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“Village Chief, the Su family cant take this money no matter what.

You have to uphold justice for me today.

Otherwise, at the risk of my old bones, Ill have to go to the county and sue them.

My man is gone and my son is dead, but I still have two grandchildren.

What right does the Su family have to bully people like this No matter what, I wont stop today!”


After Madam Cao finished speaking, she waited for Old Master Wang to speak.

Anyway, since she was here, she had no intention of letting it go.

Not only did she want Su Xiaozhi to never be able to give them money again, but she also wanted them to spit out what they had taken.

Old Master Wang was shocked when he heard this.

Seeing how confident Madam Cao was and how determined she was to settle the score, Old Master Wang knew that this matter would not be easy to resolve.

The Su family was really good at causing trouble.

Why didnt they know how to be satisfied They always forced people into this state.

“Hu family, calm down.

The Su family is unreasonable in this matter.

Its only right that you seek justice.

Dont be angry.

Ill go with you.

Your two families will make things clear in front of each other.

What should be yours will be returned by the Su family.

Ill ask them to return it.”

Old Master Wang said slowly.

Madam Cao was backed by Su Sanlangs family.

His children called Su Sanlang uncle.

Things were different now.

His family also planted a large batch of vegetables every year to sell to Su Sanlangs family.

Moreover, this matter was indeed unreasonable on the Su familys side.

This girl belonged to someone else after she got married.

They were even so greedy.

How annoying.


“Eldest Brother, Second Brother, go to Grand Duke Sus house and invite them over.

If this matter is blown up, it will be a disgrace to the clan.

If word gets out, who will dare to marry the sister of the Su family in the future If they dont abide by the rules, who will dare to marry”


Old Master Wang turned around and instructed his son.

Then, he said to Madam Cao, “Hu family, lets go.

Ill go with you first.”

Madam Cao nodded and went over with Old Master Wang.

Su Xiaozhi was a little flustered.

She was distracted and no one knew what she was thinking.

Hu Shuangshuang looked at her worriedly and reached out to hold Su Xiaozhis arm, wanting to give her support.

Su Xiaozhi also seemed to have found support.

Tears flowed out of her eyes and she choked, “How did it become like this”

She was about to ask if she could not go.

Hu Shuangshuang spoke first.

She said firmly to Su Xiaozhi, “Mother, dont worry.

We will seek justice for you.”

With that, Hu Shuangshuang stopped looking at Su Xiaozhi and helped her along.

Her grandma was right.

Mother was weak.

Whether Su Xiaozhi was willing or not, this was not just about her.

It concerned the entire Hu family.

Therefore, Su Xiaozhi could not do this.

Previously, Madam Cao had let her be out of trust and love.

However, it was obvious that she couldnt continue like this.

However, Su Xiaozhi still didnt have the guts to do so.

That was why Madam Cao gave her face.

Su Xiaozhi could not think too much about it.

She was very afraid of the impending storm and could not avoid it even if she wanted to.

On the way, Madam Cao loudly told Old Master Wang about the cause of this matter.

Her voice was loud.

Coupled with the fact that it was only the second day of the new year, most people were at home.

Hearing this, everyone followed her to watch the show.

Hearing what Madam Cao said, people also felt that the Su family was too much.

This girl would belong to someone else if she married out.

She would visit as a relative during festivals.

Being filial was a good thing, but reaching out to take money from her in-laws was too much.

No wonder Madam Cao was angry.

Most of the villagers grew vegetables and sold them to Su Sanlangs family.

The Hu family was so close to Su Sanlangs family.

Under the conditions that the Su family had already done, people would naturally be on Madam Caos side.

At the Su residence.

Madam Li and Madam Zhou were washing their clothes.

When they saw so many people coming, including the village chief and Madam Cao, their expressions changed.

Madam Li shouted into the house, “Father, mother, come out quickly.

The village chief is here.”

Seeing Madam Cao holding onto Su Xiaozhi, Madam Li and Madam Zhou exchanged glances and knew that something was wrong.

“Su, quickly come out and tell me what youre thinking.”

As soon as Madam Cao stood still, she took a deep breath and shouted loudly.

Old Master Su and Madam Wang heard the commotion and came out of the main house to the courtyard.

Seeing so many people in the courtyard, Madam Wangs sharp eyes stared at Su Xiaozhi.

She first cried fiercely, “Heavens, theres no justice…”



Madam Cao spat at Madam Wang to vent her anger.

“Its said dignity is the most important thing for a person.

Isnt the Su family too shameless Su Xiaozhi married into the Hu family, so shes a member of the Hu family.

What do you mean by instigating her to take the Hu familys money to give to you You dare to shout that theres no justice If the heavens come, theyll be the first to kill you two old bastards!”

Madam Cao pointed at Old Master Su fiercely and scolded him.

Old Master Sus face darkened.

Madam Wang was also stunned.

Without her son and husband, how could she dare to come here and cause trouble

She had to swallow her losses.

How could she do this

Madam Wang placed her hands on her hips and said sharply, “Madam Cao, Im afraid youve gone senile.

This isnt Little Hu Village.

This is Southern Mountain Village!”

Madam Cao was crazy.

She actually dared to come to her house and cause trouble.

She even dared to spit at her.

If she hadnt dodged quickly, she would have spat on her.

Madam Cao smiled coldly and spat on Madam Wangs face.

Then, she said angrily, “So what if this is Southern Mountain Village Can the maternal family of Southern Mountain Village reach out to a married girl for money If you say that, can you represent the entire Southern Mountain Village”

If Madam Wang wanted to bring up the village, Madam Cao would do as she wished.

Before the Wang family could refute, another villager retorted, “Madam Wang, dont say that.

Even my daughter has to abide by the rules when she gets married.

Listen to your in-laws.

Were not as greedy as you.

Its good if she shows filial piety, but if she doesnt, we wont say anything.”

Madam Wang wanted to drag an entire village down with her, but the others were not willing.

Which family would be willing to marry such a family

A daughter-in-law added to a familys wealth.

If she didnt care about her in-laws and instead gave all her money to her maiden home, who could stand it

There was a limit to everything.

Everyone criticized Madam Wang.

Madam Wang was rendered speechless.

Madam Cao pulled Su Xiaozhi to the front and questioned Madam Wang, “Madam Wang, Su Xiaozhi is my family now that shes married into my family.

What do you mean by beating her up like this Today, you have to return the 18 taels of silver that Su Xiaozhi gave you.

You have beaten her up for no reason.

You have to pay for the medicine.

Otherwise, I wont let you off even if I sue you to the county!”

Madam Wang was furious.

When she saw Su Xiaozhi, she reached out and pinched her.

“You heartless…”

She had only pinched her twice when Madam Cao raised her wooden stick and hit Madam Wang.

Madam Wang immediately retracted her hand in pain.


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