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The old man really doted on her.

He left everything to her.

He wasnt afraid that a child like her would mess around.


The old man treated her like a child, but sometimes he didnt treat her like a child at all.

Su Xiaolu had never left this place, so she did not know how rich Minggu was.

However, the old mans generosity did not stop her from fantasizing about Minggus wealth.

“Sister, you have to learn how to brew medicine from me in the future.

Master sent me a letter asking me to build up my foundation.

Soon, a master with strong martial arts will come to teach me martial arts.

I wont be able to find time to brew medicine.”

The old man had sent a letter a few days ago.

It said that her master was already on his way and would arrive in less than two months.

He told her to train herself well and not be despised when the time came.

The cooperation with Madam Lian was already profitable.

The follow-up of the scar removal medicine could not be stopped.

Su Xiaolu directly taught this to Su Xiaoling.

If she went to Sun residence now, Su Xiaoling would go with her.

Su Xiaoling took a few deep breaths before saying, “Xiaolu, I will definitely learn well.”

“Sister, can we sleep now”

Su Xiaolu yawned.

Su Xiaoling put away the banknotes and climbed into bed.

Su Xiaolu naturally snuggled into her arms and soon fell asleep.

Su Xiaoling sighed and secretly kissed Su Xiaolus forehead.

“Xiaolu, thank you.”

With such a good sister, she would have tens of thousands of taels of silver every year in the future.

She would not be able to spend such wealth in a few lifetimes.

Su Xiaolu made sure that she would never have to worry about money again.

It was nice to be able to spend every day of her life feeling happy.

The next day, Su Xiaolu went into town with her family.

When she arrived in town and went to Sun residence with Su Xiaoling, Su Xiaolu started to let Su Xiaoling learn how to brew medicine.

She kept an eye on her.

Su Xiaoling was nervous.

“Xiaolu, you should do it.

Im afraid Ill ruin it.”

This pot cost thousands of taels of silver.

Su Xiaolings heart ached just thinking about it.

It was fine if she helped grind the herbs and concoct the medicine, but if she had to brew it herself, she would panic.

Su Xiaolu put her hands behind her back and said in an old-fashioned tone, “What are you afraid of Its the same as you making medicinal cuisine.

Youve just gotten used to it.

Its normal for you to spoil a few pots.”

Su Xiaolu felt that she was becoming more and more like the old man.

Looking at her third sister now, she felt like she was a disciple teaching her own disciple.

Her own family was definitely the best.

Even if they did not do well, it was not their fault.

Moreover, the pressure to study was already very high.

If she continued to pressure Su Xiaoling, wouldnt she be even more tired This wouldnt do.

That was why she asked Su Xiaoling to do it boldly.

If it went bad, so be it.

Su Xiaolings heart ached.

How could this happen

Alright, seeing that Su Xiaolu didnt care at all and only asked her to do as she pleased, Su Xiaoling became even more focused.

She definitely couldnt make a mistake and fail!

Sun Baoshan and Sun Baoqian often came to look for Su Xiaolu and Su Xiaoling.

They often ate medicinal cuisine, and their faces were red.

Su Xiaoling had been in charge for a month, so she did not need Su Xiaolu to watch over her anymore.

Su Xiaolu also began to train herself all day and dragged Sun Baoshan and Sun Baoqian along.

In late December, Su Xiaolu had yet to meet the master mentioned in the old mans letter.

She was getting depressed.

On December 22nd, after Sun Baoshan and Sun Baoqian were injected with needles, no black poison condensed on the tip of the needles.

Su Xiaolu took out a needle and said under Madam Lians expectant gaze, “Auntie, the remaining poison in Brother Baoshan and Sister Baoqians bodies has been cleared.

Continue to take the medicine that nourishes the body.

The medicinal cuisine will be served twice a month.”

The remaining poison in their bodies had been cleared, but the weakness brought by Sun Baoshan and Sun Baoqians mothers womb still needed to be nurtured.

Madam Lians eyes were slightly red.

After a year, her children had become healthier and healthier.

Now that the residual poison in their bodies was gone, she was happy.

Sun Baoshan and Sun Baoqian didnt seem to be skin and bones.

Their skin was fair with a hint of red.

The two siblings looked different, but they were both very good-looking.

“Xiaolu, thank you.”

Madam Lian looked at Su Xiaolu gratefully.

It was all thanks to Su Xiaolu that her children could recover.

Su Xiaolu smiled.

Sun Baoqian was a little melancholic.

She held Su Xiaolus hand and asked, “Xiaolu, will you not come to our house anymore”

Sun Baoshan also looked at Su Xiaolu nervously.

Thinking that they would rarely meet in the future, he felt a little sad.

Su Xiaolu smiled and said, “No, Ill come often to check on you.

Were good friends, and Ill visit you often.”

“Can we come and play with you, then, Xiaolu”

Sun Baoshan asked.

Su Xiaolu nodded.

“Of course.”

Sun Baoshan smiled and said, “Then its settled.”

Su Xiaolus family lived in Southern Mountain Village and farmed for a living.

He was in good health and would have many opportunities to go there in the future.

Spring was busy and autumn was harvest.

He was in good health and could go and experience it.

Su Xiaolu was leaving the Sun residence.

Sun Bocheng invited her to dinner and the family treated Su Xiaolu as an honored guest.

Sun Bocheng respectfully poured a cup of wine.

He said, “Little divine doctor, thank you for saving my family.

My Sun residence will definitely remember it.”

In Su Xiaolus cup was fruit tea.

Sun Ziqian and Madam Lian also stood up to thank her.

Sun Baoshan and Sun Baoqian were also thanking her.

Su Xiaolu was a little embarrassed.

After dinner, she packed her things and left the Sun residence.

The Sun residence had left that courtyard for Su Xiaoling.

Su Xiaoling would brew scar removal medicine and make medicinal cuisine for Sun Baoshan and Sun Baoqian there.

Su Xiaolu had returned home.

She couldnt stay idle either.

Every day, she had to go into town to help out.

As the new year approached, business was even better.

It always sold out before noon.

Madam Zhao never let Su Xiaolu wash things.

In Madam Zhaos opinion, Su Xiaolus hands were the most precious.

Therefore, every time they cleaned up, Madam Zhao would let Su Xiaolu play with Chen Daniu and Chen Erniu for a while.

If they liked candy, they would buy some candy.

Chen Daniu and Chen Erniu didnt buy candy.

They just followed Su Xiaolu.

Su Xiaolu liked to look at the medicinal herbs dug up by the villagers in the countryside.

Today was no exception.

But today she felt that she was being followed.

Chen Daniu and Chen Erniu didnt notice it.

Seeing that Su Xiaolu kept frowning, Chen Daniu couldnt help but ask with concern, “Whats wrong with Xiaolu Are you feeling unwell”

Chen Erniu was also a little worried.

It was said that doctors did not treat themselves.

If they were uncomfortable, they had to see a doctor quickly.

Su Xiaolu said, “Its fine.

Lets go.”

Su Xiaolu did not tell Chen Daniu and Chen Erniu that she was being followed for fear of scaring them.

Su Xiaolu was also afraid that it was not safe, so she decided to go back.

Back in the store, the stalker stopped following them.

Madam Zhao and Madam Qian had also gone to buy things.

It was almost the new year, so they naturally had to buy some new years goods.

Su Xiaolu, Chen Daniu and Chen Erniu were waiting in the shop.

After Su Chong, Su Hua, and Zhou Heng left school, Madam Zhao and Madam Qian returned not long after.

Everyone went home together.

On the way home, Su Xiaolu felt that someone was following her again.


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