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They would have to rely on Su Xiaozhi to lead a good life in the future.

Su Xiaozhi was really rich.

In less than a year, she could give her mother-in-law more than ten taels.

Su Sanlang was definitely generous to her.

Su Xiaozhi was like a money tree.

They had to hold on to this tree tightly.

If they couldnt take from Su Sanlang, its good enough to take from Su Xiaozhi.

Su Sanlang was determined, but Su Xiaozhi was soft-hearted.

Su Sanlang gave money to Su Xiaozhi, and Su Xiaozhi gave it to them.

It was all the same.

Madam Li and Madam Zhou both knew this very well in their hearts, so she let the children get close to Su Xiaozhi.

Su Chaocai and the other children smiled at Su Xiaozhi and greeted her.

Even Su Yufang stepped forward and greeted her sweetly.

She was already 14 years old and was at the right age for marriage.

If she knew that her aunt was rich and built a good relationship with her, Su Xiaozhi might give her more dowry when she got married.

Su Dalang also smiled and said, “Little sister, you still have a conscience, unlike that heartless Su Sanlang.

When life is good, he forgets his parents and brothers.”

Su Erlang echoed, “Thats right, Xiaozhi, you cant learn from him.

Youre still young.

You still have to find a good family in the future.

Dont worry, Big Brother and I will support you when the time comes.

Also, your five nephews will be your strong backing!”

As long as Su Xiaozhi could give them benefits.

Su Xiaozhi did not say anything.

Her face was pale.

The family chatted happily, and no one noticed her abnormality.

She hadnt had a chance to say a word since entering the house.

Listening to them, Su Xiaozhi didnt feel good at all.

Finally, Madam Wang reached out to Su Xiaozhi and said matter-of-factly, “Wheres the money Give it to me.”

At this moment, the family looked at Su Xiaozhi seriously and waited for her to take the money.

Su Xiaozhi gulped.

She looked up at Madam Wang and said, “Mother, I dont have any money.”

After Su Xiaozhi finished speaking, the air seemed to freeze for a few breaths.

Madam Wang was the first to regain her senses.

She glared at Su Xiaozhi angrily and shouted, “If youre not here to give money, why are you here”

“Aunt, what do you mean by that Chao and Shun are your nephews.

How can you say that”

Madam Li also questioned angrily.

Madam Zhou also frowned and said, “Didnt we already agree on it The girls are all waiting over there.

If you dont agree now, what should we do”

Su Chao and Su Lei, who were waiting to get married, were anxious.

Su Shun and Su Qing also looked at Su Xiaozhi anxiously.

Old Master Su frowned and looked at Su Xiaozhi unhappily.

At this moment, it was as if everything was Su Xiaozhis fault.

Su Xiaozhi was not feeling good, but since they were her parents, brothers, and relatives, she still explained, “Dad, Mom, Big Brother, Sister-in-law, Second Brother, Second Sister-in-law, and Chao, listen to me first.”

“I really dont have any money left.

I cant give you any money.

Third Brother gives me a tael of silver for my salary every month.

Ive used it to show filial respect to Mother.

Ive even taken out a lot of Shuangshuang and my mother-in-laws money.

I really cant give you fifty taels now… I—”

Su Xiaozhi explained patiently.

Thinking that a portion of the money she gave to her parents belonged to Madam Cao and her daughter, Su Xiaozhi felt guilty.

She had sons and daughters, too.

She should think of her children, too.

Su Xiaozhi had not even said that she would not give them money to show filial piety to her parents in the future.

Before she could say this, Madam Wang interrupted her!

“Your family can earn more than 30 taels a year.

Why cant you give me 50 taels If you dont have money, why dont you ask that guy with a rotten conscience for money He earns so much money.

Its not too much to give you 100 taels a year! And your damn mother-in-law.

She shamelessly came to our village to live.

Its already good enough that she has food and accommodation.

She still wants money! Su Xiaozhi, Im warning you.

You only gave me 18 taels last year.

You have to give me the remaining 12 taels!”

Madam Wang was so angry that she pointed at Su Xiaozhis head.

Her heart ached at the thought that she had only received eighteen taels.

It was impossible for Su Xiaozhi not to pay!

If she had no money, she should figure it out herself.

In any case, she had to give it to her.

Madam Wang pinched Su Xiaozhis ear and said, “Remember this well.

I gave birth to you.

You cant side with outsiders.

Hu Daniu died, so be it.

You still have to marry in the future.

Who can you rely on to get married Only your parents, brothers, and nephews are reliable, understand You have to get back the money from the Hu family.

Its good enough that she has a place to eat and live.

Does she still want money I think that old woman is shameless.

Ill tear her mouth apart if she doesnt give me the money.”

After Madam Wang vented her anger, she said to Su Xiaozhi, “Did you hear that”

Su Xiaozhis mind was blank.

For a moment, she did not know what to say.

With Madam Wang dealing with Su Xiaozhi, no one said anything.

Madam Li and Madam Zhou were also silent.

They knew very well how powerful Madam Wang was.

Besides, if they took money from Su Xiaozhi, they would benefit from it.

It was for their sons to get married, so Madam Wang was right!

Su Xiaozhis mind went blank.

Madam Wang looked furious, as if Su Xiaozhi had done something treasonous.

Seeing that Su Xiaozhi did not move, she shouted, “What are you waiting for Hurry up and get the money.”

Old Master Su said with a dark expression, “Xiaozhi, dont forget that your surname is Su.”

Su Xiaozhis expression was numb.

It took her a while to collect her thoughts.

She looked at Old Master Su and then at Madam Wang.

“Father, mother, if you want my life, take it.

But I dont have money.”

How could she face them if she really agreed

How could she agree She would never agree.

“Aunt, what about my wife Im already 21 years old.

Im old enough to be a father in the village.

Everyone is laughing at me behind my back.”

Su Chao was the oldest among the children.

He was already 21 years old.

He should have gotten a wife long ago, but he also wanted to wait for his brother to become an Elementary Scholar so that he could have a higher status and find a good-looking wife.


Now that the plan fell through, he was a laughingstock.

He wanted to get married as soon as possible.

When Su Shun and Su Qing enrolled, they spent a lot of money every year.

They said that their family was poor and all their hopes were on Su Xiaozhi.

He did not want to wait any longer.

Su Xiaozhi looked at Su Chao.

Her nephew, who had been good to her just now, was now filled with resentment.

Su Xiaozhi said indifferently, “Chao, if you want to find a wife, thats your parents business.

It has nothing to do with me.”


“Thats right.

Lei, Qing, and Shun, you have nothing to do with me.

Whether you can get a wife is none of my business.

I wont give you money.

Its fine even if Father and Mother dont acknowledge me as their daughter,” Su Xiaozhi said coldly.



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