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“Third Sister-in-law, I really dont know what to do.

Daniu has been eating less and less recently.

He cant eat anymore.”

Su Xiaozhi sobbed.

Madam Zhao walked to Su Xiaozhis side and patted her shoulder gently to comfort her.

Su Xiaozhi leaned against Madam Zhao, her tears falling uncontrollably.

She said, “Third Sister-in-law, why do you think the heavens are so cruel to me Shuangshuang is not married yet, Changshou is not married yet, and Changyang is still so young.

How can he be so ruthless”

“Hes lying here now, less and less lively.

Does he ever think for me that if he goes like this, the children wont have a father Theyll suffer a lot.


Su Xiaozhi raised her hand and punched Hu Danius body angrily.

Madam Zhao hurriedly stopped her and said, “Xiaozhi, dont be like this.

Brother-in-law doesnt want to be like this either.”

Madam Zhao knew that Su Xiaozhi had worked too hard these past few months.

It was good to vent her anger now.

The human body had limited endurance.

If one held it too hard, the body would be injured.

Su Xiaozhi hugged Madam Zhao and cried.

Madam Zhao comforted her softly.

They didnt notice that Hu Daniu was also crying on the bed.

After Su Xiaozhi calmed down, Madam Zhao let her drink the porridge.

The two of them went out together.

Su Sanlang was already washing the dishes.

Hu Shuangshuang helped Madam Cao back to her room.

It was already dark.

She let Hu Changshou and Hu Changyang wash up and sleep.

After packing up, Su Xiaozhi put Hu Shuangshuang to sleep.

Su Sanlang gave ten taels of silver to Su Xiaozhi.

Su Xiaozhi quickly refused.

Su Sanlang forcefully pulled her hand and placed the silver on it.

Su Sanlang said, “Xiaozhi, my life is better now.

I opened a sauerkraut shop with Chen Hu and earned some money.

Take this silver.

Dont sell the rest of the food.

Tomorrow, Ill find a doctor for you and take a good look at Daniu.”

Su Xiaozhi squeezed the heavy silver and tears fell uncontrollably.

Madam Wu said gently, “You still dont know yet, do you Our Simei is very smart.

She became Old Wus disciple and learned good medical skills.

She is now a divine doctor.

With her around, Brother-in-law might be able to get better.”


Madam Zhao sighed in her heart.

Hu Daniu had already slept for a few months.

She didnt know if he would recover.

If he had just been injured, his chances would definitely be higher.

Unfortunately… Alas, Su Xiaozhi was afraid of dragging them down.

She had good intentions.

She had their best interests at heart.

Su Xiaozhi was confused.

Simei was her third brothers fourth daughter.

Wasnt she only five years old

She was still so young.

How did she become a divine doctor

Su Xiaozhi had many questions in her heart.

Madam Zhao and Su Sanlang only told her not to worry, which meant that he would help her get through this.

Su Xiaozhi hurriedly refused.

She had already taken these ten taels, so how could she drag them down

Su Sanlangs heart ached when he saw Su Xiaozhi reject him repeatedly and think of him in every way.

He looked at Su Xiaozhi and said with red eyes, “Xiaozhi, if you dont accept my help, then dont acknowledge me as your brother anymore.


Su Sanlang was angry, but Su Xiaozhi panicked.

She explained anxiously, “Third Brother, thats not what I meant.

I just thought that it wasnt easy for you guys to get to where you are today.

I dont want to burden you.

I hope you guys can have a good life.”

The last person she wanted to burden was her third brother.

Her third brother and third sister-in-law also had a hard life.

Only now did they have a stable life.

She did not want to ruin it.

“Silly sister, if you want your third brother to be at peace in the future, listen to us.

Dont say anything.

Lets treat Daniu and Danius mother properly.

You have to take care of your body too.

Your burden is still heavy.”

Madam Zhao held Su Xiaozhis hand and patted the back of her hand.

They could help Su Xiaozhi, but the most important thing for Su Xiaozhis family was to rely on her.

Only when the children were all grown up and could help Su Xiaozhi share the burden could she relax.

It would be fine if Hu Daniu could recover, but if he couldnt, Su Xiaozhi would have to suffer for many years.

Some bitterness could not be filled by money.

Hearing Madam Zhaos words, Su Xiaozhis eyes turned red.

She was extremely touched.

She swallowed and said, “Third Brother, Third Sister-in-law… Thank you.”

Seeing that Su Xiaozhi finally stopped refusing, Su Sanlang said, “Dont be afraid.

No matter how difficult it is, youll get through it.”

Su Xiaozhi was his sister and she had once helped them with all her heart.

Now that she was in trouble, of course he should help her.

They were biological siblings.

Wasnt that how they were supposed to help each other

Su Xiaozhi looked a little similar to Madam Wang.

They should be family, but they were worlds apart from Su Xiaozhi.

Su Sanlang suppressed the bitterness in his heart and said nothing more.

Late at night, Su Sanlang went to sleep with Hu Changshou and Hu Changyang, while Madam Zhao squeezed with Hu Shuangshuang.

Su Xiaozhi had to take care of Hu Daniu.

The night passed, and Su Sanlang rose early the next morning and went out.

Madam Zhao stayed behind to help Su Xiaozhi do some miscellaneous things.


Su Sanlang entered the town and went to look for Su Xiaolu in the Sun residence.

When he entered the courtyard and saw Su Xiaolu grinding the medicine, Su Sanlang went forward.

Su Xiaolu happened to turn around.

Seeing Su Sanlang, Su Xiaolus eyes lit up and she shouted sweetly, “Father, why are you here”

Su Xiaolus sharp eyes immediately saw the sadness in Su Sanlangs eyes.

Su Sanlang squatted down.

He swallowed and said hoarsely, ” Simei, do you remember your aunt”

As Su Xiaolu listened to Su Sanlang mention Su Xiaozhi, she immediately remembered the aunt who had helped her family not long after she was born.

The next day, Su Xiaozhi came to visit her and even hugged her.

Su Xiaozhi was very gentle and would cry tears of joy for them when she knew that their family was stable.

Su Xiaolu nodded.

“I remember my aunt.”

Su Sanlangs eyes turned red.

He said, ” Simei, something happened to your uncle.

Can you go and see him”

Su Xiaolu nodded.


Su Xiaolu remembered all the people who were indebted to her family.

Even if they asked her family to repay their kindness, she would remember it in her heart.


A favor needed to be repaid.

One must always be grateful.

Su Xiaozhis husband had an accident and needed a doctor.

Su Xiaolu was naturally duty-bound.

She immediately went into the house to carry the needle bag and medical kit.

When she went out with Su Sanlang, Su Xiaolu even went to the main room to tell Madam Lian that she probably couldnt perform acupuncture for Sun Baoshan and Sun Baoqian today.

It wouldnt be a problem as long as they take medicine that could nourish their bodies.

Sun Bocheng and Sun Ziqian were not at home.

Madam Lian sent Su Xiaolu and Su Sanlang out of the residence.

Once out of the mansion, Su Sanlang squatted down and said, ” Simei, come up.

Father will carry you.”

Su Xiaolu climbed onto Su Sanlangs broad back and obediently lay on his back.


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