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Su Sanlang hugged Madam Zhao tightly.

He nodded and said, “Okay.”

Su Sanlang felt warmth in his heart.

He knew that no matter what kind of man he was, whether he was ignorant or stubborn, Madam Zhao would always follow him.

Thinking of this, Su Sanlang couldnt help but smile.

“Im so lucky to have you as my wife in my life.”

“Darling, thank you for always being by my side.”

Su Sanlang kissed Madam Zhaos forehead and said with a smile, “Actually, when Big Brother said that to me today, I was a little confused at first.

Im afraid that I offended him unnecessarily and made Simei suffer in the future.

But in the end, Big Brothers words made me understand how much he values Simei.”

“Im the one whos narrow-minded.

If Simei follows him in the future, we wont have to worry.

Although he doesnt like to talk much and has a cold temper, he really treats Simei like a treasure.

He wont give anyone a good time if they look down on Simei.

If I wasnt Simeis father, he probably wouldnt even look at me.”

“Its all my fault.

I blame myself for being ignorant.

This money is more than we can earn in a few lifetimes, but its nothing to the big families.”


Su Sanlang sighed.

The more he spoke, the clearer his mind became.

Madam Zhaoo was also happy to hear this.

She also analyzed her guess from Su Sanlangs words.

She was relieved to know that her daughter was valued.


“Darling, Ill enter the town with Simei tomorrow.

Ill bring Chong and Hua along.

If they can enroll, Ill enroll them as soon as possible.”

Thinking of Su Chong and Su Hua, Su Sanlang felt more at ease.

Madam Zhao nodded.


Every time she saw the two children working hard to study, Madam Zhao didnt feel good either.

It was best if they could enter school now.

“Its late.

Sleep early.”

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Su Sanlang kissed Madam Zhao and said gently.

Madam Zhao nodded and fell asleep peacefully.

Su Xiaolu slept soundly at home.

In a daze, she knew that her third sister was secretly kissing her again.

She was secretly thanking her again.

Su Xiaolu found it funny and sweet.

Ever since she was born, Su Xiaoling had treated her as a fairy.

Even now, she still believes in that.


The next day, Madam Zhao made breakfast.

Su Xiaolu knew that she should enter the town after breakfast.

Today, Old Wu was exceptionally cold, unsmiling, and very distant.

Su Xiaolu felt a little strange.

Master had suddenly become cold.

Was he angry with her


Hence, the smart Su Xiaolu poured wine and picked up food for Old Wu, trying to get on his good side.

Old Wus cold expression visibly softened, but he still blew his beard coldly.

But after the meal, he still lost.

He tugged at Su Xiaolus hair and said, “Little brat, go pack up.

Leave after youre done.”

Su Xiaolu smiled sweetly.

“Good master, I understand.”


Old Wu stopped in his tracks, his cold lips twitching uncontrollably.

The wretched girl.

He thought.

Old Wus reaction was seen by the Su family.

Everyone could not help but hold back their laughter.

After Old Wu left, Su Chong smiled and said, “Uncle-Master is so funny.

He clearly liked Xiaolu very much, but he deliberately put on a cold face.

In the end, he couldnt help himself.”

“Who wouldnt like Xiaolu Shes so pretty and cute.

Theres no need to be deliberately cold.”

Su Chong found it interesting just thinking about it.

Suhua smiled and said, “Big Brother is right.”

Old Wu had always been cold on the outside but warm on the inside.

After understanding him, he knew this.

Su Sanlang coughed twice and said, “Chong, Hua, you guys pack up too.

Were going to town with Xiaolu today.”

Su Chong and Su Hua were puzzled, but they obediently went to pack.

Zhou Heng was deep in thought.

He looked at Su Xiaolu and smiled.

It seemed that his guess was right.


He had underestimated her.

He didnt need to help the Su family at all.

However, this was even better.

Su Chong and Su Hua should be entering the school soon.

They should go as early as possible.

This matter should not be delayed.

After packing up, Madam Zhao sent them off.

As soon as they went out, Su Chong bent down and said to Su Xiaolu, “Xiaolu, come.

Ill carry you.”

Su Xiaolu glanced at Old Wu, who was walking in front arrogantly.

She smiled and climbed onto Su Chongs back.

She said sweetly, “Okay, Big Brothers back is as warm as my masters.

I love you.”

“We love Xiaolu, too.”

Su Chong ran happily with Su Xiaolu on his back.

He remembered that ever since his little sister was born, life at home had become better and better.

His third sister always secretly called his little sister a fairy.

Su Chong also believed that his little sister was a blessed little fairy.

She had brought them good luck.

She was so good, of course they had to love her properly.

Old Wu snorted.

What a brat.

Su Hua followed quietly.

Old Wu looked at Su Hua and said, “Hua, why arent you running”

Su Hua smiled at Old Wu and said seriously, “Uncle-Master, Im not running.

I want to save my strength.

When Big Brother is tired later, Ill carry Xiaolu.”

“Yes, not bad.”

Old Wu nodded.

Su Sanlang patted Su Hua gently on the back.

Su Hua looked at the cheerful figure nearby with a smile in his eyes.

Along the way, Su Hua and Su Chong took turns carrying Su Xiaolu.

When they reached the town, Old Wu said to Su Sanlang, “Lets go to the Sun residence first.

They will send someone to bring you to the school.”

Su Sanlang nodded.

“Okay, thanks, big brother.”

Old Wu gave him a faint “Hmm.”

He was really annoyed last night.

If Su Sanlang was angry, he couldnt do anything about it.

However, Su Sanlang had thought it through.

It was okay.

Although he didnt have much knowledge, he would be able to understand after being exposed to more things.

So be it. Old Wu thought.

When they arrived at the Sun residence, the servant respectfully led them into the main room.

He respectfully invited him to take a seat and said, “Please wait a moment, sir.

My master and young master will be here in a while.”

Old Wu waved his hand.

“Got it.

Youre dismissed.”

The servant retreated.

Soon a maid came to serve tea and exquisite snacks.

Su Sanlang, Su Chong and Su Hua did not eat.

Old Wu didnt want to talk and closed his eyes to rest.

Not long after, Sun Bocheng and Sun Ziqian came together.

She greeted Old Wu respectfully and gently greeted Su Xiaolu.

Then, their gaze landed on Su Sanlang and Su Chong.

Sun Ziqian said gently, “Mr.

Su, the school has been arranged.

If you are ready, I will lead you there now.”

Su Sanlang also smiled and nodded.

He turned to Su Xiaolu and said, “Xiaolu, Ill bring your eldest brother and second brother over.”

Su Xiaolu nodded.

“Okay, dont worry, father.”

Su Chong and Su Hua waved at Su Xiaolu before following Sun Ziqian out with Su Sanlang.


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