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Madam Qian felt a little embarrassed.

She was happy that she had not done anything wrong.

Madam Zhao didnt expect such a roundabout thing to happen either.

She sighed and said, “Fortunately, Sister-in-law is smart.

Otherwise, we would have suffered a loss.”

Fortunately, the ending was good.

If they learned their lesson this time, they would not make the same mistake again.

“Its my blessing to have this lesson.

When we go home later, lets see if there are any problems with the contract.

If there are no problems, we can work with the restaurant.”

Su Sanlang spoke.

‘If theres a problem with the contract, it cannot be signed.

Madam Qian and Madam Zhao nodded.

Su Chong said, “Father, mother, Hua and I will definitely take a good look.

If we dont know each other, theres still Little Brother Heng.”


Su Hua nodded back.

Su Sanlang smiled and nodded.

“Okay, well look at it when we get home.”

They all smiled and hurried home.

After returning home, Su Sanlang let Su Hua and Su Chong read the contract together while he and Madam Zhao went to prepare dinner.

The fresh pickles in the yard smelled good.

It must have been a long day for Chen Hu to make so much.

But neither family was idle.

Su Chong had returned the contract to Su Sanlang during dinner.

He raised his little face and said seriously, “Father, theres nothing wrong with this contract.”

Su Sanlang put away the contract and gently patted Su Chongs shoulder.

“Okay, I understand.

I will sign it tomorrow.”

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Tomorrow, Madam Qian will teach the chef at Fu Man Lai Restaurant how to cook.

The business deal was done.

In the evening, Su Sanlang and Madam Zhao went to look for Chen Hu and Madam Qian to discuss what to do next.

Madam Qian was going to teach the chefs in the restaurant how to cook.

What about their own sauerkraut and pickles

Chen Hu said, “Brother, Sister-in-law, just two or three hundred catties.

I can make it.”

At most, he would be a little tired, but as long as he could earn money, he didnt mind.

Madam Qian said, “Ill teach them as soon as possible.”

After signing the contract this time, she wouldnt hold back anymore.

The chefs at Su Man Lou had decades of experience.

It shouldnt take them long to learn.

Su Sanlang said, “After tomorrow, Ill make sauerkraut with Hu.

Leave the shop to my wife.”

Madam Zhao said worriedly, “But you cant make Sister-in-laws cooking.”

Madam Qian smiled and said, “Sister-in-law, Hu has learned it.

Moreover, Ill prepare the seasoning in advance today.

If Big Brother helps when the time comes, it wont be difficult.”

“Thats great,” Su Sanlang said happily.

“Then lets do it.”

Madam Zhao smiled and nodded.

Everything she was worried about had been arranged, so she was not afraid anymore.

After discussing it, Su Sanlang and Madam Zhao got up and went home.

The next day, Su Sanlang took Madam Qian to Fu Man Lai Restaurant.

Madam Qian went straight to the kitchen to teach the chefs how to cook.

Su Sanlang and Shopkeeper Niu signed the contract, and the cooperation between the two sides officially began.

After putting away the items, he received the heavy silver.

Su Sanlang greeted Madam Qian and went to help in the shop.

Because it had made a name for itself, the business of Shi You Wei was brisk, with a steady stream of customers, and every day the sauerkraut and pickles sold out early.

When the sale was over, Su Chong and Su Hua were still at school.

Seeing that Madam Qian had also returned, Su Sanlang said to Madam Zhao, “Mother, Ill go to the Sun residence to see Simei.

Simei is going to treat Brother Hus leg tomorrow.

Ill go and ask.”

Madam Zhao nodded.

“Okay, go ahead.”

Su Sanlang went straight to Sun residence after leaving the shop.

As soon as he revealed his identity, the servants of the Sun residence led him to the courtyard where Su Xiaolu and Old Wu were temporarily staying.

When he entered, he saw Su Xiaolus small figure examining the herbs.

Su Sanlang called, ” Simei.”

Su Xiaolus hand paused, then she turned around and saw Su Sanlang.

She put down the herbs in her hand and ran over.

“Father, I miss you so much.”

Su Sanlang ruffled Su Xiaolus hair.

“Dad came to see you.

Coming home tomorrow”

Su Xiaolu nodded and smiled.

“Yes, yes.

Ill be home tomorrow.

Ill treat Uncle Hus leg too.”

Su Sanlang smiled warmly and said, “All set”

Su Xiaolu nodded.

“All the necessary herbs are ready.”

Su Sanlang was relieved and told Su Xiaolu about working with Fu Man Lai Restaurant.

Su Xiaolu was also very happy.

This was a good start.

When Madam Qian taught the chef of the restaurant and introduced new dishes, with one push after another, their small shop would finally have a foothold in the main town.

The father and daughter talked for a while before Su Sanlang asked, ” Simei, wheres your master”

Su Xiaolu smiled and replied, “Master fell asleep drunk.”


Su Sanlang knew that Old Wu liked wine.

He smiled and rubbed Su Xiaolus hair.

“Then take good care of yourself and your master.

Ill go home first.”

Su Xiaolu nodded.

Only then did Su Sanlang leave the Sun residence.

After Su Sanlang left, Su Xiaolu continued to study the powder for anesthesia.

She really hadnt expected there to be no anesthetics in this era.

Doctors relied on their own abilities to treat patients.

However, most doctors did not have such great divine powers.

Therefore, when they encountered people with broken bones and broken limbs, they would have to suffer no matter how they treated the patients.


As for Minggu doctors, there was nothing that could not be solved with one needle.

If there was, then two needles, three needles, four needles…

Su Xiaolu decided to study anesthesia for the period of time after the operation.

She had a medical background to begin with, so after collecting all the materials, she quickly collected a small bottle of anesthetic water.

When she was done, she pulled up her arm, dipped the silver needle in the anesthetic water, and began to apply it to herself.

Soon her entire arm felt numb.

She could still move it, but there was no feeling.

And after a while, she couldnt move her entire arm.

When Old Man Wu came out, he saw Su Xiaolus left hand hanging down.

Su Xiaolu raised her left hand with her right hand and let go of it.

Old Wu frowned and grabbed Su Xiaolus arm.

“Girl, what did you do What happened to your hand”

He was just taking a nap.

Did the brat hurt her hand

Su Xiaolu said with a smile, “Master, Im using an anesthetic.

I used it on my hand, but Im only temporarily unconscious.

I want to use this medicine on Uncle Hu.

That way, it wont hurt when I cut his flesh with a knife.”

Old Wu looked at Su Xiaolu helplessly and tapped her head.

“You little girl.”

After Old Wu checked that Su Xiaolus hand was fine, he left her alone.

An hour later, Su Xiaolu could move her hands freely.

At night, Su Xiaolu performed acupuncture on Sun Baoshan and Sun Baoqian.

After taking the needles out, Su Xiaolu yawned and went back to sleep.

Before she went to bed, she entered the Space to take a look at her herb field.

The herbs in the two fields were growing well.

After packing up, she came out of the Space to sleep completely.


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