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Su Xiaozhi was extremely afraid.

Hu Shuangshuang, Hu Changshou, and Hu Changyang did not speak.

Madam Cao pulled Su Xiaozhi up and said calmly, “Remember what you said.

Guard your duty well in the future and dont do anything you shouldnt do.”

After this lesson, Su Xiaozhi would stay well-behaved for a long time.

She also understood that Su Xiaozhi could not sustain a family, and she would not let Su Xiaozhi manage it in the future.

When her grandson grew up, she would choose a good wife for him.

In the future, his grandson would be the man of the house.

Su Xiaozhi wouldnt think about the children.

She couldnt do that.

In the future, her granddaughter would also have to get married.

Not to mention how good it would be, at the very least, she could not be casually bullied.

If she did not want to be bullied, her family had to be unyielding.

Su Xiaozhi could not do this.

Madam Cao looked at Su Xiaozhi coldly.

Su Xiaozhi felt guilty and weakly promised to be obedient in the future.

Madam Cao did not say anything else.

When they reached Su Sanlangs house, Madam Cao said to Su Xiaozhi, “Go back and cook with the children.

I have something on.

Ill be back later.”

Su Xiaozhi wanted to ask what it was, but when she saw Madam Caos cold gaze, she swallowed the question.

She nodded and said, “Okay.”

Su Xiaozhi felt terrible.

She knew that not only could she not return to the past with her third brother and his family, but she could not return to the past with her mother-in-law either.

She was hurting inside, but she couldnt blame anyone for any of this.

Shed asked for it.


She took the three children home.

Su Xiaozhi couldnt help but apologize to the children.

“Im sorry.

Im sorry.

Dont hate me.”

Hu Shuangshuang pursed her lips.

Finally, she said, “Mother, I wont hate you.”

Hu Changshou also said, “Me neither.”

Hu Changyang hurriedly said, “I dont hate mother either.”

Tears streamed down Su Xiaozhis face.


After Madam Cao knocked on the door, someone quickly opened it.

Su Sanlangs family was there.

Only Su Xiaolu and Su Chong were practicing martial arts next door.

When she saw Madam Zhao and Su Sanlang, Madam Cao looked tired.

She sighed and said, “Sanlang, I really have no choice.

Please dont blame me for treating Xiaozhi like this.”

“Xiaozhi cant stand her ground.

If we let her go on like this, I really dont know what she will do.”

Madam Cao felt very guilty when she saw Su Sanlang.

After all, Su Sanlang had helped her family a lot.

Unfortunately, Su Xiaozhi was not firm enough.

She had made a mistake by letting her contact the other side.

She was also responsible for what happened to Su Xiaozhi.

If she didnt do anything, Su Xiaozhi would definitely do something to harm the other families.

Looking at the guilty Madam Cao, Su Sanlang stepped forward to support her.

He sighed and said, “Auntie, you dont have to blame yourself.

You did the right thing.”

Everyone in the village knew that Madam Cao was going to settle the score.

Chen Hu quietly went to take a look and told him about it when he came back.

Su Sanlang was already disappointed in Su Xiaozhi.

It was fine if Su Xiaozhi did not care about herself, but she did not even think about the children.

After Chen Hu said that, Su Sanlang decided to support Madam Cao.

As long as Madam Cao did not torture Su Xiaozhi, he would not care.

Now that Madam Cao had told him this, Su Sanlang had even fewer concerns.

Madam Cao was treating Su Xiaozhi coldly now for her own good.

She would not really torture Su Xiaozhi.

“Its great that you can trust me.

Dont worry, Im not an unreasonable person.

I wont really bully Xiaozhi.

Xiaozhi will think it through in the future.”

Madam Cao was relieved.

Su Sanlang was a magnanimous person.

As long as she did things with principles, Su Sanlang would not blame her.

Such a good child.

That family was really unlucky.

It would be best if Su Xiaozhi could figure it out.

If she couldnt, then she could forget about managing this family in the future.

She just had to live a good life.

“Yes, we know.

Auntie, dont worry.

Just raise Shuangshuang and the others well.”

Su Sanlang nodded.

He knew in his heart that Su Xiaozhi could not be firm.

It was good that she did not manage the family.

Madam Cao could be stable and the children could rely on her.

This was good.

Hu Daniu passed away.

He promised to help take care of the children.

They helped with the work.

Three taels a month was enough for them.

After saying what she wanted to say, Madam Cao understood what Su Sanlang meant.

She said gratefully to Su Sanlang, “Sanlang, thank you.

Ill go back first.”

Madam Cao remembered the gratitude in her heart.

Su Sanlang didnt need it now, and probably wouldnt need it in the future, but as long as they all remembered it, they could repay it when they needed it.

Thinking of Su Xiaozhi, Madam Cao sighed.

She knew that Su Xiaozhi had disappointed Su Sanlang, but even so, Su Sanlang still remembered her kindness.

Su Sanlang was a good person.

After Madam Cao left.

Su Sanlang sighed.

Madam Zhao said nothing.

Su Xiaozhi was actually very lucky.

After all, Madam Cao had never really made things difficult for her.

After such a huge commotion, Su Xiaozhi would never see her salary again.

She felt guilty, so when she worked again, she kept her head down most of the time.

The children who played together were still as good to Hu Shuangshuang, Hu Changshou, and Hu Changyang as before.

Su Xiaozhi was very grateful.

Madam Cao had strictly taught the three children to be grateful.

They were not as close as before, but they quickly found comfortable positions for each other.

Everyone let the matter pass.

Spring came.

The Su family had come to look for Su Sanlang a few times with the intention of befriending him.

Su Sanlang did not go.

He knew what the clan wanted.

He ignored them, and the clan could not do anything to him.

On the 13th of February, Su Chong, Su Hua, and Zhou Heng participated in the county examination.

Lin Pingsheng brought them to Anping County.

Anping County was not far from Goathorn Town.

It was a four-hour journey.

But it would take two days in a row, and that would take days, including traveling.

These few days felt like years to Su Sanlang and Madam Zhao.

Madam Zhao looked forward to their return every day.

She wondered if the children would do well.

How would she comfort them if they didnt

Madam Zhao was anxious.

Only after passing the county examination would they be qualified to participate in the prefecture examination in April and the academy examination in June.

Madam Zhao was so worried that she could not even eat.

Not only Madam Zhao, but everyone in the family had been worried these past few days.

Even Su Xiaolu was distracted when she was practicing martial arts.

Gui You frowned and pulled Su Xiaolus braid.

He said unhappily, “Girl, I dont care what will happen if your eldest brother and second brother dont do well.

If you dont practice well now, I guarantee that you wont recover.”

Su Xiaolu exclaimed and scratched her head.

“Master Gui You, have you taken the imperial examination Is it really difficult”

Gui You snorted.

“If its not difficult, everyone will be an Elementary Scholar.

How can there be so many students who cant even pass the examination Many children in your village must have gone to school.

In the past few years, there hasnt been a single one who passed.

Do you think its difficult”

“Practice quickly.

You were distracted seventeen or eighteen times today.

Youre lucky I didnt come after you.”

This family was really united.

All of them were distracted and couldnt eat well for the past two days.

Anyone who looked at others with a sad expression every day wouldnt be able to eat well.


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