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On the way, Old Wu told Su Xiaolu Zhou Hengs identity.

He also told her some news about the royal underhand fighting.

Looking at the little girl who was listening quietly, Old Wu could not help but ask, “Girl, dont you have anything to say knowing that Zhou Heng is a prince”

Knowing such big news, the little girl was too composed to be surprised.

It was not interesting at all.

She wasted his efforts.

It was boring.

Su Xiaolu thought for a moment and asked, “Master, why did they choose one of the two at that time Cant you save both”


Zhou Zhi and Zhou Heng were twin brothers.

They were already in a fight.

It was normal for Zhou Zhi to feel hatred after being abandoned.

As the empress, the mother of the country, was there really no way to protect both

Or… because of the Masters decree.

Surely they wouldnt choose a demon over a wise ruler.

“Girl, its not easy to get both.

If both of them are taken away by Master, how many people will come after them If things go wrong, Zhou Zhi and Zhou Heng will die.

Leave one as a shield, and the other will have enough time to go far away.”

Old Wu replied calmly.

“Poor him.

He was given up without a choice.”

Su Xiaolu sighed.

She actually didnt believe in demons or wise kings.

Humans were born ignorant, so human nature was inherently kind.

Evil was added bit by bit as people grew.

Old Wu paused for a moment before saying, “Its quite pitiful.

Compared to him, youre living in heaven.

Youre doted on by your brother and sister.

This is rare in the world.”

On this point, Su Sanlang and Madam Zhao did very well.

The children were educated to be pure, kind, and grateful.

Su Xiaolu smiled and said, “Master is right about this.

Ive been very happy since I was born.”

Old Wu looked at Su Xiaolu and said gently, “You seem to be born with good karma.

Youre worthy of all the good things.”

With that, Old Wu quickened his pace.

Su Xiaolu followed him with a smile.

She agreed with him very much.

She was blessed.

Her family protected and doted on her, and she deserved to repay them.

Su Xiaolu caught up with Old Wu and continued to ask, “Master, how is Zhou Zhis leg now”

Zhou Heng was at her house.

He was definitely going back to the capital.

Her brother was also going to the capital in the future.

Zhou Hengs enemies were equivalent to their enemies.

Su Xiaolu wanted to know more so that she would not be in a passive position.

Old Wu said calmly, “Its cut off below the knee.”

Zhou Zhi was already crippled.

Zhou Heng was still fine.

Therefore, as long as he was alive, he would be a knife in Zhou Zhis heart.

He had to be removed to appease his hatred.

“Go back and tell your parents that when we enter the capital for the exam, well cut off contact with Zhou Heng.

In the future, well treat him as a stranger so that we wont be dragged down.”

Old Wu frowned and said.

He felt worried just thinking about it.

When the city gates catch fire, the innocent will be implicated.

Who cares if youre innocent


Su Xiaolu nodded.

After saying so much, Old Wu was already a little anxious.

He glared at Su Xiaolu and said, “Girl, dont ask anymore today.”

Su Xiaolu nodded obediently.

Old Wu did not like to talk too much.

Saying so much to her today was already his limit.

They spent the night in the mountains and set a fire.

Neither of them was good at cooking.

Old Wu was eating half-cooked potatoes.

Old Wu glanced at Su Xiaolu and complained, “Why are you not good at cooking”

If they sleep in the wild, dont even think about pheasants.

They scraped some wild potatoes, buried in the ashes of the fire, which was too big and burned.

Scorched outside, half raw inside.

The texture was not good.

After eating delicious food for a few days, he was really not used to eating these at once.

Su Xiaolu also sighed.

“Master, lets walk the official path tomorrow.”

If they took the main road, they would come across a village.

She found these hard to swallow either.

The master and disciple duo had bitter expressions on their faces as they casually ate two and didnt eat any more.

They stayed by the fire and fell asleep against each others backs.

The next day, Old Wu took Su Xiaolu on the official road.

They bought food.

The tenth day of the first month.

When the two of them arrived at Guyue county, Old Wu asked Su Xiaolu to inquire about Yin Changshuns residence.

Both of them were carrying medical kits, dressed as doctors.

Su Xiaolu asked around at a grocery store and bought a packet of candy.

Then, she smiled and asked the boss, “Boss, Master and I want to go to the Yin Residence.

Please give us directions.”

With business, the boss was very enthusiastic.

He smiled and said, “No problem.

Young lady, youre doctors.

Youre also here to treat Madam Yin, right Lord Yins residence is on East Street.

Go straight in and youll find the fourth residence.

Its very easy to find.”

After hearing the news, Su Xiaolu smiled sweetly and thanked him.

“Thank you for telling us, Boss.

I wish you a prosperous business.”

Businessmen loved to hear nice things.

The boss also said with a smile, “Its fine, its fine.

Take care.”

Su Xiaolu left the shop and asked Old Wu, “Master, do you want a piece”

Old Wu waved his hand.

“I dont want it.”

Su Xiaolu put a piece in her mouth and sucked on the sweetness.

“Master, I found out.

Shall we go over now”

Old Wu nodded.

“Lets go over now.

We can have lunch there.”

Su Xiaolu placed the candy in the medicine box and asked, “Master, what illness does Madam Yin have”

Old Wu took out a letter and handed it to Su Xiaolu.

“Read it yourself.”

Su Xiaolu took out the letter, unfolded it, and quickly read it.

Lady Yin had a strange illness.

Her stomach was as big as a drum for four years.

In the beginning, the physician took her pulse and told her she was pregnant.

However, after ten months of pregnancy, the child in Lady Yins stomach was not born.

Madam Yin always felt pain in her stomach.

She had even taken an aphrodisiac, but thefetus in her stomach just didnt appear.

She went around asking doctors for solutions.

Now, Madam Yins stomach was as big as a drum, and it was starting to become hard.

Her face was pale, and Lord Yin posted notices to seek medical treatment for her.

“I wonder what illness Madam Yin has.

From these words, it seems to be a pregnancy, but she didnt give birth.

Theres something strange about it.

I wont know until I see it.”

Su Xiaolu folded the letter and returned it to him.

Old Wu took it and put it away.

He said, “If you see such a strange illness and are interested, you can go take a look.

Treat it if you can, but forget it if you cant.”

Su Xiaolu nodded and the two of them went to the Yin residence on East Street.

Outside the Yin residence, the servant came out and asked, “Whats the matter”

Old Wu said calmly, “We are doctors who have been traveling around.

When we saw the notice posted by the Yin Residence, we came to visit you.

Please inform us.”


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