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The servant looked at Old Wu and Su Xiaolu and nodded.

“Alright, please wait here for me to report.”

After saying that, the servant turned around and entered the residence to report.

Old Wu and Su Xiaolu were waiting outside.

Su Xiaolu asked, “Master, you didnt give the servant a letter.”

Old Wu did not give the servant anything.

This meant that in the eyes of the Yin Residence, Old Wu was no different from other doctors.

The Yin Residence did not know his identity as a divine doctor.

Old Wu replied calmly, “This case was collected.”

Yin Changshun was just a county magistrate.

He did not have any connections, so it was impossible for him to hire a divine doctor.

People with such strange illnesses and family backgrounds would put up notices everywhere.

Some reasonable physicians would also go around to treat people.

On the one hand, it was for money, and on the other hand, it was to accumulate experience.

Madam Yins case was an example.

Many people had come to take a look, but in the end, there was nothing they could do.

It had been a few years.

This time, he came back to train Su Xiaolu.

Guyue county was the closest, so he chose this place.

The master and disciple did not wait long before the servant came out and gestured to the two of them.

“Please come in.

My master invites you in.”

The servant led Su Xiaolu and Old Wu into the Yin Residence.

In the main hall, Yin Changshun was already waiting.

He didnt hold out much hope.

It just so happened that he wasnt very busy, and the doctor had come to the house, so he wanted to meet him.

Looking at the old man and young girl led by the servant, Yin Changshun said calmly, “May I know your name”

Old Wu said indifferently, “My surname is Wu.

Just call me Doctor Wu.

This little girls surname is Su.

Shes my disciple.”

“Doctor Wu, Doctor Su, Im sure youve heard about my wifes condition.”

Yin Changshun went straight to the point.

Old Wu nodded and said calmly, “Ive heard about it.

If its convenient, lets see her first.”

Su Xiaolu smiled and remained silent beside him.

Seeing this, Yin Changshun stood up and said, “Please follow me.”

Yin Changshun led the way and brought Old Wu and Su Xiaolu to the backyard.

Only as he approached the courtyard did he hear a womans angry roar.

“Bitch, get out of here.

Youre an eyesore.

Get out…”

Hearing this roar, Yin Changshun frowned and quickly entered the courtyard.

When the maidservant guarding the door saw him, she immediately went forward and reported, “Master, Young Madam came to visit Madam with some nourishing soup.

Madam was very angry and even hit Young Madam.”

After listening to the maidservant, Yin Changshun walked in angrily.

The servant girl glanced at Old Wu and Su Xiaolu behind her and did not pay much attention to them.

She quickly followed Yin Changshun into the house.

Su Xiaolu did not expect to watch a show when she came here.

She secretly looked at the old man.

His expression was normal.

He was not interested in the fight in the backyard.

Old Wu looked down at Su Xiaolu and tugged at her hair.

Then, he said, “Stupid girl, dont be too curious.

Just be invisible.”

Su Xiaolu nodded.

As they entered the house, they heard a quiet sob.

“Sister, it doesnt matter if you hit or scold me, but you mustnt ruin your health.

Ive made everything you like.

Youll only feel better if you eat something.”

Then, Yin Changshun shouted angrily, “Enough! How long are you going to cause trouble Yaner came to see you out of goodwill.

Why do you have to humiliate her like this!”

“I humiliated her Master, youre really heartless.

You hurt me so much without remembering the past.”

Madam Yins voice trembled slightly as she choked.

She looked at the person she used to sleep with and found him extremely unfamiliar.

“She knew that I didnt like it, but why did she have to come and look at me She said that she would give me tonic soup, but she was just here to stab my eyes.

Her hypocritical look disgusted me.

She clearly couldnt wait for me to die and give up my position to her.

She even wanted to gain a good reputation.”

Madam Yin gritted her teeth and looked at Yin Changshun with hatred and resentment.

Looking at Madam Tang kneeling in front of her, she gritted her teeth tightly.

She really wanted to eat her flesh and blood!

Faced with Madam Yin, who was on the verge of collapse, Madam Tang looked aggrieved.

Tears fell from her eyes again.

She defended herself softly, “Sister, no matter how much you dont believe me, I have to say that I really dont mean anything bad.

I hope that Sister can get better.

Sisters health isnt good, and Master is also sad.

My heart aches when I see it, so I really hope that you can get better.”

Madam Tangs gentleness and understanding words made Yin Changshuns heart soften.

He said gently to Madam Tang, “Get up quickly.

If you have anything to say, say it while standing.

Youve knelt for so long.

Youve knelt enough.”

Madam Yin took a deep breath and almost vomited blood as she looked at Madam Tang.

She looked at Yin Changshun again, feeling suffocated and disappointed.

Madam Yin held her heavy stomach and turned around.

After taking a few deep breaths, she said with difficulty, “Please leave.

I dont want to see you.”

Madam Tang looked worried.

He looked at Yin Changshun and said gently, “Master, quickly persuade Sister.

Its too harmful to be so angry.”

“Sister, you should relax.

This illness can definitely be cured.

There are so many doctors in the world.

There must be someone who can cure it.

Sister will definitely recover and live a long life.”

After Madam Tang finished speaking, she smiled at Yin Changshun.

Yin Changshun gently took her hand and said gently, “Youre kind-hearted.

She doesnt understand your painstaking efforts.”

Madam Tang was gentle and sensible, and she did everything for Madams sake.

However, Madam was too petty and could not tolerate her.

Even so, Madam Tang still tried their best to please Madam.

The kind girl firmly believed that one day, she would be able to move Madam and obtain her approval.

Madam Yin was already trembling with anger.

She gritted her teeth and spat out a word.

“Get lost—”

Yin Changshun was about to flare up when Madam Tang patted his hand gently and smiled at him, silently telling him to be gentle.

Yin Chang looked at the sensible Madam Tang and took a deep breath before saying, “I brought a doctor over to take your pulse.

Ive been worried about your health.”

Madam Yins voice was cold.

“Get out.

I dont want to see anyone.

I just want you to get out of my sight.”

The husband and wife who used to support each other now hated each other.

Lady Yin no longer wanted to say anything.

She was tired.

Her husbands heart was biased towards his concubine.

He didnt believe anything she said.

No matter how much she said, it couldnt compare to the concubines whimper.

When a persons heart changed, it was useless to say anything.

Yin Changshun was so angry that he was about to breathe fire.

Madam Wu looked back at Su Xiaolu and Old Wu.

She smiled at them and said sincerely, “Doctor, please save Madam.”


Old Wus expression did not change as he said indifferently, “Dont worry, I think my medical skills are good and have seen some difficult illnesses.

Madam Yins condition can really be treated.”

Madam Tangs smile froze for a moment.


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