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All the way back to Xiaohu Village, Su Sanlang finally put Su Xiaolu down.

Seeing Su Xiaolu, Su Xiaozhi smiled gently and said, “Xiaolu must be tired.

Have some water first.”

Su Xiaolu was already five years old.

This little girl was really good-looking.

Looking at Su Xiaolu, Su Xiaozhi was very gratified.

Her third brother and third sister-in-law did not lie to her.

They were really doing well.

Su Xiaolu was carrying a medical kit and looked like a doctor.

Su Xiaolu smiled at Su Zhizhi and said, “Thank you, Aunt.

Im not thirsty.

Let me see Uncle first.”

On the way, Su Sanlang had told her about Hu Daniu.

Su Xiaolu knew that Hu Daniu was in a vegetative state.

As far as she could remember in her previous life, not many people eventually woke up after becoming a vegetable.

Many of them slept for a few years after becoming a vegetable.

Those who were awake exhausted their money, but they couldnt wake up in the end and died like that one day.

And ancient medicine was not as good as modern medicine.

The chances of a vegetable waking up were even lower.

Hu Daniu had slept for a few months, and it was even more difficult for his various bodily functions to not be nourished.

But in any case, she wouldnt know until she saw him.

“Your uncle is this way.”

Madam Zhao said after Su Xiaolu said that she would look at Hu Daniu first.

Su Xiaozhi also led the way.

Hu Shuangshuang, Hu Changshou, and Hu Changyang also followed.

Hu Danius room was well lit and clean, but it still smelled bad.

Su Xiaolu was very sensitive to smells.

This smell was the kind of death aura that a dying person would have.

She looked at Su Sanlang and the others.

They looked normal.

They couldnt smell it.

Su Xiaolu walked to the bed and checked Hu Daniu.

Hu Danius pulse was very weak.

He already had death energy on him.

His condition was very bad.

When Su Xiaolu examined him, everyone was very quiet.

Su Xiaolu took out a silver needle and pricked Hu Danius acupuncture points.

They were all serious bruises.

There was almost no reaction from his nerves.

Su Xiaolu also inserted a few needles into Hu Danius head.

Hu Danius eyelids trembled.

This reaction made Su Xiaozhi say to Hu Daniu in ecstasy, “Daniu, wake up quickly.

Open your eyes and look at us.”

Hu Danius eyelids trembled.

Su Sanlang and Madam Zhaos hearts also tightened.

Hu Shuangshuang, Hu Changshou, and Hu Changyang also shouted anxiously, “Dad, Dad, wake up.

Open your eyes and look at us.”

Su Xiaolu calmly injected two more needles into Hu Daniu.

Hu Daniu did not open his eyes after all, but tears flowed from the corners of his eyes.

Seeing Hu Danius emotional reaction, Su Xiaozhi panicked and looked at Su Xiaolu for help.

“Xiaolu, please save your uncle.”

Su Xiaolu looked at Su Xiaozhi and said, “Aunt, Ill do my best.

Uncles condition isnt good now, and I dont want to hide it from you.

I gave him these needles to see if hes still conscious.

Now, I can prove that hes conscious.

He can hear you.”

Hu Danius conscious reaction proved that he could sense the outside world.

He could hear what Su Xiaozhi said, but he just couldnt wake up.

Hu Danius current physical condition was also very poor.

With the death aura, if the medicine did not work, his body would die.

At that time, Hu Daniu would also die.

As Su Xiaolu opened the medical kit, she took out a medicine bottle and poured out a pill.

“This is life-saving medicine.

Let Uncle take it first.”

Life-saving medicine was used when the situation was dangerous.

While hanging on to that last breath, it could replenish some vitality in the body.

This medicine used several herbs from the Space.

The water used to brew the medicine was also spiritual spring water.

The medicine itself had spiritual energy.

What Hu Danius dilapidated body needed the most now was spiritual energy.

Su Xiaozhi immediately took it and melted it.

Hu Shuangshuang wiped Hu Danius tears and stood obediently by the bed with her two younger brothers.

Su Xiaolu said to Hu Daniu as she injected him with needles, “Uncle, I know you can hear me.

I want to tell you not to give up.

As long as you persevere, there will be hope.

As long as you dont give up, you will wake up one day.”

For a vegetable who could hear the outside world, the best treatment was to talk to him and cheer him on.

In doing so, there was a great hope of waking the patient.

There was scientific practicality in that.

Su Sanlang understood immediately.

“Brother-in-law,” he said, “Im your third brother.

You heard me, right You have to pull yourself together.

Xiaozhi needs you very much.”

“Hurry up and open your eyes and look at the children.

You must get better soon.”

Su Sanlang encouraged Hu Daniu like Su Xiaolu.

Since he could sense it, he could understand how much they were looking forward to him waking up.

Hu Danius eyelids fluttered and tears slowly flowed out.

A struggling expression appeared on his pale face.

Su Sanlang and Madam Zhao were both very anxious.

They really hoped that Hu Daniu would open his eyes in the next second.

Su Xiaozhi dissolved the medicine.

Su Xiaolu pinched Hu Danius chin and said to Su Xiaolu, “Aunt, feed Uncle.”

Su Xiaozhi was a little worried that she would not be able to feed him, but after feeding him, he swallowed the medicine.

Su Xiaozhi was relieved and fed Hu Daniu the rest of the medicine.

Su Xiaolu immediately took out her needles.

She hoped that Hu Danius body could absorb the medicinal properties and improve.

But soon, she frowned.

The medicinal effects were not absorbed at all.

Hu Danius body was already unable to take it.

His trapped consciousness was only waiting for a time to die.

And that time would not be long now.

It would be irreversible once the body died.

“How is your uncle, Xiaolu”

Su Sanlang opened his mouth to ask the question.

Su Xiaozhi had tears in her eyes.

She was in pain.

She looked at Su Xiaolu and said, “Xiaolu, tell me.

Auntie can hold on.”

She washed Hu Daniu every day.

She was very clear about the changes in Hu Danius body, but she still hoped that a miracle would happen.

Su Xiaolu pursed her lips and pondered for a moment before saying, “Uncles body cant take any medicine.

His body cant take it anymore.

Its only a matter of time before he leaves.”

When Su Xiaozhi heard this, her eyes dimmed.

Hu Shuangshuang, Hu Changshou, and Hu Changyang also cried.

Su Sanlang and Madam Zhao sighed.

Su Xiaolu paused for a moment before saying, “Aunt, I have a way to wake Uncle up and let him…”say his last words.

Before Su Xiaolu could finish, Su Xiaozhi looked at her with hope in her eyes.

“But it will consume the last of his vitality, so once he awakens… he wont last…”

It might only be two hours.

After consuming the last vitality of his body, he would die completely.

She did not know if Su Xiaozhi was willing to do this.

Su Xiaozhis eyes were filled with pain as she looked at Hu Daniu.

Her heart felt like it was being torn into two.

Pain and torture.


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