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Su Sanmei nodded.

“Okay, Daddy.

Be careful.”

Su Sanlang looked at Madam Zhao and said, “Darling, its not dark yet and setting up those traps wont take much time.”

Madam Zhao nodded slightly and said, “Sanlang, be careful on the way.”

After saying that, Madam Zhao instructed her two sons, “Hua and Chong, you have to listen to Daddy, understand”

Su Chong and Su Hua nodded.

Theyll do as theyre told.

Su Sanlang went out with Su Chong and Su Hua after washing the rice and starting the fire.

Su Sanmei watched over the fire obediently.

Madam Zhao patted Su Xiaolu and said softly after feeding her, “Simei, sleep well.

Ill clean up the cotton.”

Su Xiaolu pouted, blinked, and obediently went to sleep.

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Over the past few days, Madam Zhao had been in a much better state than before.

Their family was not doing well.

If she did nothing, she would be anxious.

She could just sit on the bed and make some clothes.

It would not be too tiring to move her hands.

She would also keep an eye on her and let Madam Zhao rest every once in a while.

She also sank her consciousness into the Space to absorb spiritual energy.

Seeing that Su Xiaolu was obedient, Madam Zhao heaved a sigh of relief.

She could not help but laugh at herself for speaking foolishly to her younger daughter.

Madam Zhao did not have the time to think too much.

She started to prepare the cotton.

Ordinary cotton was not carefully selected.

There would also be some leaves and other things inside.

She picked those out and threw them away so that the finished clothes would be comfortable to wear.

After she worked for a while, Su Xiaolu would make some noise and Madam Zhao would have to rest for a while.

If she didnt rest, Su Xiaolu would cry.

Helpless, Madam Zhao could only rest after every hour.

Looking at Su Xiaolus obedient appearance, she couldnt help but mutter, “Simei, are you feeling sorry for me For some reason, I feel that youre very sensible, even though youre just a baby.

How can you understand Perhaps youre just not used to me not holding you.”

Su Xiaolu obediently leaned against Madam Zhao without crying or making a fuss.

Madam Zhao smiled again and said, “But I believe that you feel sorry for me and want me to rest.”

Su Xiaolu opened her eyes and looked at Madam Zhao.

Madam Zhao looked at Su Xiaolus bright eyes and could not help but kiss her cheek.

“Simeis eyes are so beautiful.”

If Su Xiaolu could speak, she would also tell Madam Zhao that her eyes were really gentle.

Everyone in the family made her feel warm.

Madam Zhao rested for a while before continuing to clean up the cotton.

After Su Sanmei finished cooking, she put off the fire and came to help clean up.

When it was completely dark and all the cotton had been cleaned up, Madam Zhao said worriedly, “Why arent they back yet”

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Just then, a noise came from outside.

“Darling, Im back.”

Hearing Su Sanlangs voice, Madam Zhao was relieved.

She smiled and said to Su Sanmei, “Sanmei, go get water for your father to wash his hands and eat.”

“Sure thing.”

Su Sanmei got out of bed and went out.

It was really too late today.

Su Sanlang said apologetically to the three children, “Can I cook that egg for you all tomorrow”

Su Chong and Su Hua were craving eggs, but they still remembered what they said not long ago.

They shook their heads and said, “No, its for little sister.”

Su Sanmei also said, “Father, we wont eat it.

When the hen lays an egg again tomorrow, well cook poached eggs for Mother.”

Su Sanlang smiled and nodded.


Su Sanmei did not know that chickens did not lay eggs every day.

Su Sanlang looked into her glittering eyes and could not bear to tell her this.


Su Sanlang first brought food to Madam Zhao before coming out to eat.

Su Sanmei was sitting on a small stool with her two brothers and eating slowly.

When she saw Su Sanlang come out, Su Sanmei said, “Father, should I continue catching insects with my big brother and second brother tomorrow”

Su Sanlang thought for a moment and shook his head.

“Tomorrow, Chong and Hua will be turning the soil with Father.

They wont be able to catch insects with you.

You can still catch them.”

The firewood business was out of the question, and the traps might not yield anything.

The most important thing in the house was the land.

The four acres of land here had been abandoned for a long time and it was thin and dry.

He would have to turn the soil and sprinkle some vegetable seeds to nourish the land over the winter.

Although the two sons were mentally disabled, they were still half-grown and considered half a labor.

Since Madam Zhao needed someone by her side, it was just right for Su Sanmei to stay and take care of Madam Zhao and the child.

Su Sanmei smiled and nodded.

“Okay, Ill catch a lot for our chickens.”

Su Sanlang smiled warmly.

Not long after dinner, the family washed up and went to bed.

The next morning, Su Sanlang got up first to turn the soil.

Madam Zhao also got up.

She had taken Su Sanlangs measurements last night and could start to cut the cloth.

There were no scissors at home, so she asked Su Sanlang to give her the scythe in advance.

Su Sanmei was sleeping soundly next to Su Xiaolu.

The two sons were also fast asleep on the other bed.

Madam Zhao worked quietly, but she was fast and focused.

Su Xiaolu only sighed and did not disturb Madam Zhao.

She knew that if the familys situation was better, Madam Zhao would not be so anxious.

The weather was gradually getting colder, and there was not much at home.

If Madam Zhao were to lie down for a month or two, her heart would burn with anxiety.

Since everyone was trying their best, she could not stay idle.

Su Xiaolu tried her best to struggle her hand out.

Since she could not feed Madam Zhao, she would give her diligent and cute sister some spiritual spring water.

Without enough food and clothes, Su Sanmei was also thin and small.

Her hair was yellow and messy.

Su Xiaolu put her hand into Su Sanmeis mouth and the spiritual spring water moistened her mouth.

In her sleep, Su Sanmei knew nothing.

She subconsciously swallowed the sweetness in her mouth.

After feeding her for a while, Su Xiaolu retracted her hand.

Her third sister doted on her so much.

If she woke up and found herself sucking on her sisters fingers, she would probably be frightened.

After doing all this, Su Xiaolu sank her consciousness into the Space to recuperate.

When it was about time, she came out and cried to make Madam Zhao rest.

Hearing her cries, Su Sanmei woke up and quickly patted Su Xiaolu.

“Dont cry, Simei.”

When Madam Zhao saw that Su Sanmei was awake, she said, “Sanmei, coax Simei.

Ill be done soon.”

Su Xiaolu pursed her lips and let out an aggrieved and loud cry.

“Wah… Wah…”

Su Sanmei was shocked and at a loss.

Su Chong and Su Hua were both woken up by the crying.

Even Su Sanlang, who was behind the house, was alarmed.

He looked up at the sky and thought it was time to make breakfast.

Su Sanlang put down his hoe and returned.

Before he entered the house, he asked, “Whats wrong with Simei Why is she crying so loudly”

Madam Zhao quickly put down the cloth in her hand and went over to hold Su Xiaolu.

As she coaxed her, she replied to Su Sanlang, “Sanlang, I dont know either.

Maybe she woke up and didnt see me.”

“Alright, alright, Mother is here.

Simei, be good and stop crying—”

Madam Zhao coaxed her patiently and even wanted to feed Su Xiaolu.

However, Su Xiaolu refused and cried until her face turned red.

Madam Zhao did not know what to do either.


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