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At this moment, the maidservant came in and reported, “Madam, Master, Madam Tangs maidservant is looking for Master.

She said that she has something to say.”

Madam Yin smiled warmly and said, “What is it Please come in.”

Soon, Madam Tangs maidservant, Cui Hong, came in.

She bowed and said to Yin Changshun, “Master, Madam asked me to come and ask you.

This morning, you said that you liked to eat that stewed beef.

Madam has already stewed it.

Are you still going to eat it”

Yin Changshun was tempted.

He looked at Madam Yin.

Madam Yins eyes were a little sad, and her tone was weak.

“Master, you promised me.”

Yin Changshun turned to the maidservant, Cui Hong, and said, “I wont be eating today.

Go back and tell your Madam that I have to accompany Madam Yin for the next few days and dont have time to visit her.

Let her take care of herself.

Just tell her to ask for whatever she wants to eat.”

Yin Changshun wanted to go, but he also remembered that he had promised Madam Yin.

That meant two or three days, which passed quickly.

The maid withdrew.

Yin Changshun secretly sized up Madam Yins expression and was relieved to see that she was not unhappy.

All these years, he did not have a single concubine.

He had already let her down.

He only had one concubine now, and the main wife was always looking at him with cold and mocking eyes.

How could he not be annoyed

Now that Madam Yin was showing weakness, Yin Changshun was a little happy.

He had done nothing wrong in the first place.

Madam Yin smiled at Yin Changshun and picked up some food for him.

If it werent for the fact that her clenched nails into her palms, she probably wouldnt have been able to take it.

It was pathetic and ridiculous, but she was still counting on it.

Even though she felt unfair, she was still excusing him inside.

A voice inside said: He just cant read a real womans heart.

Hes just been deceived.

“Madame, you eat too.”

Yin Changshun smiled and looked over.

He also picked up some food for Madam Yin.

Madame Yin smiled back.

On the other hand,

Madam Tang watched as the maidservant returned alone with a cold expression.

“Wheres Master”

Cui Hong lowered her head and replied, “Madam, Master said that he wont be coming for the next few days and is accompanying Madam Yin in the main courtyard.”

The young madam was completely different in private, but she was only a maidservant and had no right to say that.

She could only behave herself and do her job.

Madam Tangs expression was cold.

Her chest kept rising and falling, and her breathing quickened.

She was obviously angry.

But on second thought, Madam Yin did not have many days left to live.

She felt relieved.

She was a gentle and kind flower in front of Master.

Hence, Madam Tang said to the maidservant, “Cui Hong, go and send this stewed beef to the main courtyard.

Say its for Madam to recuperate.

Let Master accompany Madam for the next few days.

Theres no need to visit me.”

Madam Tang smiled.

That would show how gentle and kind she was and make his master like her even more.

On the contrary, it was a wonderful thing to be able to anger the woman to death.

As she thought about this, her smile deepened.

She waved her hand and said, “Hurry up and serve it.

Otherwise, it wont taste good when it gets cold.”

The maidservant nodded and nimbly carried the stew pot back to the main courtyard.

Madam Tang sat down to eat.

Her hand gently landed on her abdomen.

She smiled and whispered, “Baby, dont worry.

Mother will definitely make you a legitimate son.

We wont be inferior bastards.

This move of Mothers took several years.

Its finally time.

Those two doctors came at the right time.”

“Mother is worried that she wont agree to cut open her stomach to take the child.

If she doesnt and takes expensive medicine often, she can still live for half a year.

Fortunately, she made a choice.

My baby must be lucky.

The heavens are watching over you.”

Madam Tang smiled and ate slowly, talking gently to the child.

It would only take two or three days, and she could afford to wait.

The maid returned not long after.

Madam Tang had also finished eating and asked the maidservant to remove the leftovers.

She yawned and said, “Clean up and prepare hot water.

Im going to bathe and sleep.

Oh right, pay attention to the movements in the main courtyard for the next few days.

When she opens her abdomen to take the child, you must inform me.”

She was the victor.

Of course, she had to see the fruits of her victory for herself.

The maid nodded.


For the next two days, Yin Changshun did what he had promised Madam Yin.

He spent two whole days eating and sleeping and writing with Madam Yin.

Su Xiaolu was also preparing the medicine and thread to open Madam Yins stomach.

She was using catgut for the threads, which had been treated so that she wouldnt have to remove them when the time came.

C-section was very complicated.

So Xiaolu had done a lot of preparation.

She wanted to do it on her own.

She had to consider all her preparations.

Painkiller, hemostasis, stitching, and cleaning.

She also had to deal with unexpected situations that could arise at any time.

She had been very busy these days.

On the fifteenth night of the first month, at dinner with Old Wu, she told him about her and Madam Yins scheme.

Tomorrow morning, she would open Madam Yins abdomen.

Tonight, Madam Yin would start to fast and abstain from water.

Old Wu ate his food and said casually, “Girl, dont worry.

Master cant help you with anything else.

This small favor is not a problem.”

Su Xiaolu wanted to help Madam Yin.

Of course, Old Wu would not disagree.

His disciple had always been able to do whatever she wanted.

Even if she wanted to kill someone, he would help hand her the knife.


Old Wu narrowed his eyes and smiled.

He looked at Su Xiaolu and said, “Girl, but I have to say this first.

If you mess up and get pecked by Madam Tang, I wont care.”

Su Xiaolu smiled.

“Dont worry, Master.

I trust my judgment.”

A two-faced person who loved to pretend, an ambitious concubine who was definitely enjoying the harvest as she took her place.

Stabbing Madam Yin one last time before she died undoubtedly doubled the joy of the harvest.

“Alright then.

I havent watched a show in a long time.

Theres no harm in watching.”

Old Wu smiled and said.

The little girl had grown up and had more thoughts.

She was mischievous.

It was the style of the divine doctors of Minggu.

He had indeed chosen a good disciple.

After eating, Su Xiaolu washed up and rested.

Before sleeping, she had circulated a few rounds of internal cultivation techniques.

Her current internal force was accumulated in her dantian and had solidified.

When necessary, she could transfer internal energy to Madam Yin to protect her life.

The next morning, Su Xiaolu woke up early and carried her medical kit to the main courtyard with Old Wu.

Yin Changshun also hid in the inner room.

This was a hiding place specially set up for him.

It was an isolated gauze curtain.

If he wanted to, he could open the gauze curtain and personally see Madam Yin being slit open.

If he was afraid, he could choose not to look.

His daughter, Yin Yuyao, had also been arranged by Madam Yin.

Madam Yin was ready.

When she saw Su Xiaolu, she nodded at her and said, “Miss Su, thank you.”

Su Xiaolu asked Madam Yin to lie down.

She took her pulse and then asked, “Madam, you havent eaten anything since midnight, have you”


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