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Su Sanlang recalled and panicked.

He remembered that when Madam Qian was cooking, a chef had been watching.

Could he be learning Madam Qians recipes

Had he really learned it so quickly Su Sanlang didnt dare deny it.

He was annoyed that he had been careless, but now that it had happened, there was no point in being frustrated.

He began to think of countermeasures.

If Fu Man Lais cook had learned, what would he do next

After thinking about it, he felt that he would probably not be able to negotiate this business today.

He was not scheming enough.

Thinking about it, Su Sanlangs heart felt heavy.

With two sighs, he began to calm himself.

When Shopkeeper Niu went to the kitchen, he saw the old chef say with a bitter expression, “Shopkeeper, the taste is wrong.”

Shopkeeper Nius expression changed.

“Whats wrong”

The old chef sighed and said, “Try it and youll know.”

The braised pork made by Qian was fat but not greasy.

It had the salty fragrance of sauerkraut.

The fish and mutton were fresh and delicious.

The fish meat was tender and slightly chewy, and the mutton was also slightly chewy.

The sauerkraut at the bottom was very delicious when mixed with the soup of mutton and fish.

The last splash of hot oil made it even more delicious.

The sauerkraut fish was extraordinary as well.

The soup was fresh and the fish was tender.

The tofu soup stewed with spicy cabbage looked simple, but the taste was very different.

It was sweet, spicy, and refreshing.

Even a sip of soup and a bite of vegetables felt refreshing.

Looking at what he had made, it didnt look like it, nor did it taste similar.

The fish and mutton carried a fishy smell, and when mixed together, they didnt taste good at all.

Madam Zhaos fish and mutton also had a little fishy smell, but compared to the dish itself, the fishy smell of the fish and mutton only made people feel that the ingredients were fresh.


What he made instead tasted flat and didnt highlight these.

After trying it out, Shopkeeper Niu frowned and said, “Looks like that woman has some tricks up her sleeve.”

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The old chef did not say anything.

He felt that it was normal for Madam Qian to have a backup plan.

After all, for the sake of benefits, it was normal for her to be on guard.

After sighing, Shopkeeper Niu said, “Looks like we wont be able to save this money.

Go ahead.

Ill go over first.”

The method of cooperation suggested by Su Sanlang was to pay for the use of the recipe every year.

If this went on for a long time, it would be a huge expense.

Shopkeeper Niu felt that it was not worth it.

The restaurant chef was an old chef who had seen the world.

It was simple and easy to learn.

If the old chef could learn it, he naturally did not need to spend this additional money.

However, Madam Qian had a backup plan.

The dishes she cooked were even more stunning.

Such a good dish would definitely be very popular when it was launched, so this collaboration had to be discussed.

If they were going to talk business, they had to make more profit for themselves.

Shopkeeper Niu quickly returned to the private room.

He smiled gently at Su Sanlang and said, “Im sorry to have made Brother Su wait for so long.

After some understanding, I have some understanding of Brother Sus character.

Brother Su is an honest person.

I hope we can work together.”

Shopkeeper Niu smiled gently.

He thought that Su Sanlang might already know his purpose.

Now that he was here to discuss cooperation, Su Sanlang should know the outcome.

Shopkeeper Niu smiled and sat down.

Su Sanlang was stunned at first, then happy.

Although he quickly regained his composure, Shopkeeper Niu still saw it.


It means we can talk.

He thought.

Su Sanlang said, “Shopkeeper Niu, do you remember what I said yesterday”

The uneasiness in Su Sanlangs heart disappeared.

Since Shopkeeper Nius chef had not learned it, he could follow yesterdays conditions and negotiate with him.

It was not wrong for Shopkeeper Niu to be scheming.

Su Sanlang did not blame Shopkeeper Niu for scheming.

He only blamed himself for being insensible.

However, after experiencing this, he also understood that there were many things to learn in business.

If Shopkeeper Niu could be scheming, so could he.

Shopkeeper Niu smiled and nodded.

“I remember, I can agree to the conditions you mentioned, but I also have some conditions.

First, in Goathorn Town, your familys recipe can only be used by my restaurant for half a year.”

If these recipes were to become popular, it would be enough to stabilize the customers for half a year.

After half a year, when the customers were tired of eating, there was no need for other restaurants to spend money to buy this power.

In any case, they could not earn big money, and other restaurants would not buy it.

Therefore, if customers wanted to eat in the future, they would only come to Fu Man Lai Restaurant to eat.

Shopkeeper Niu had his own plans.

Su Sanlang pondered as he listened.

He understood the purpose of Shopkeeper Nius actions.

He smiled warmly and nodded in agreement.

He said, “Alright, I agree to this condition.

However, if my family comes up with a new recipe in the future, if the Fu Man Lai Restaurant wants to learn the recipe, the highest bidder will get it.”

He believed that Madam Qian could research other recipes for sauerkraut, so these few recipes were just the beginning.

Su Sanlang looked at Shopkeeper Niu calmly.

Shopkeeper Niu also looked at Su Sanlang.

He sighed in his heart.

Su Sanlangs move was brilliant.

Shopkeeper Niu pondered for a moment and nodded.

“Alright, lets sign the contract like this.

From tomorrow onwards, let your sister-in-law teach my restaurants chef until he learns it.”

Su Sanlang nodded.


He went to draw up the contract and asked, “Brother Su, can you read”

Su Sanlang said truthfully, “I dont know many words, but my two sons have already entered school.

Ill take them back and show them.”

He could not afford to be careless.

He still had to be sure that the contents of a crucial item like the deed were correct.


If it was before, he might not be so wary of Shopkeeper Niu.

However, after Shopkeeper Niu asked the chef to secretly learn cooking, he became more careful.

One should not have the intention to harm others, but one should also be wary of others.

Shopkeeper Niu smiled.

He neatly drew up the contract and gave it to Su Sanlang with a smile.

Then, he sent Su Sanlang out.

Su Sanlang returned to the shop with the contract in his hands.

When he saw Madam Qian helping, he resisted the urge to ask.

After saying, “Done,” he helped to get busy.

After the sale, Su Chong and Su Hua left school and everyone went back together.

When there were no outsiders on the way, Su Sanlang asked the question in his heart, “Sister-in-law, when you were cooking today, were you guarding against that chef secretly learning”

Madam Qian nodded in embarrassment.

“Yes, Big Brother, did I do badly”

Was she being petty

Madam Zhao asked curiously, “Sanlang, you only said that it was done.

How did it happen You havent said it yet.

Will the chef of Fu Man Lai Restaurant secretly learn from Sister-in-law”

Su Sanlang nodded and said seriously, “Its all thanks to my sister-in-law for being careful today.

Otherwise, our business wouldnt have gone so smoothly.”

Su Sanlang told him about the incident at the Fu Man Lai Restaurant.

Once again, he had experienced it himself.

He had pondered it in many ways and memorized everything he had figured out so that he would not make the same mistake next time.


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