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Su Sanlang and Madam Zhao had no idea how amazing Old Wu was, but now, looking at the money, their understanding of Old Wu was overturned and redefined.


“Simei, give this to your master.

You havent finished your apprenticeship yet.

You shouldnt take these.”

Su Sanlang felt his hand grow heavy as he held it.

He suddenly realized how much God had blessed their family.

After reacting, Su Sanlang treated the master-disciple relationship between Old Wu and Su Xiaolu more carefully.

He was afraid that Su Xiaolu was still too young and had not done some things well.

It didnt matter if Su Xiaolu was insensible.

As parents, they should know better and teach her.

“Sanlang, youre right.

We cant take so much money.”

Madam Zhao also felt that Su Sanlang was right.

Their Simei had yet to finish their medical studies from the divine doctor.

Logically speaking, they shouldnt take the money.

Any field of study was very harsh on disciples.

Old Wu was very good to Su Xiaolu.

It was already very good that he did not make things difficult for her.

Su Xiaolu looked at Su Sanlang and Madam Zhao.

She leaned against Su Sanlang obediently and said, “Father, Mother, but Master gave this to me.”

Su Sanlang and Madam Zhao were right.

It was fine if she didnt take this money, but it was given by Old Wu, so the meaning was different.

Su Sanlang and Madam Zhao were stunned.

After a while, Su Sanlang said, “This is really from your master.

This is too much.”

He wasnt sure how much money Old Wu had, but as far as this box was concerned, Su Sanlang couldnt imagine.

Madam Zhao was also a little speechless.

She did not know what to say to express her shock.

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Some people would fight to the death for a few copper coins, but Old Wu gave so much money to a child so easily.

Su Xiaolu blinked and said, “Master also said that the entire Minggu will be mine in the future.”

Su Sanlang took a deep breath and exhaled slowly before saying, “Since its from your master, keep it well.

Be filial to him in the future, understand”

Madam Zhao also reminded her, “Remember what your father said.

The most important thing for us as humans is not to forget our roots.

No matter what happens in the future, mother hopes that you will respect your teachers.”


Su Xiaolu nodded and replied seriously, “Father, Mother, I know.”

Old Wu was cold on the outside but warm on the inside.

She was his only disciple.

The old man didnt say it, but he treasured her in his heart.

She was not an ungrateful person.

How could she not know how to repay favors

Seeing that Su Xiaolu was serious, Su Sanlang and Madam Zhao looked at each other and were relieved.

The two of them smiled and said everything without saying anything.

Dinner was sumptuous.

It was rare for Su Sanlang to drink with Old Wu.

He held his glass and said solemnly, “Big Brother, thank you for taking care of Simei.”

Old Wu couldnt be bothered to speak and drank.

How annoying.

He knew it would be troublesome.


He glared at the brat, whose eyes were not looking at him at all.

Her head was almost buried in the bowl.



After eating and drinking his fill, Old Wu went back.

Madam Zhao boiled hot water for Su Xiaoling and Su Xiaolu to wash up.

Su Sanlang took the box and quietly went next door.

He came to Old Wus courtyard and knocked softly.

Old Wu snapped, “Come in.”

Seeing Su Sanlang, Old Wu knew why he was here.

Su Sanlang took out the box and said, “Brother, we cant accept this.

Xiaolu said that Chong and Hua can enter the school.

Were already very grateful for your kindness.”

Old Wu snorted.

“Su Sanlang, if you werent my disciples father today, I wouldnt even let you in the door.

Youre a good man, but youve been holed up in this small place all your life.

Youve never seen the world and dont know what a treasure this brat is.

I dont blame you for this.”

“Dont say that 10,000 taels of silver is too much.

I dont care about this bit of money.

I gave it to my disciple.

Shes filial to her parents.

If you want to use it, use it.

If not, youre free to throw it away or burn it.

You can do whatever you want.

I only have one disciple.

I can give her whatever I want.

I dont blame you if you dont understand.

However, dont do such things again in the future.

Im very annoyed.”

It was just a small matter.

If he wasnt Su Xiaolus father, he would have been kicked out long ago.

He was only patient this time.

If he comes again next time, dont blame him for falling out.

Old Man Wus bluntness made Su Sanlang blush.

He held the box and said helplessly, “Okay, I understand.”

Then he turned and went out.

Old Wu frowned and said, “Dont feel uneasy.

When the little girl finishes her apprenticeship in the future, as long as the patient breathes, they wont die in her hands.

You have to understand that there are many rich and powerful people in the world who can use money to treat illnesses.

If your two boys can enter the school, they will also be very outstanding in the future.

You two will get used to it.”

With that, he closed the door.

Hed said so much today that he wasnt even in the mood to talk after that.

Su Sanlang paused for a long time.

As he listened to Old Wu, he seemed to understand all at once.

Old Wu was right.

He had been ignorant.

He turned and silently bent down to salute the man in the room.

“Thank you.”

Su Sanlang put the box away and walked firmly out of Old Wus yard door.

When Su Sanlang returned to his room, Madam Zhao was waiting for him.

Seeing Su Sanlang return, Madam Zhao asked, “Sanlang, how is it”

Su Sanlang handed the box to Madam Zhao and said, “Ive brought it back.

Keep it well.

When Simei gets married in the future, well use it as her dowry.”

Madam Zhao was a little surprised.

“This, this is too much.”

Su Sanlang patted Madam Zhaos hand and said, “Darling, its not much.

Ill tell you in detail later.”

Madam Zhao knew that there was probably something going on.

She wanted to know, but she was in no hurry because Su Sanlang would tell her sooner or later.

After Su Sanlang lay down to rest, he told Madam Zhao everything that Old Wu had said.

Madam Zhao listened quietly.

After a while, she said, “Then lets keep it.”

Thinking of her two sons, Madam Zhao leaned against Su Sanlang and said, “Sanlang, if only Chong and Hua were really successful.

At that time, you would be able to raise your head and puff out your chest.

We would also be at ease.

At that time, what kind of life they would lead would have nothing to do with us.”

“When the time comes, the two of us will guard our hometown in peace.

When the children are tired, theyll come home and visit us.

The two of us will farm and work at sunrise and rest at sunset, okay”

As Madam Zhao spoke, she moved closer.

She knew that Su Sanlang might be feeling a little down.

She would not comfort him.

She would only tell him that no matter what life was like, she was willing to stay by his side.

She would follow him all her life, share his bed, and never leave him.



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