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20th December.

It was already late December.

Su Xiaolu got up early and went home with Old Wu.

It was cold today.

Old Wu did not test Su Xiaolu to identify the herbs.

Instead, he carried her all the way back.

On the way back, when Su Xiaolu was sleepy, Old Wu pinched her calf and asked her to memorize the acupuncture points and meridian chart of the human body.

Su Xiaolu was not sleepy anymore.

When they got home, Chen Hu was making sauerkraut.

Su Xiaolu smiled at Chen Hu and said, “Uncle Hu, go home and boil some water.

Clean your legs.

Ill come over immediately after cleaning up.”

Chen Hu nodded with a smile.

He was also a little nervous when he thought that Su Xiaolu was about to treat his leg.

Looking at Chen Shi, who came out with Zhou Heng, Chen Hu was a little worried.

Zhou Heng seemed to know what he was thinking.

He said, “Ill take good care of him.”

Chen Shi looked up at Zhou Heng, then looked at Chen Hu and said, “Im obedient…”

Zhou Heng stroked Chen Shis soft hair and whispered, “Be good.”

Su Xiaolu had used Old Wus medical kit and brought a set of medical blades.

This was a treasure passed down from Minggu, just like the silver needles she used.

Old Wu followed her.

Su Xiaolu looked at the cold and arrogant old man gratefully.

Old Wu was very arrogant.

He snorted and said, “Im just going to see if youre suitable to hold a knife.

If you accidentally cut the human artery, I can remedy the situation.”

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Su Xiaolu had shown her talent with needles for the first time, but her medicinal cuisine was not delicious the first time.

What would happen if she used a divine scalpel for the first time

This was still unclear.

Something that would be full of variables.

Of course he had to watch it himself.

No matter what Old Wu thought, Su Xiaolu smiled and held his hand.

She thanked him sweetly, “Thank you, my good master.”

When they arrived at Chen Hus house, Chen Hu had already washed up and changed into clean clothes.

Su Xiaolu said, “Uncle Hu, lie down on the bed now.

Dont let your pants expose your legs.

Its best if you dangle that foot in midair with a rope.”

Chen Hu nodded.

Seeing Old Wu with him, Chen Hu felt even more at ease.

After he entered the house, he shouted that Su Xiaolu could go in.

Su Xiaolu and Old Wu went in together.

With one leg exposed, Chen Hu was so nervous that he did not know what to do.

Su Xiaolu smiled and took out a medicine bottle.

She took out a needle and dipped it in the medicine before inserting it.

Soon, Chen Hu was unconscious.

Su Xiaolu also pricked Chen Hus leg several times.

Then she took the knife and began to work.

She first cut the flesh behind Chen Hus knee.

Some blood flowed out, but it quickly stopped.


Su Xiaolu cleaned the blood with gauze.

After cutting the flesh and cleaning it to ensure that his leg could be straightened, Su Xiaolu began to apply medicine and bandage it.

Then there was the foot.

She treated it the same way.

Throughout the entire process, Old Wu did not speak.

When he saw Su Xiaolu use the divine scalpel at will, he smiled smugly.

This little girl was talented.

The medicinal cuisine incident was an accident.


When Su Xiaolu had taken care of Chen Hus feet, Old Wu watched her use wooden planks to fix Chen Hus feet and knees.

Old Wu had some questions.

“Why is it fixed like this”

Su Xiaolu said with a smile, “Master, it is to prevent Uncle Hu from bending his legs due to the pain when he wakes up.

At first, he must be in pain and not used to it.

I fixed them up so that he cant curl up even if he wants to.

When the new flesh grows back, he can remove them.”


There was no such thing as a cast in ancient times, so she used wood to secure it.

As long as his movement was restricted, the effect would be the same.

Old Wu nodded slightly and said, “Thats a good idea.”

Su Xiaolu had no problem using the divine needles and divine knives.

Old Wu was relieved.

As for medicinal cuisine, it was really an accident.

It was also possible that their ancestors had lied to them.

No one in the world could make delicious medicinal cuisine.

Old Wu did not care if the medicinal cuisine was delicious as long as the medicinal properties were fine.


Looking at Su Xiaolus loving expression, Old Wu said, “Girl, do you want this divine scalpel”

Su Xiaolu looked at the thin knives and scissors and nodded honestly.

“I want them, but I already have the divine needles Master gave me.

I cant take this too.”

She couldnt want everything.

One couldnt be too greedy.

Ahem, take a step back.

In this generation of Minggu Medical Valley, she was the sect master who was waiting to inherit it.

When Old Wu passed away in the future, wouldnt all his things be hers

Old Wus eyes lit up when he saw Su Xiaolu.

It was obvious that she had an idea.

Old Wu knocked Su Xiaolus head lightly and said, “Stupid girl, who said that I wanted to give it to you I mean, if you want it, when you graduate, Ill ask my Master to give a set to you.”


Su Xiaolus eyes lit up and she immediately said, “Good Master is the best.

Then I want it.”

“Then study hard and graduate early.”

Old Wu snorted coldly and turned to leave arrogantly.

Chen Hu was fine here.

He had nothing to worry about.

As for how Chen Hu could recover, that would depend on his luck.

After Old Wu left, Su Xiaolu went to brew the medicine.

Two hours later, Chen Hu woke up.

Su Xiaolu boiled some medicine and came at the right time.

Seeing Su Xiaolu, Chen Hu opened his mouth and said with difficulty, “Xiaolu, I feel very painful.”

The pain made him want to curl his leg up, but he couldnt because his knee was held in place by the boards, and even the sole of his foot was like that.

Chen Hu was in pain.

He did not expect it to hurt so much.

He was a little worried.

How could he work with his feet like this

Su Xiaolu handed the medicine over.

She smiled and said, “Uncle Hu, its normal for you to feel pain.

This is a painkiller.

Drink it first.

In a few days, when the new flesh grows, it wont hurt so much.”

“And then theres the fact that theyve been bent too long and suddenly stretched.

You wont be used to it and youll find it painful, but think about it.

When it heals, your leg will be better.”

Su Xiaolu comforted and encouraged him.

Chen Hu took the bowl of medicine and drank it.

He said gratefully, “Thank you, Xiaolu.

My endurance is too weak.

I cant even bear this pain.”


Su Xiaolu was really warm-hearted.

She didnt need to comfort him.

After drinking the medicine, Chen Hu felt much better.

Su Xiaolu said, “Uncle Hu, Im going to the Sun residence tomorrow.

For the next three days, you cant remove the wooden board on you.

If you feel that its loose, you have to tie it tighter.

Ill be back in three days and Ill change your dressing.”


Chen Hu nodded.

“Yes, dont worry.

Uncle wont remove it.”

It hadnt been easy for him to get this chance.

He wasnt going to give up now.

For his familys sake, and for his own.

No matter how much it hurt, he would grit his teeth and get through it.



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