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“Mother, why are you here”

Hearing Madam Caos voice, Su Xiaozhi hurriedly wiped her tears.

But when she spoke, her voice was hoarse.

Madam Cao couldnt see it, but she wasnt deaf.

She recognized it immediately.

Madam Cao sighed and reached out to pull Su Xiaozhi up.

When she touched Su Xiaozhis arm, she hissed.

Madam Caos heart ached.

“They even hit you”

Su Xiaozhi slowly stood up.

In the blurry night, Madam Cao saw that Su Xiaozhis hair was disheveled.

Madam Cao combed her hair and saw that Su Xiaozhis face seemed to be swollen.

Madam Cao was so angry that she stabbed the wooden stick fiercely.

“How can they hit you How can they hit you!!!”

“Youve been married to our family for so many years, but Daniu had never hit you when he was alive.

No matter how angry I was, I didnt touch you at all.

Youre now a member of our Hu family.

What right do they have to hit you!”

Madam Cao was furious.

Su Xiaozhi was her daughter-in-law.

Logically speaking, after marrying into the Hu family, she would be a member of the Hu family.

No matter what, the Su family had no reason to hit her like this.

Moreover, Su Xiaozhi even gave them money.

“No, how can they do this Lets go and find the village chief to seek justice for you.”

Madam Cao hated Su Xiaozhis weakness, but she knew that she could not be weak.

If she was weak, the Su family would bully her.

Therefore, this matter could not be forgotten no matter what.

Su Xiaozhi choked with grievance.

Hearing Madam Cao protect her so much, her tears fell like rain.

She said with difficulty, “Mother, Im sorry.

Im useless and have caused you trouble.”

Su Xiaozhi felt guilty.

She felt very sorry for Madam Cao and even more so for Hu Daniu.

“Mother, can we just forget about this matter I wont give them money.

Ill just avoid them.”


Su Xiaozhi sniffed and said.

She really did not want to make a scene anymore.

This kind of pain was too difficult to bear.

At most, she would hide further away in the future.

Madam Cao took a deep breath and said seriously, “Xiaozhi, youre still too young.

I dont blame you for not understanding me.

Youre not that heartless.

I dont blame you either.

You can tolerate being bullied, but I dont blame you.

If you can tolerate it, then endure it yourself.

Dont make us all endure it with you!”


“Its too late today.

Come home with me first.

Tomorrow morning, Ill go look for the village chief.

I have to talk to them about this matter.

Just dont say anything when the time comes.

Youre the daughter-in-law of my Hu family.

To put it bluntly, if I dont let go, you can only be the daughter-in-law of my Hu family for the rest of your life.

If your parents hit you like this, its not just about you, but also the face of my Hu family.

Theyre bullying me and the children.

If I dont say anything and endure it, then why did my entire family move to Southern Mountain Village In the same clan, at least they wont attack you like this.”

With that, Madam Cao pulled Su Xiaozhi home.

She had always been good to Su Xiaozhi, so Su Xiaozhi did not understand these things.

She had never been tortured by her mother-in-law, so she did not know what a mother-in-law could do!

Su Xiaozhi could tolerate it, but she could not let it go.

She had brought her family to Southern Mountain Village because she wanted to live a stable life.

When Hu Changshou and Hu Changyang grew up and could get married, they could return to Xiaohu Village so that they would not be bullied by their own clan.

If she came here and had to endure the bullying of the Su family, what was she doing here

Su Xiaozhi was stunned and could not come back to her senses.

Her heart was in a mess because what Madam Cao said was completely different from what Madam Wang said.

Madam Wang said to her, “I gave birth to you.

Youre the daughter of the Su family.

Hu Daniu is dead.

You cant stay in the Hu family forever.

When you get married, you still have to leave the house.”

“You have nothing to do with the Hu family.

If you want to remarry, the Hu family will definitely hate you to death.

At that time, you can only rely on the Su family.”

Su Xiaozhi had mixed feelings.

Ever since she got married, Madam Cao had never been so strict with her or said such harsh words.

Her heart was a mess.

She called out weakly, “Mother.”

Madam Cao did not answer.

She knew that Su Xiaozhi was testing her.

She thought that Su Xiaozhi could resolve the matter clearly, but obviously, she could not.

Not only could Su Xiaozhi not resolve it, but she was also beaten up.

After being beaten up, she even wanted to make peace.

She could not indulge her anymore.

With her son Hu Daniu around, Su Xiaozhi could manage the family.

However, Su Xiaozhi was not firm enough.

Her heart was easily shaken.

If she did not show some ruthlessness, this family would be eaten up by the Su family.

Su Xiaozhi panicked when Madam Cao didnt answer her.

After a while, Madam Cao said indifferently, “Xiaozhi, as long as Im not dead, Ill be in charge of this family in the future.

Your salary will also be handed over to me in the future.

Youre the daughter-in-law of the Hu family, so the money you earn belongs to the Hu family.

Im your mother-in-law.

Its only right for me to take care of you.

When I have time, Ill tell Su Sanlang that your salary will be paid to me in the future.”

“Changyang and Changshou are also going to marry in the future.

You can learn from me how to be a mother-in-law in the future.”


Thinking of her two grandsons, Madam Cao became even more determined.

She could not let Su Xiaozhi continue like this.

If Su Xiaozhi continued like this, things would only get worse.

Madam Cao was determined, so she put away her usual gentleness and became stern.

Su Xiaozhi was unsure.

When they got home, Madam Cao ignored Su Xiaozhi and went to bed.

Hu Shuangshuang was very worried.

Madam Cao sternly asked Hu Shuangshuang to sleep with her.

Su Xiaozhis heart skipped a beat.

Now, she understood that her mother-in-law had changed.

She ached inside, but she knew shed asked for it.

Su Xiaozhi was very tired.

She didnt care about the injuries on her face.

When she got into bed, she curled up in bed and cried silently.

She was lost, helpless, and in pain.

After Madam Cao and Su Xiaozhi returned home, Su Xiaolu and Su Chong also returned home.

When they got home, Su Chong said to Su Xiaolu gently, “Xiaolu, go to sleep.

Ill tell Father and Mother about this.”

Su Xiaolu nodded.

Su Sanlang and Madam Zhao should know about this.

Su Xiaolu returned to her room.

Su Xiaoling was still awake.

As soon as Su Xiaolu lay down, she felt that her blanket was warm.

She snuggled into Su Xiaolings arms and confessed, “Sis, Brother and I went to the Su family with Aunt…”

Su Xiaolu told Su Xiaoling everything.

Su Xiaoling listened while touching Su Xiaolus limbs to see if she was cold.

After Su Xiaolu finished speaking, Su Xiaoling sighed and said, “Dont think about it.

Father and Mother will take care of it.

Go to sleep quickly.”

Su Xiaolu was indeed sleepy and soon fell asleep.

Dimly, she seemed to hear Su Xiaolings faint murmur.

Su Xiaoling gently smoothed Su Xiaolus hair and kissed her forehead.

“Xiaolu, I will always be good to you.”

If anyone bullied her, she would never turn a blind eye.

She would only stand in front of her and protect her.


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