiled politely.

The novice monk waited quietly by the side.

Su Xiaolu took Xiao Bings pulse and sensed it carefully.

Xiao Bings pulse was a little weak, but his meridians were not blocked.

His pulse was weak, but it was normal.

This result was no different from what other doctors saw.

Su Xiaolu switched to Xiao Bings other hand and came to the same conclusion.

It was weak and slow.

Su Xiaolu retracted her hand and said to Madam Chu, “Madam, his pulse is weak but normal.

I want to use acupuncture to further diagnose him.

Please carry him to the bed and remove his clothes first.”

Madam Chu looked at Su Xiaolus serious expression and nodded.

She did not know what else Su Xiaolu could find out, but the doctor who had examined her son in the past never went this far.

Seeing that Su Xiaolu was young but calm, Madam Chu felt a sense of hope.

Madam Chu carried Xiao Bing to the couch and removed his clothes.

Su Xiaolu took off the needle bag and opened it.

The silver needles were as thin as hair.

Madam Chu was surprised.

“Your needles are so thin.”

Su Xiaolu did not speak.

She took out a needle and inserted a few needles into Xiao Bings chest to protect his heart.

Then, she began to perform acupuncture on other acupuncture points.

Soon, his head was filled with silver needles.

Su Xiaolu asked softly, “Does your head hurt Do you feel anything strange Is it sore or painful”

Madam Chu also looked anxious.

She looked at Su Xiaolus fast and steady acupuncture and vaguely looked forward to it.

Xiao Bing looked at Su Xiaolu and said, “No, I dont feel anything.”

It was just that there were too many needles and he did not dare to move.

Madam Chu frowned.

“Doctor, what should we do now”

Su Xiaolu took two more silver needles and sealed her head.

She knew that Madam Chu was anxious.

She said, “Theres nothing wrong with his head.

Ill continue to investigate.”

Apart from the silver needles that sealed the acupuncture points, Su Xiaolu took off the other silver needles and cleaned them skillfully before using them.

Next was the neck.

This kind of inspection was like dividing Xiao Bings body into several parts, examining them one by one to see what was wrong.

This process was very detailed and time-consuming.

Madam Chu saw that Su Xiaolus forehead was covered in sweat.

She took a handkerchief and carefully wiped it.

Su Xiaolu smiled at her.

She had already finished checking Xiao Bings hands, head, and chest.

Next were his abdomen and legs.

Su Xiaolu inserted the needles one by one.

Xiao Bings stomach moved.

Xiao Bing immediately shouted, “It hurts, it hurts.

Mother, it hurts.”

Madam Chu felt her scalp go numb and her face turned pale.

“W-What is this”

There was something in Xiao Bings body, because there seemed to be something alive and twisting in his stomach.

It was because of this movement that Xiao Bing felt pain.

When Xiao Bing was about to pass out from the pain, Su Xiaolu quickly pressed Xiao Bing down and injected him in the head.

Xiao Bing fell asleep.

Only then did Madam Chu realize that the young lady in front of her had extraordinary medical skills.

She remembered that when she saw other doctors for Xiao Bing, the doctors had said that only a divine doctor could find the root of such a strange illness.

Madam Chu immediately knelt down and kowtowed to Su Xiaolu with tears in her eyes.

“Divine doctor, divine doctor, save my son.

Im willing to give you anything you want.”

Su Xiaolu reached out and helped Madam Chu up.

She said, “Madam, you dont have to do this.

Ill do my best.”

“As you can see, theres a worm in your sons stomach.

I have to take it out.

You can see for yourself.

This worm is very long.

It has been craving your sons body for a long time.

I cant guarantee that your son will definitely live.

If youre willing to give it a try, Ill do my best.

If youre unwilling to take the risk, Ill stop here.”

Su Xiaolu made it clear to Madam Chu that she had never seen such a case before.

If Xiao Bing died after removing the worm, Madam Chu would definitely blame her and not be able to accept this outcome.

She had already said it.

If Madam Chu could accept it, she would treat it.

If she was unwilling, it was fine.

Madam Chu opened her mouth.

She looked at Su Xiaolu and wanted to say something, but she didnt know what to say.

Tears fell and her vision was blurry.

Madam Chu looked at the sleeping and quiet Xiao Bing and then at the foreign object moving under his skin.

Madam Chu was trembling.

The novice monk said sympathetically, “Amitabha.”

Su Xiaolu waited.

Madam Chu closed her eyes and gritted her teeth.

“Divine doctor, Ive thought it through.

Take out the worm.

It ate my sons flesh and blood.

It has to be taken out no matter what.”

If she took it out, his life might be in danger.

But if she didnt take it out, her son would still die.

Madam Chu could not let her sons flesh and blood be eaten by insects.

Madam Chu opened her eyes and looked at Su Xiaolu with tears in her eyes.

“Remove the worms.”

Su Xiaolu looked at Xiao Bings still-moving abdomen and took out a small knife without a word.

This was the knife Gui You had made for her.

It was small and especially sharp.

It could easily pierce bones.

Afraid that Xiao Bing would wake up, Su Xiaolu inserted two more needles into his head.

She took out a small bottle from the bag, poured out a pill, opened Xiao Bings mouth, and stuffed the pill in.

Su Xiaolu took the knife and made a small hole in Xiao Bings stomach.

Then, she reached out to catch the worm.

She also frowned.

It didnt feel good to extract insects like this.

When she touched the worm, it was only hard for a moment, like an iron string.

This feeling disappeared in an instant.

Su Xiaolu did not doubt it at all and began to pull it out.



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