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“Just weigh it and pack it.

You dont have to cut it.

Ill have the kitchen do it later.”

Butler Sun smiled and said to Madam Zhao.

Madam Zhao nodded and quickly went to pack up.

As Butler Sun listened to Su Xiaoling introduce the sauerkraut dishes to others, he couldnt help but smile and say, “It sounds delicious.

Buy some fish back later.”

Butler Sun didnt see Su Sanlang, so he asked, “Why dont I see Brother Sanlang”

Madam Zhao smiled and replied, “He went to a restaurant to see if he could add these sauerkraut and pickles to their recipe.”

Butler Sun was stunned.

He hadnt expected Su Sanlang to be so smart.

When he recovered, he gave a thumbs-up and said, “Good thinking, Brother Sanlang.

This is definitely going to work.”

Now that Butler Sun had bought it and left, business was even better.

Madam Zhao thought that this might be because Butler Sun was the butler of a big family and had some reputation in town.

After he bought it, everyone would think it was good, so they all wanted to come and take a look.

After tasting it and liking it, they all bought some to take home.

Chen Daniu and Chen Erniu were also quick.

Other than being shy at the beginning, they were much better after getting used to it for a while.

The two of them blushed and replied with a smile before handing over the samples with a smile.

When customers tasted it and didnt buy it, they were disappointed, but soon could smile and said, “Take care.”

Su Xiaoling was even more natural at it.

Madam Zhao thought that she might be able to sell more today than yesterday.

They could prepare more to sell tomorrow.

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Now that she wasnt worried about here, she couldnt help but worry about Su Sanlang.

She didnt know how he was now, so she could only pray for him in her heart and hope that things would go smoothly for him.

At this time, after failing at two restaurants, the manager of the third restaurant was finally willing to see him.

This was a restaurant called Fu Man Lai.

It seemed to be quite old.

The shopkeeper was an old man with the surname Niu.

Su Sanlang cupped his hands first, then said, “Hello, Shopkeeper Niu.

My name is Su Sanlang.

I sell sauerkraut and pickles on West Street Crossing.

My shop is called Shi You Wei.

These are my sauerkraut and pickles.

I would like to discuss business with your restaurant.”

Shopkeeper Niu smiled gently and said, “You want to use sauerkraut and pickles to discuss business Im afraid that wont do.

Our restaurant can make these ourselves.

We also have these things in our restaurant.

We cant even finish them.”

Pickled vegetables.

How could a restaurant not have these

It was only because Su Sanlang had a gentle smile on his face that he did not chase him out.

It was also because there were few customers in the restaurant that talking to him would not delay his work.

Su Sanlang nodded and said with a smile, “I know, but my pickled vegetables and pickles taste unique.

Please give me a chance to taste them.

If you still dont like them after trying them, Ill leave immediately.

I definitely wont disturb your business.”

Su Sanlang had already been denied entry twice.

He also knew that there would be no shortage of sauerkraut and pickles in restaurants.

Not only did they have them, but there were also some others, such as pickled radishes, ginger, and chili peppers.

They were very comprehensive.

However, Madam Qians skills were still different.

The first two restaurants did not give him a chance.

After telling him that there was no lack of these things, they let him go.

He was frustrated, but Su Sanlang did not pester them.

There were many big restaurants in the town, and he had not finished visiting them.

If the big restaurants didnt work, he was prepared to try smaller restaurants.

With that, Su Sanlang deftly removed the sauerkraut and pickles from the small basket.

They were in small bowls, with gauze on top.

The things were clean, and there were ready-made sticks, all made of bamboo, clean and simple.

There were three small bowls.

“You look a little different since youre so thoughtful.

Ill have a taste.”

Shopkeeper Niu took a small wooden stick and prepared to try it.

Shopkeeper Niu did not stop Su Sanlang from setting them out.

Su Sanlang was fast and agile, and his words were quite comfortable.

Everything was clean, and the sauerkraut and pickles were a little different from the ones in the restaurant.

He started with sauerkraut heads.

It was crisp and refreshing.

He said nothing.

Followed by sauerkraut and, finally, spicy cabbage.

The last spicy cabbage made Shopkeeper Niu look at Su Sanlang differently.

He could not help but say, “How is this made Its fresh, sweet, and spicy.

Its very different.”

Su Sanlang smiled kindly and said, “Its a family skill.

Its because its special that I want to use it to make a few bucks in business.”

As for how, of course, Su Sanlang couldnt say.

Shopkeeper Niu also realized that he had asked the wrong question.

He tasted them again, then looked at Su Sanlang seriously and said, “How do you sell these things in your shop”

“Eight copper coins for each catty,” Su Sanlang answered truthfully.

Shopkeeper Niu pondered for a moment, then sized up Su Sanlang before saying, “You said you wanted to discuss business with our restaurant.

How are you going to do that Tell me.”

Su Sanlang knew that Shopkeeper Niu was testing him.

This meant that Shopkeeper Niu was very satisfied with these dishes.

Su Sanlang did not panic.

He said, “I can provide the restaurant with recipes for sauerkraut and pickles.

There are also some recipes.

The restaurant will need to pay for the recipes and promise not to open the same shop in this town to sell such sauerkraut and pickles.

If you go to other towns to do business, you will need to pay my family a fee for using the recipes and sign a contract with me.”

Su Sanlang would not beat around the bush.

He told the truth.

If Shopkeeper Niu was willing, then he would continue to talk.

If not, he would just leave.

“Its not an easy request youre talking about.”

Shopkeeper Niu did not agree immediately but said meaningfully.

Merchants valued profits.

He sized up Su Sanlang.

He was just an ordinary civilian, but his words were coherent and didnt look like hed said them.

Shopkeeper Niu knew that either Su Sanlang looked honest on the surface, or he had the guidance of an expert behind him.

While Shopkeeper Niu was calculating, Su Sanlang was also thinking.

This was his first time doing business.

He did not understand the twists and turns, and he could not figure out Shopkeeper Nius background.

After thinking for a while, he said,

“Shopkeeper Niu, Im not in a hurry to wait for a reply.

I can leave some in your restaurant.

You can use it as a side dish to give to guests to taste and see if they like it.

Then, you can make further decisions.

If the results are good, it wont be too late for us to cooperate.”

With that, Su Sanlang prepared to parcel it out.

In the basket he carried, there were also three small casks, each filled with sauerkraut and pickles, prepared early in the morning.

Shopkeeper Niu did not expect Su Sanlang to be so smart.

He smiled kindly and nodded.

“Thats good.

Then Ill accept these things of yours.”


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